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  1. Probably exceeds the weight limit lol... I have the 500, and it's large. I went with a Scoshe Magnetic Mount and it seems to work ok, but I'm always leery of it going flying if I hit a good bump in the cart. My fav was the old Callaway Upro - small and color photo's instead of cartoony pics, but it was abandoned by Callaway. :(. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R2K4LCY/
  2. And does not become the next Pernilla Lindberg... which sounds mean, but really isn't meant to be.
  3. The announcing was pretty bad imo as well - both the male and female primary announcers were super annoying, at least to me. The woman sound like she was on the verge of having a heart attack every sentence. And as mentioned the mail just tried to hard to be "pithy" lol. But at least we got coverage so I hesitate to complain too much. I disagree on the early coverage, I actually like seeing some different girls/women getting some air. We get enough of the same 10 or so ladies on the weekends so I enjoyed seeing some fresh faces. Was a bit unexpected to see the leade
  4. So faux major Evian packed it in for 2020... Just another reason the LPGA should have never caved and given this tournament major status...
  5. Good to see some turnover, hopefully it holds up. Watched the '10 USWO today and Paula's win got me thinking about SC Captains... We have way too many ladies avail for upcoming Captain's sports. To many, in fact, so some are going to be left out. Juli as Captain 3 times made this dilemma even worse. There's the obvious players viable for upcoming SC's after '21 and Pat Hurst... Christie Kerr - would kinda be the "old guard" for lack of a better word transitioning to more recent (recent being relative I suppose) SC players like Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Angela Stanford, Stacey Lewis,
  6. Maybe I over priced them since I got 716/714 mixed up? How about $399 for 4-GW plus the TVD...
  7. Nice set of 714 AP2's 4-GW with upgraded NS Pro Modus3 Tour 105 Stiff Flex Shaft. Standard L/L/L, GP NDMC Plus 4 Black/Grey grips. Clubs are in 8/10 condition, with minor bag chatter with typical wear for a couple seasons. No major dings or gouges or uglies. Also includes TVD 56M Sand Wedge 7.5/10 Dyn Gold Shaft with moderate sole wear but plenty of life left. How about $450 Paypal or USPS MO preferred... Not looking for any trades. Scroll down for all pics... https://imgur.com/Zmap6mu https://imgur.com/8dLX7J0 https://imgur.com/lL3o3ZH https://imgur.com/wA0UJO2 https://imgur.com/GxPG6
  8. > @ChronicSlicer said: > > @78Staff said: > > > Kang appears to have gotten a lesson in not running your mouth... unfortunate, but probably the correct outcome. I've never understood trash-talking in any sport. You got to figure if Suzanne wins one match, she wanted it to be that one. > > > > Was it really trash talking, or an interesting way of describing what needs to be done? " “You’re trying to take souls, you know,” Kang said with a smile. “You’re going there to make people cry at this point, just crush the other team." > I don't really call th
  9. Wow 10 hours is a lot of coverage... My DVR actually puked with about 2 hours to go so I missed the late dramatics - I don' think it likes that long of a single recording. I'm going to split up Sat/Sun. Not that I can watch all of it, but I'll have it on, FF here and there, and try to keep up for the most part. Shame about Snap...err Stacy. But really, this echo's an earlier post - she should not have accepted knowing her health issues. Also makes you wonder who Juli would have picked if Stacey said no from the git-go - McDonald, or another Veteran? Anyway, I guess it's possible she w
  10. Leupold electronics based items warranty is horrible, 2 years as already stated, has been for some time. Gold Ring Optics (and possibly other models) does have lifetime, so some just confuse it and assume all Leupold is lifetime, which is incorrect. Every once in a while someone will post they got Leupold rangefinder replaced for free, but it's certainly not the norm. Other companies (Bushnell, Nikon, etc) are similar. AFAIK, Vortex is the only company that honors a lifetime warranty on a electronic part, ie a rangefinder. But I don't think they offer a golf model (although I suspect th
  11. I'm disappointed in both pics, really. Both players not in form, both MC's at the Canadian event, Pressel had a good BO but otherwise as already stated very streaky and can leave a partner solo very easily. Plus so short she can be a handicap in Foursomes, imo. I've made my thoughts known already - let these vets be asst. capt's as they need that experience as well - both as well as Creamer and Kerr (especially Kerr, she has to be the odds on favorite for next Capt.) - all four will be captains at some point. Stack up the rookies - they need to start rolling over the players and get thes
  12. > @"North Texas" said: > > @78Staff said: > > Posted on this the SC thread, but surprised CM actually picked Suzann. Two missed cuts since coming back. Game's obviously not there yet. Much like Kerr, after so many SC's it's time for these old blood girls to step aside, get some Asst. Captain experience as they are undoubtedly upcoming Capt's. > > > > Honestly I feel it's a bit selfish for SP to even ask to play, considering - but it is what it is. She may be the Paula Creamer of 2017, and prove everyone wrong with a steller cup, but the odds are against it
