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  1. I haven't read everything, but take clubs that you will hit high. I live at altitude in Denver, and the ball will generally fly flatter. I get 160+ mph ball speed with my driver but due to altitude, need to bag a 4 hybrid and a 5w rather than 4i and 3h to gap well and hold greens. That's just my swing. But unless you generally are a really high ball hitter at sea level (and I'm talking >120 feet as a stock shot), then I would take higher launching clubs in the long end of the bag.
  2. Apex looks, to my eye, pretty boxy with the high toe, and it makes it look really upright and look like the heel will dig. that's just what my eye sees (and why the Mavrik Pro is so flat, for the better player eye). 818 is better of the two IMO. I have pulled the trigger on some of the PXG clubs because of the huge sales and found them to be incredibly forgiving and feel good. I've only had it go left on me exactly once when I put a terrible swing on it, but its a pretty neutral flight. I keep going back and forth between 4i and 4h and 3h and 5w. They're good clubs.
  3. @roncee how do you find the top opening? Just for candying 14? Does the driver spot fit the 4 head covers most people would use just fine? super interested in this bag but just worried about the top
  4. For sale is a Fujikura Ventus 6x with Velocore. Golf Pride TV grip. Grip butt to tip 43.75" Professionally pulled - $225 $SOLD OBRO
  5. Anyone get a look at the top? We talking more g400, g410, or g30/g?
  6. you've hit functionally everything. May be a few other brands, but nothing that will be hugely different. Maybe when doing the JPX line check out MP20 MMC/HMB. CF16s are a cult classic for a reason, but certainly have more than a little offset in the mid and long irons, so I get bring that back down a bit. From CF16s, I think the least jarring visual jump would be P770, 718 AP2, 0311T, and whatever Mizuno irons you try. As for shaft, get fit, or if you really enjoy the DG just stick with it. But fitting is always better.
  7. I don't plan on making the driver more flat, as I don't struggle with a Left miss. The open face as is is nice for either a straight or fade shot (miss is far right block). But my other common miss is low heel. Would that be helped by theoretically moving the weight to the draw setting to make low heel strikes more forgiving?
  8. I finally got fit for a driver shaft (VA Drago) and it just showed up in the shop, the plan being to put it on my G400LST head. I love this driver, but it uses the old Ping adapter. I've seen and hit the G410LST. Flies essentially the same. I don't love, at first take, the address look quite as much, but I bet I'd get used to it. Any reason really to go pick up the G410 and shaft that up rather than the G400?
  9. Swap 3H for 5 wood for more forgiveness off the tee As a shorter tee shot and higher flight into green. Get a 4H. play with 13 clubs.
  10. I hated hybrids. but I'd been trying to fill the 4i spot for a while, since the 4i and 5i I play go roughly the same distance (I don't launch it super high, so at 5280 feet, they both just sort of go the same distance, despite 3-4mph more ball speed in the 4i). Either way, picked up the 4H on a whim and my first round out hated it. Put in an order for the 0311P 4i. But in the mean time I played with it more, and after a few rounds and a few range/sim sessions, it has quickly become so comfortable and easy its insane. Pured strike - 225-230 carry, roll to 240. Meh/thin heely strike - 215 carry,
  11. I realized I needed more help in my 4i spot as my 4 and 5 of my set gapped too close. I got the 4H first and have finally started to really like it. The 0311P 4i came yesterday, I hit 6 shots with it inside on trackman and said "I like the hybrid more." I know, unbelievable. Either way, my experiment is your gain. MINT CONDITION PXG 0311P Gen3 0311P 4 iron with Oban CT 115 stiff, pured, with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. D3 SW. Standard length, loft, 1 flat off PXG standard. $350 $340 OBRO Pin 8/10
  12. @BogeyWorkman if you really like the TS3 3W and the shaft you were fit in, then go for it in the 5W. nothing to lose but money.
  13. a buddy of mine told me about the release next week, sounded interesting. if I was in the market for that group of clubs it would probably be right in my wheel house. Hell, I may wind up getting them anyway...
  14. You could, if they have 5W heads and shaft lengths, go that route. Or just buy the 5W with adjusted specs/shaft length. I did the latter, and I think my 5W is my favorite club in the bag. But both my 3W and 5W just straight out perform.
  15. I gotta be honest, I’m unbelievably surprised snickers hasn’t run away with this. I thought this was a nonsense poll given how obvious that was in my head. This is eye opening. Or maybe everyone else is doing what I did and mis-click on the options and just not hit snickers. That would make more sense.
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