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  1. Wow. Nice playin. I need to check out that grip. The wristlock was too big and blocky to me.
  2. Bump. How are all the Heppler owners liking these putters? I picked up the Fetch. Couldn’t resist it. Wanted to do a precise length fitting and use the adjustable shafts. Been rolling this one at 32.75 inches and it’s sweet. No insert or grooves at all makes for best-feeling Ping putter lineup to me. The plain old machined face is so pure. And yet it has Ping’s take on the Odyssey Versa tech with the paint alignment. I always liked Versa and thought it worked. This has a similar effect. If you have not rolled on of these and like a firm but responsive feel, check out the Heppler.
  3. I have the Max LS with the slider weight all the way to the toe and 6g lead tape placed along the front sole from the middle to the toe. (I like Callaway drivers but find the stock head weight a little light.) Perfect. I can really let it go through impact and it does not hook. Will probably pull the lead tape and put the 6g inside with hotmelt. With a Ventus Red 7S shaft and the driver is excellent.
  4. Are there major differences between the Mustang and Closer besides the winged flange on the Mustang? They look like they’d be pretty similar putters in how they perform. I kind of like the alignment look you get with the flange of the Mustang.
  5. I can two-putt with any grip but for making putts the round grip works best for me. I’ve gone to it, gone away from it, and then back to it. It simply seems easier, I can’t say for sure why. I like the heavy one paired with a heavy head because it all balances out and feels like it is not a heavy putter — it feels like a 340-350g putter — but I get the benefit of more overall weight. The round grip can help free up your natural putting stroke. One less variable to worry about in aiming the putter because it does not matter how you place your hands on it. Feels less mechanical to me.
  6. I don’t think it makes any difference. I have straight, slight arc and strong toe hang putters. I have a slight arc, like everyone who thinks they are SBST. Doesn’t matter. I often like toe hang putters the best. More about which kind feels right in your hands.
  7. Yes. I think when guys hear "Don't turn your hips too soon," that becomes, "No weight bump at all" and they end up with an all arms move with their weight hanging too much on their trail side and their hips spun open, lots of power loss and inconsistent contact. Indeed, I think the left hip "turning too soon" or spinning out is really because there was no shift of weight to the lead side and something had to give. I had an instructor tell me that when my hips are opening too soon it is because I got quick and basically skipped the transition. I think a lot of instruction is saying
  8. Not much is the difference. The bottom one has a little more meat right behind the ball but some people didn’t like the look. I think it is fine. I hit them both and I honestly could not tell them apart. I actually like these models a tad more than the J15CB — it’s great, I played it and loved it — because the blade lengths on the Tour B heads are slightly shorter. Not a huge difference but you can see it. All of them have the nice Bridgestone sole. And to all praising the J15DF, I could not agree more. Compact and long. I found it a 1/2 club longer than a same-loft CB head. IMO a re
  9. The Callaway Rogue 4 wood is one of my favorites. A shape and overall size that suits me. Bonded hosel. I put a HZRDUS Yellow 76g shaft in it and it’s great. The others ones I like are the Mizuno ST-Z 5 wood and also the newest Srixon.
  10. I agree with Maltby. MOI in irons never seems to matter to me. I definitely would not buy any club based on high MOI. Typically if it is real high the iron is one I won’t like. It will be a shovel or be imprecise. Some of my favorite irons, when I look them up they have lower MOI and it didn’t matter. Hit them better and easier to work. Maybe MOI matters at a minimum point and after that, pushing it higher only proves the law of diminishing returns. And super high MOI in a driver is even worse. I find them hard to square into impact. One of the OEMs, Titleist I believe, even worked
  11. Not even close to anchoring because the arm moves, it is not stationary. If people call it anchoring simply because the grip touches the forearm (and below the elbow, so still hinging) then everything is anchoring. I putt better with my left hand only. Why not just make everyone putt with one hand only and if you touch the putter with your other hand, that’s anchoring? You don’t need two hands to hold a putter. Why is that anchoring with the second hand allowed? It gets ridiculous. Every way you hold a putter, something is anchoring to some people. If players want a grip that goes fur
  12. Get a beat up one for as little as possible and if you love it get it refinished in the off-season. They can make it look new.
  13. I continue to find the MAX LS to be the best driver I’ve had in overall performance. It fits me perfect for a blend of controlled spin and forgiveness. Have a Ventus Red 7S tipped 3/4 of an inch in it and it is so good. Only head I’ve hit that can stay with it is the Mavrik Sub Zero, which is the longest driver I’ve hit. But I am more consistent with the Max LS. I put 3g of hot melt in the toe and it has the perfect sound.
  14. They have a lot of great irons. Any of the J36DPC, J40 DPC or any of the J36CB, J40CB, J15CB and the Tour B CBS. All really strong irons. I would have a hard time deciding which is best. Down to preference.
  15. I do put the weight all the way to the toe in my Epic Max LS. I can feel the difference in the toe and I can swing without fear of hooking it. I hit a draw with that setting. I can absolutely feel the difference when I put the weight in the toe vs neutral or heel side. I feel like I have more control.
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