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  1. To play the Evenflows I go to a 6.5 flex instead of my usual 6.0. Once fit I didn’t find much difference between an Evenflow blue 6.5 vs an Atmos TS blue 6S. Both have a moderate amount of action. I do prefer the Atmos In a driver because it feels a bit more stable to me (am playing Atmos Red TS in my driver) but I find the Evenflows very good in fairways. They have a nice feel, don’t feel like a telephone pole. Hit an Evenflow green in an Epic Flash 13.5 3 wood and it was a very good combo. And Evenflow blue 6.5 in a Rogue 4 wood was quite stable and very long.
  2. The Sure Out and the CBX2 are very different clubs. There’s no clunkiness from the fairway with the CBX2 58 I’m carrying; those shots have been tremendous. These designs have progressed. Can hit any shot. @TBOWLES has it right. I can play any wedge and have, forever. But I don’t have a lot of time for golf, much less extra hours to hone a short game. I have time here and there. I have a golf swing I can warm up and then go. I found it eye opening when I gave this club a tryout. I was fully ready to unload it if I didn’t like it, as I did the original CBX. I like the look of the Calla
  3. I’m trying a Sub70 939X at the 4H spot and am looking at a Super Hybrid for the 20 degree spot, which for me is a 7 wood. I like the Super Hybrid at that loft because it looks more like a 7 wood than a 3H, only easier to control because the shaft is a bit shorter at 41.5 inches. I want the 4H to cover 195-200 yards and the Super for 210-215. The 7 wood I have (Cobra F9 with a Phenom shaft) is great but I hit it nearly as far as a 5 wood and need to fill in a yardage gap.
  4. The Titleists are great and so are the Cobras and Pings, of the OEMs. If you like a direct-to-consumer model, look at the Sub 70 939x. They adjust for lie angle only, so a small sleeve, which I like. High quality, low price.
  5. Yeah, I agree, and I don’t think handicap has much to do with liking these clubs. Try ‘em and see. They perform very well. I tried a 58 and it was so good. Can hit any shot. Several rounds with it in the bag and numerous kick-ins after approaches from 75 yards and in. CBX2 is better than the original CBX, more refined. Looks like a regular wedge from address and yet has the forgiveness, glides through the ball. Makes sense Callaway made a version. They did have the Sure Out and Sure Out 2, but those were some serious shovels.
  6. Yeah, Mavrik standard was the beast for me. Definitely better than SIM for me on accuracy. Also easier to swing it faster and square it. Maybe the cyclone shape and lower MOI really does help. Sounds excellent.
  7. I think to meet your one-piece forged criteria (tungsten weighting allowed) you’re basically looking at irons with stronger lofts to go with heads that have succeeded at creating an optimal launch/controlled spin to squeeze out as much distance as they can from a forged iron. The 919 Forged would be one to look at for sure. Couldn’t warm up to them in demo, but they are long. I really liked the 900 Forged and thought the 919 was not as pure at impact. I am playing the New Level 902s now and I think they feel very nice. They are a blend of the J15CB/J40DPC, have a 32 degree
  8. I played the M5 irons. So underrated. Forgiving with power but in a compact shape. They look excellent to me from address. Don’t see a lot of clubs like them — players look, GI attributes. The size is just right and they are kind of a one-off. All of the SIM heads are larger.
  9. dmeeksDC

    Soft Sand

    Callaway W grind, Cleveland CBX2 (from any kind of sand).
  10. Also playing the 902s with DG120 s300. Excellent irons. Not really a whole lot of difference on the course between these and the 785. The 785 is a really sweet iron too. Lower spin than many CB heads. The 902 might be a little more forgiving on thin strikes. But if you can play one, you can play the other. The 902 offset is not substantial IMO. And by that I mean I don’t notice it but I would only notice no offset. A modest framing of the ball is good by me. These irons feel excellent and they are precise. I like to fire right at flags knowing the ball will stop and these do. The
  11. I like the photos. Very favorable comparison to the J40 DPC
  12. dmeeksDC

    Sub 70 Clubs

    They have a ‘view shaft specs’ button on the site. I bet this shaft is pretty good. I thought about it. It’s a 75 gram, 3.8 torque shaft. So Project X stability with a little feel via mid-torque. These pairings often make sense. You should try it out and tell us what it’s like. Might love it. If you hate it I am sure they’d reshaft to make you happy. It’s that kind of vibe at Sub 70.
  13. dmeeksDC

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Ordered a pro fairway 4 wood (Riptide 70) and a 639X 4 hybrid (Riptide 85) as my first foray into Sub 70 clubs, filling some needs in the bag.
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