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  1. If you’re like everyone else on this forum, buy the 3. Because all of us all have the clubs we “want” but get the clubs we think is a good deal, then sell those clubs and eventually buy the clubs we want. So save yourself the hassle and just buy the ones you want.
  2. oh great point. I could take the G425 LST 9* and bump to 10* and help close the face and that would probably fix it. Keep the low spin that I like/need (especially with my even to downward strike), increases MOI compared to G400 LST, and closes the face a touch. Problem solved.
  3. My miss will be heel-ish and low-ish when I try to add more spine tilt and try to “hit up” on the ball only. Otherwise it’s usually quite centered. But the more I “try” to hit up, the worse.
  4. @cardoustiedid you go with the same loft in the Max as compared to the LST that you had? Or loft down? I see you're at a 9.9 Max, were you 10 LST?
  5. Hey all, I'm thinking of moving from the G400 LST to the G425 Max. I am an -1 to +0.5 AOA so usually need a lower spin driver head, hence the LST. With the 10 degree head I'll usually launch around 13 with 2400-2600 backspin and 160 ball speed. My miss is leaking or block right, though I have an in-to-out path. After a lot of thought/research/eval, I think its because the LST is flatter at 57*. I went and played a round at a family's course where I was given a G410 plus 9* set to 10* with the tensei orange stock and had one of the best driving days I've ever had. It was
  6. Awesome, thanks @Drivingrangehero. Quick question: the hybrid with an iron length will naturally be shorter than the corresponding graphite shaft length. Did you make any adjustments to the lie angle in the hybrid? And if so, how? Did you find someone willing to do it or just do it yourself? My 4i is 60.5* but the Apex 4H is 58.5, so ideally I'd like to bend it more upright to get closer to the iron..
  7. Looking to tinker around with my 4H spot. I really like my 4H, but sometimes it gaps a bit too far from my 5i and closes in a bit on my 5W. I just ordered a 2016 Apex 4H that I remember really liking the look of years ago, and was toying with the idea of playing it at 4i length and with a steel shaft matching my iron. Anyone else do something like this, and how'd it work out?
  8. Driver - Ping G400 LST VA Drago 65 FW - Cobra F8+ 3W / 5W VA Slay 75 Hy - PXG 0317x Gen 2 VA Slay 85 Irons - PXG 0311T Gen 3 Oban CT 115 Wedges - Vokey SM8 51/56/60 Obcan CT 115 Putter - Taylormade Spider X This is likely futile. I'm probably going to move from my G400 LST 10* to a G425 Max 9* for some extra stability. But maybe not, the G400 LST is still fantastic. I've also toyed with the idea of a slightly larger 3W (SIM 3W would be the one, probably), but I really do feel so confident over my FWs, and they create a great ball flight and I can game them
  9. If you just go long iron I would consider something easier to lift than the HMB line. Knowing nothing about your game except you play HMP, you either play then for forgiveness or for ball speed gains for distance. If it’s either, you probably don’t have the speed to play a 2 or 3 iron to have it continue to land at >40 degrees to hold a green. Or the ball speed gains from the HMP will make it challenging to continue to see meaningful gaps as the lofts get that low. Do like the pros, either get a hybrid or a high lofted FW (19-21 degrees).
  10. Hot take: Iron covers are disrespectful to Irons.
  11. I play muni/public courses nearly exclusively, sometimes with friends, but a lot of the time with random strangers. Sometimes I get a few questions, always starting off with "are those PXG's" or something innocuous like that. It's almost always a question of intrigue, never judgement. And I always say I got it because of the COVID sale (which is true). But I do the same thing asking people about their clubs, just because I'm curious. And because I'm always just checking things out, like "oh, you play a set gap wedge? how do you like that?" Don't worry about "being judge
  12. thanks for the feedback. that's great about the F grind, very true. And I have definitely had some butter knife deep divots on really soft/rainy grass with the 50.08, so maybe a touch more bounce will help. really rarely have I ever bounced out with the 08, so 11 probably won't have that issue. yes, that's a great point about the loft/gapping thing. my current bag is as follows (stock, max, wedge 3/4) 8i 170 - 180 9i 160 - 170 PW 145 - 155 - 120 50 130 - 140 - 105 54 113 - 120 - 85 60 93 - 101 - 70 the hope is that going 51/56/60 will help
  13. Have 0311T PW (46*), been playing Vokey SM7 50.08/54.10/60.08. Setup is good, but I have a bit of a gap between the 54 and 60 which can be problematic on the course. Stock smooth swings are 115 and 95. I've been getting better at 3/4 swings with all of them to get in-between distances, but its just a bit tight between the 46 to 54. So I was going to change my setup to 51/56/60 that should go well with my iron gapping (32/36/41/46). Here's the question: My 50 has 8 degrees of bounce. Vokey offers 52 in 12 or 8, so would bend to 51/11 or 51/7. I'm not exactly a sweeper, my divots are
  14. 10*. I am launching around 11-13 and have 2600-3000 spin. But I want more stability, hence going from 445 to 460cc.
  15. How does the G425 compare relative to the G400 lineup? Re: spin, launch.. going to upgrade the G400 LST, tend to be a bit of a high spin even to down AOA. But wanting more forgiveness, so was thinking of going G425 max at 9.
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