  13. > @Argonne69 said: > Lindberg's 15 minutes of fame ended last season. Her game's been in the toilet. Zero top 10's this season. 8 missed cuts, including four of the five majors. She managed a 60T at the KPMG. > > I feel for CM. There are no Europeans in the Top 10 in the CME race. There are seven in the Top 50. I agree, not saying she should have been picked but as a major winner she's probably a bit perturbed, as a few others might be. Pernilla's a one n done most likely - buddy of mine was all happy when she won but I said it then, she caught lightning in a bottle but w
  14. Posted on this the SC thread, but surprised CM actually picked Suzann. Two missed cuts since coming back. Game's obviously not there yet. Much like Kerr, after so many SC's it's time for these old blood girls to step aside, get some Asst. Captain experience as they are undoubtedly upcoming Capt's. Honestly I feel it's a bit selfish for SP to even ask to play, considering - but it is what it is. She may be the Paula Creamer of 2017, and prove everyone wrong with a steller cup, but the odds are against it I would say. Jodi is also a suspect pick imo. Euro's are not like the US team th
  15. I just started coverage today, man that wind looked brutal early... Surprised at some skipping - several of the so called "bubble" players for US SC team/picks are not playing? Yin, Altomare, Ernst, McDonald are not there - I mean you were just at Woburn, why not stick around another week. Park, Pressel, Stanford, Olson are all playing and can either make a move or impress further for pick consideration. Kerr not playing? Makes one wonder if she's already been told something one way or another ;) Jeez Scottish Open and Women's Am... my day is blown lol.
  16. Hmm, after the WBO it looks like Park is out and Ernst is in based on WR... Interesting article about players and experience of each team on LPGA.com... https://www.lpga.com/news/2019-solheim-cup-the-final-push I could be and am often wrong, but as much as I disagree with it I can see Juli sticking with the girls club and taking 2 from Kerr, Pressel, or Paula to pull more experience. I guess it's not the worst strategy... Kerr is 10th in points so it's not like she way out there.
  17. Oh and I saw where Suzanne Pettersen would like to play for the Euro's... and Matthew isn't ruling it out apparently... https://golfweek.com/2019/08/07/golf-suzann-pettersen-wants-to-play-solheim-cup/
  18. Another reason to leave Kerr off (as a player) - she has to be the heir apparent for the next US Captain - performing as an asst. captain this year would be a good fit, and captaining next year would fit - I can't imagine Juli would do it for a 4th time...
  19. yep I just happened to see it on the DVR guide so have been recording it. Li shouldn't even be out there - imo the USGA caved on the Apple deal - she's the current darling so will be treated with kid gloves - same as Wie WD'ing so she wouldn't shoot 88 and loose here ability to play LPGA as non-member under the advise of the LPGA/Nike Bobbleheads back in the day... Wunderkids just get treated different. Sorry to see Sierra out so soon - being semi-local and playing college golf right down the road. That might have been the match of the tournament. Also Fox never seems to figure o
  20. Yep, Judy is one of the best and a class act. I remember pro wannabe Anna Rawson called her out on some commentary a few years back and got roasted online for it lol. I'll admin I piled on as well >:)
  21. Heartbreak! Was really pulling for Salas. How that putt dropped and didn't go 8 ft by is beyond me.
  22. Well I think MP just punched her ticket - should be an easy pic for Juli now. So, is it MP and Paula or Kerr? Seems like the talking heads all expect Juli to pick two vets. I'd still like to see a J. Song or JM Green pic though...
  23. > @BadgerLin said: > I think you’re off base on your picks for “vets”. Of everyone you mentioned, Morgan Pressel has more top 10s (3) and top 20s (4) this year than anyone else except Kerr (also 3 and 4) and none of Kerr’s were after May. And Morgan may well get another this week. Looking at the CME points (which reflects a player’s form this year better than the Rolex ranking), Morgan’s rank is better than anyone else on your list except Stacy Lewis. As far as past Solheim Cup results, I believe she went 5-0 the last time she played 4 years ago, and I don’t think she has lost a sin
  24. N. Texas has it - it's not like the series hasn't been competitive, and it's 2-2 over the past four events. Personally I don't expect a US rout - there are still some solid names on the board for the Euro's. Although I will be honest, I have no idea who/where/what Catriona's pics will come from. Re the "bad play" from Hall, Hull, etc - plenty of folks lost their minds when "bad playing" PC played last time around, yet had to eat crow for miles after she was the highest point earner for the US. Some folks just get up for the SC, PC of course is one, and I suspect both Hall and Hull fall int
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