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  1. Hands down, my favorite aspect of JP. I never knew who would join our group there because of people just kinda showing up on three. Would they play the rest of the course, disappear after nine, play a seemingly random number of holes (“I think I’ll play 14 holes today because…reasons”)? A shame Tiger’s project will make that no longer a thing, he said sarcastically.
  2. It's a job that lends itself to golf. Any job that involves time off in the summer when the weather is at its best (or at least warmest) lines up well with golf.
  3. Cinder Ridge and Heritage The Bluffs today. Bear and I got paired with Juniors at both courses and it's probably a good thing since otherwise we would have been right on the heels of whoever was in front of us. Waiting around on every shot is no fun but the tempo today was great on the front. The back, not so much. Neither one of us were too wild about playing Cinder again but it was the only course with available mid-morning times. The problem with dropping my daughter off with grandma and grandpa is we can't do so at 5:30 AM, but a 4:20 pace with a 9:27 tee time wasn't awful. Tee to green Ci
  4. The Mrv? I’ve played it a couple of times. Definitely a dog track. Scherwood isn’t great (it’s actually not even very good) but in my opinion it’s better than Wicker Park.
  5. I needed a course that allowed me to take advantage of Lake Shore Drive being so open midday with Lollapalooza going on, available times and low rates since I didn’t feel like spending much money. That meant slumming it a bit at Scherwood in Shererville, IN. $19 to walk. Dunzo. Anyway, the course has plenty of rough edges, there isn’t much difference between the rough and the fairway since the rough is quite thin, and it always plays long. A par 71 that’s over 6800 yards where all the length is in the par 4s. It plays 2.5 strokes over par for a reason. However, the greens were really good. Not
  6. Back to White Hawk today for the Black/Silver combo. The novelty of a 36 hole course is I can go back and get a different nine a week later. The punishment is playing the Silver course again, but someone there reads WRX because they cut the cattails down completely on 6. The green is totally visible now. Nice little hole. Just have to take my tee shot over the elm trees to a blind landing area. Tim Nugent, you’re not your father. Anyway, it was supposed to be Gray to Silver but two guys showed up ahead of me and took the 6:53. They were only playing nine but I would have sat behind them for h
  7. I’m a Special Education teacher/co-teacher for 7th and 8th grade. Focus on STEM classes (math and science).
  8. Yeah, the Silver course is very different than the other three nines. It was built in 2006, 10 years after the other three were built. It plays pretty firm but it’s still crazy long and doesn’t really blend with the others. I agree about 6 on Silver. That’s a really dumb hole. In the Spring and Fall the green is more visible because the reeds either haven’t grown in yet or have been weed whacked, but in the middle of summer golfers can’t see anything. They should at least use a taller pin.
  9. Yup. Every round. Same nonsense. Same type of guys who have no idea how to operate a cart. Same guys who think they can go in at the turn, eat a full meal, and not lose their place in line. Same general lack of awareness. Same people who can’t play a lick that act like they’re on tour as they analyze and overanalyze every putt. (Ya know what, you’ve missed enough three footers. If it’s close, it’s good. Move on.) However, I just expect to see it if I’m teeing off at any time between 9:00-2:00.
  10. Thunderhawk this morning with Bear. I was driving the ball really well with my lighter Miyazaki shaft but like a dummy I decided that since I was only playing one round today I could go ahead and put the Atmos Black back in. Yeah, that didn't work well. I hit a few good drives but 7 greens and 7 fairways with fairways and greens as big as they are at THawk isn't too good. The target golf at Thunderhawk really gets to some people but I don't mind it as much. I've played there enough and am good enough with my fairway woods off the tee that I know where to hit tee shots on 8, 11, and 14. However
  11. Veteran’s Memorial today with Bear. The problem with playing VM/Willow Glen is that the round always peaks in the pro shop before either one of us actually swing a club. Sure enough, that was the case today. The pro shop attendant is an old Navy guy named Mike. He’s delivered some gems in the past (“What do you guys think of Mickelson because I think he’s an a———“) and today he gave us this bit: “There is no starter today. The starter would be me but they’ve got me doing too much multi-f———tasking. Lately, only the ‘multi,’ not enough of the ‘f———.’” He also told someone in front of us to “put
  12. The most I’ve ever walked in one day is 54 holes. I could have done more the other day but I don’t know about a place like Stonewall. It doesn’t have a ton of teeth from the middle tees but if I wanted to do 72 holes in one day round 4 would have to be at a place like Brae Loch.
  13. No way. This is the best weather. I’m loose after like three practice swings. Does lugging around a 60 ounce water bottle stink (I think the one I have was actually made for problem drinkers)? Yup, but at least it clips to my ClickGear. And I don’t mind playing in a rain glove. Grip isn’t an issue at all and I can throw it in the laundry every now and then. The only two downsides are the mosquitoes and the pace, but pace isn’t an issue when teeing off at 6:00 AM.
  14. Oof. The 600 block of Stone Ave. dads did an outing at Carriage Greens once. The ones who were serious golfers all agreed, let’s never do this again.
  15. Speaking of White Hawk, I played there today as well. As was mentioned, the rotation with the open times was Red to Silver. Red is the least interesting of the 4 nines there but it probably pairs best with Silver because it’s not an absurdly long walk from the 9th green on Red to the first tee on Silver. Both were in very good shape, as always. While NWI doesn’t have a ton of options, White Hawk is always an excellent option. I played the whites at both, which is a little over 6700 on the card but played more like 6600 as Argonne said. From those tees, it’s a really fun course. From the tips i
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