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  1. I like the Elevate Tour, which I find don’t launch high, maybe a little higher by DG standards but not compared to Modus. I’ve played the regs hard-stepped in long irons too and gone to the stiffs in the rest. Modus 105x is quite low torque and feels that way to me. If you like it you might even like Project X Rifles. The AMT White is also a good suggestion.
  2. I also did not like the TMB. Felt harsh. Srixons I like off tees but wide sole not my favorite off turf. Tried a bunch and the ones that felt the best, performed well off tee or turf and come in overall a reasonably compact package were the 2018 Callaway X Forged UT. I’m sure the new ones are great too but I was able to get a 24 and 27 of the 2018s in like-new shape at a great price.
  3. I’ve also gone to Pure. Like the wraps and the Pros. They definitely hold up better than Dri-Tacs, which are comfy but don’t have long lives. The Pures feel like comfortable, high quality grips.
  4. I think it’s heavier and it looks like the weight in the rear is changeable. Whether it’s better? Hard to know. Might make a difference with the weight and Stroke Lab. Like most I like the White Hot insert but I also liked the original microhinge (in the O Works line with the little metal teeth that really put forward roll on the ball.) And I like the latest microhinge on the Stroke Lab Black series. Odyssey is not touting the White Hot as its best-rolling insert, more that it is the most popular and Tour proven, evidenced by how many still play it. It does make me wonder how much difference t
  5. This is a cool looking putter. Do guys that have it find they use the ball and the alignment lines to line up putts or do you find you focus on one over the other? Have never used the “two ball” putters but obviously they’ve been very popular. Always wonder if players find the circle helps or is mostly for looks. This putter combines alignments. Wondering what players find is the impact of that design is in play.
  6. I get confused on which is which on the inserts. The Exo has the softer one that they firmed up for the Stroke Lab Black line, right?
  7. My three favorites are the current Odyssey (microhinge star), Bobby Grace HSM2 and the TaylorMade. They all put topspin on the putt, then to keep ‘skid’ as short as possible I lower the loft. Almost always at 1 or 2 degrees loft.
  8. I have no inside knowledge but the covid surge may be a factor? Also eagerly awaiting these and thought they’d be out about now.
  9. Wow, those are too really different clubs.If you saw them side by side you might think the XF stands for Xtra Fat!
  10. After doing a lot of putter sampling, I am surprised the Bird of Prey is not far more popular. Granted, I am not a fan of the Ten/Spider shapes, so maybe that’s it. But the BOP is marginally bigger profile than the Ten (which is like the more compact Spiders, not the large ones) and yet the BoP feels significantly easier to aim. I like the angles on it. Does not feel like a big clunky mallet like some of Cameron Phantom X heads.
  11. That would be an improvement. Short irons in first version looked fine to me but the middle irons blade lengths were noticeably long. I bought a 6 iron to test and the blade length did not suit me. They look great.
  12. This is correct. Even with sleeve weight differences, Ping heads generally are a little heavier than competitors. The counterbalanced shaft does not add more weight than a standard shaft, it only changes the feel of it. Club will feel a little lighter swingweight-wise and some can swing them a little faster. Not a huge difference, just a few swingweight points. I’ve played Ping heads with counterbalanced shafts and standard Ping Tour shaft. I prefer the Ping Tour but the club did feel a little lighter swinging the CB shaft.
  13. I add loft on putts and have my putter loft at 1 degree. No big deal. I would recommend you confirm it on quintic or SAM.
  14. I’m with you. I hate the wobble! Weight seems to help but for anything at 370g, I put a 30g tour lock in the grip about 4 inches down to give it the balance I like.
  15. +1 on the SM6. Loved the F grind in that one and on the whole liked them more than the Sm7, no real reason why as they seem very similar.
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