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  1. River Pointe CC today as Bear continued his tour of NWI courses he’ll never play again once he sells out and moves to the ‘burbs. It was really firm with the lack of rain but I wasn’t able to take advantage off the tee. I hadn’t played RP in about 4 years but it hasn’t changed at all. Still cheap ($25 to walk), still sending out men’s leagues on weekends, and still with its fair share of rough edges. We dodged raindrops on a few holes but the sun came out for a bit on the back nine. 78.
  2. I’d second Highlands of Elgin or Bowes Creek. There’s no discount to walk Bowes but they allow it. When Thunderhawk gets around to finally opening, that’s another option. Pine Meadows is also stellar, though definitely call first to confirm they haven’t punched their greens. Blackstone is an excellent course that won’t kick your teeth in but pace can be a real issue there depending on when you tee off. Fast greens are great until guys start four putting and rounds come to a standstill.
  3. Just a golf club. No pool and they aren’t wild about women. My aunt was a member for decades and when they started to restrict how much she could play the course she bailed.
  4. Yeah, caddies are generally mandatory if you walk country clubs around here (taking a caddy for a cart chase is encouraged but not mandatory, though carts themselves are completely unnecessary given how flat the terrain is) but they’re middle school and high school-age so it’s not a huge extra cost. The other thing to be cognizant of is getting stuck on a waiting list. I think Beverly has one and I know for sure that Butterfield has one. There is also a pretty thorough screening/vetting process at Butterfield. Some clubs are begging for members and will let you join right away.
  5. Redtail and Bowes Creek today. Not sure where all the other golfers were. Bear and I had both courses to ourselves. It was a little nippy at Redtail for round one and it felt like no matter what the wind was always either a nasty cross wind or right in our face. However, the course itself was the driest I’ve ever seen it and the greens were running at a legit 10.5. Usually, Redtail is a place to throw approach shots right at the flag sticks but not today. They’re hosting a women’s tournament tomorrow and if they actually roll their greens, they could have them going at 11 or 11.5. I didn’t thi
  6. LaGrange won’t meet your criteria. The practice area there stinks and the course is boring. You can literally see all the way across. It’s a Langford design but it doesn’t feel like it. So many redesigns and updates over the years. I’d also suggest Chicago Highlands. Not sure if it will met your price point but the course is really fun. Great practice area. Family friendly.
  7. Broken Arrow today. There were strong 20+ mph gusts throughout the round but it’s nice to play three days in a row. Spring Break is the best. Broken Arrow was pretty meh. The greens still had visible punch marks from last Fall and were rolling at maybe 8 or 8.5. The bunkers are never good there but they were total trash. Worse than Oak Grove. Just mud, leaves, and hard pan. Thankfully I stayed out of the traps, though I wouldn’t argue if someone said they were unplayable. The fairways and tee boxes were fine. I didn’t make any birdies but hit 12 greens, had no three putts and finished with a 7
  8. Palmira this morning. Only at Palmira would there be a frost delay but they still let me warm up on the grass range. The course is bright green down there. No more Winter dormancy, which is nice. Ball striking was pretty good and I’ve shaken off the Winter rust. I had a handful of good looks at birdie but couldn’t cash in. Burnt edges and lipped out putts all day. 75.
  9. Bear and I played Inwood today in a wind tunnel. Cold northwest breeze + high 30’s temps = less than ideal playing conditions. But we both struck the ball well, especially on the back nine. Inwood punched their greens really late last Fall and they were almost recovered but still a little bumpy. The course was very green. A nice mix of natural green and green dye. 77.
  10. As I said, there are decent courses in the South suburbs. Cardinal Creek ain’t one of ‘em. I do a have soft spot for any course that has clear views of a Dollar General and a Casey’s General Store. The greens were actually pretty good. My game was not. I was very rigid and just not smooth. Im definitely still shaking off the winter rust. Since CC is easy, I had a birdie-free 76 but I need some range time to work some kinks out.
  11. There are a lot of decent courses in the South suburbs but Bear wants to make one last visit to, of all places, Cardinal Creek. Last year I shot 73 and 70 at the Oakmont of Beecher but ol’ Bear didn’t fare so well and is hoping for a revenge round in what might be his last visit there.
  12. White Hawk Black and Silver today with Bear. He’s bailing on city living in a couple of months so we’re knocking off the South Suburban courses that he likely won’t be hitting up anymore. Everything about today was outstanding. The weather was awesome (high 50’s and sunny), we were the first ones out and only had to wait out a 20 minute frost delay and our games are coming around after shaking off the usual winter rust. Also, WH at $29 to walk is a steal. It was the driest I’ve ever seen it and we were getting tour roll out. Silver Hawk isn’t quite as daunting with drives rolling out. It’s sti
  13. Deer Creek was a sloppy mess on Sunday but everything is nice and thawed out for this weekend. It'll be cold, sure, but the snow and ice are gone. I'm sure courses will be CPO. That doesn't impact us walkers but ought to keep some casual golfers off of courses.
  14. Piretti Matera FN arrived on Thursday.
  15. I don’t think we’ll be on Chicago courses until mid-March. More snow coming in 3 of the next 4 days.
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