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  1. In a post below, answer the following questions 1. City, State? Charleston, WV 2. Handicap? 8 3. Current hybrid or fairway wood? Callaway Super Hybrid (first generation, replaced both fairway woods). 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid? First generation Super Hybrid was a game changer for me so would love to see how Callaway improved on their initial effort. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes.
  2. Titleist TS2 21* Hybrid with Smoke Black 80 shaft (6.0 stiff flex) SOLD
  3. maowv

    Brooks bryson

    Since the Tour has now banned fan taunting, sadly we won't be able to yell "Tony Manero!!" when Brooks launches a driver? That video. He really should issue a public apology!!
  4. Are these intended as the replacement/update to the PM Grind wedges? Lots of similar features but interesting if Callaway dropped Mickelson from the marketing aspect of wedges??
  5. I started out putting with a traditional grip but missed a lot of short/medium putts. So I tried the belly putter method for a while, but missed a lot of short/medium putts. Back to traditional and once again, missed a lot of short/medium putts. Armlock? Hell, I'd try Anklelock putting if I made some short/medium putts.
  6. Is the back of the new T200 really plastic? Is that just rumor or does anyone know for sure?
  7. maowv

    Brooks bryson

    Now there is an idea. Since these guys want to act all WWE, then set up a PPV event, throw on some spandex, face paint and some tassels around your arms ala Ultimate Warrior and settle this fake fight like the real fake fights are settled - on TV with scripted lines and choreographed moves. The caddies can act as the "wrestling manager" and accompany them down to the ring just to highlight the absurdity of it all.
  8. Ordered these custom from Callaway a few years ago but they never replaced the hybrid. Both are close to new condition. Each with KBS $-Taper 120 shaft, std length and lie. Both have GolfPride MCC+4 Align grips. UPDATE 2-iron SOLD
  9. I love this site and these message boards. Always thought I had a problem with ordering and trying too many golf clubs, looking for some magic. Buy, try, sell. Rinse and repeat. But ordering irons sight unseen, that no one has seen???? You guys make me feel a little closer to normal and it's cheaper than therapy!!!
  10. I haven't paid much attention to clubs this year but the P790 has been removed from Taylormade's website. Have to assume a newer version is on the way? Those irons sold like crazy. Any news that I missed?
  11. maowv

    Brooks bryson

    Never said they aren't good. But they aren't the only good players out there and I personally am tired of all the attention being paid to their mean girls spat. There are other guys deserving of some oxygen in the room. Hence the word "all" being included in my sentence that you quoted. Read all the words together.
  12. maowv

    Brooks bryson

    This junior high crap is getting stale very quickly. Enough already, go play the game and shut up. They both have 8 PGA Tour wins. 8. Neither one of these guys has reached the level to command all the attention out there. When either of them reaches 20 wins, wake me up please. Koepka's dad is from my home town. He was a really good baseball player in high school and people around here think highly of him - but he wasn't the arrogant jackass that his son wants to be. Go play the game and drop the drama. And Bryson, ok you've figured out some different ideas that work for you but nobody really wants to hear constantly that you are smarter than everybody else. You're probably not or you would be designing rockets or curing cancer. Go play the game and drop the drama. Both of these guys make it very easy to root for anyone else.
  13. Will be interesting to see if Titleist hollow-body give any speed bump with a hotter face? I wouldn't expect much considering the target audience for these irons but the Callaway Apex Pro is a little hotter than previous models. Like many already said, I like the cleaner look to the back of the irons. Can't wait to see some reviews on these.
  14. Maybe. Guy sent payment via PayPal but payment has a 24 hour hold on it (never seen that before). Email message from PayPal says money not available to me until tomorrow. My rule is first money in wins so if he doesn't release payment and someone beats him then it is yours. Not holding it today since so many of us are watching/thinking golf.
  15. Not interested in trades as I have too many clubs already. All prices include shipping within Continental US. Thanks for looking. Update: Much thanks to the 500+ people who viewed this post and to the 3 guys who purchased clubs. I hope you are happy with them and hit them well. Always appreciate having this board as an outlet for those many unnecessary club purchases.
  16. Just returned from a 5 day trip to Pinehurst. The local golf shops there (Robert's, Augusta Golf) have very little grip selection in stock. Both say they can't get resupply due to supply chain interruption. Stopped at Golf Galaxy in Greensboro on the way home and same story. No idea if grip shortage is nationwide but there seems to be a shortage of all components at some level.
  17. Does this model exist this year? If so, anyone know where to order from? I bought a Mavrik Triple Diamond and love the shape but would like that moveable weight track in my driver to prevent that over-cooked draw that creeps in. Thanks for any responses.
  18. iBlade replacement with a weight screw in the toe side of the head???? Seems these have to be a hollow-head design or why place that screw out there instead of just tungsten in the toe like so many other designs? But I agree with the previous posts, hard to believe Hovland would put a full set of hollow-headed, i500 type irons in play. Interesting to see where this goes.
  19. TS2 Hybrid sold, thank you to all who looked over this post
  20. 1. Fujikura Motore Speeder 757 stiff, with Callaway Epic Flash adapter, plays installed to 43” 3W length, no grip installed, $OLD 2. Fujikura Motore Speeder 757 stiff, with Callaway Epic Flash adapter, plays to 42.50” 5W length. no grip installed, $OLD All prices include shipping withing ConUS. Not interested in trades.
  21. I will never understand this progression from Callaway. The picture quality is as bad as the newer wedge shape.
  22. Hoping to see an update on this line. Anyone hearing rumors? Loved the original set but passed on the 2.0 due to that excessive kink/offset at the hosel. They just looked worse to my eyes. But my originals are showing some serious age now. C'mon Callaway!
  23. '21 Apex and '19 Apex look the same, same specs. Same 43 degree pitching wedge too. Callaway hit an absolute home run with the Apex CF'16. For me, they have squandered 2 chances to improve on that club, neither the '19 or the '21 look as good to me and have moved farther away from getting me to buy them. Was really hoping the '21 would be an improvement but ... OK, Ping my hopes are relying on the new i500 update. Otherwise, it's Tailor-made P770 for me this year.
  24. OP asked what we hope to see in the Apex '21 lineup. Apex '16 series - I loved the look of the Apex '16 irons, but found them to be a little inconsistent in yardages so didn't end up playing them for long. Apex '19 series - appearance was even better, a little less offset was nice too but the blade length in the longer irons appeared to be shorter than the '16 irons and therefore looked harder to hit well for my less-than-scratch swing. Also did not like the 43 degree pitching wedge loft at all. Apex '21 - really hope we see a pitching wedge moved back to 45 degrees, and a little more progressive blade length in the longer irons. That's it. Really hope those 2 things happen so I can finally move to a set of Apex irons for the long haul.
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