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  1. Did you ever find out any more info on this putter?
  2. Found a great deal on the Bay to finally get a Hive cover for my Inovai. As a native Kansan I had to pull the trigger on this in homage to Woodland’s epic performance last year.
  3. Any Bettinardi buffs have any idea what this putter is? And is that some sort of training aid on the front? I’m not sure whose putter this is but it caught my eye.
  4. The shoes run small and the company knows it. Rather than just making the sizes more standard the website says to order 1/2 size up. Based on some reviews I ordered a full size up and I’m glad I did.
  5. I recently bought a pair of the Peter Millar Hyperlight Glide 2.0 shoes and am blown away with how comfortable they are (strange sizing aside). These things look great and feel even better - so good that I just ordered another pair. I read that PM acquired GFore relatively recently. Can anyone speak to any similarities in fit and comfort between the PM sneakers and GFore golf shoes? If the MG4.1 or any other models feel anything like these I would definitely be interested.
  6. I just ordered one of these on Amazon. Seems like a neat device for range trips and minimalist rounds. I am still relatively new to the game and am hopeful that minimalist rounds will help me to work on creativity and shot-making. Kind of silly to be excited about such a little thing but I am.
  7. Wow! That is one nasty BB0. Enjoy!
  8. Sweet flatstick! Would love to hear what you find out. I sure wouldn’t mind stumbling upon one of those...
  9. I recently purchased a couple of sweet Hive headcovers on eBay, one for my BB8W and one for my Studio Stock #3 (pictured below). Does anyone have long-term experience using Hive blade headcovers on a mid-mallet like the SS3? I am concerned that over time, the headcover may stretch out too much due to the size of the SS3. While there is always the most obvious solution - buy another Betti blade for this headcover and go back to a stock headcover for this putter - I really like the look of this headcover on my SS3. Any feedback would be much appreciated! I’m not sure if this is in the right pl
  10. Looks like there are a lot of similarities between the two... to the point that I wonder if they are manufactured by the same company? The waterproof zippers look awesome on the Mizuno bag. I take it you’re happy with the bag?
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