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  1. That is the lineup I’m playing but I also got the XFCB gap wedge. It is not a combo offered so you have to order as individual irons. Mine arrived last week. Playing first round Thursday. They were spot on in range session. Very consistent irons on distance. They get in and out of the ground quick too.
  2. All 3 are excellent. No flier issues with any of these irons. None are hollow or filled with polymer. In terms of forgiveness, I’d say 785 is most forgiving due to wider sole, which will help increase launch, then the MP18 MMCs and then the JPX 919 Tours. Pretty much comes down to whether you want more bounce (Srixon) or less. The v-sole itself shouldn’t really matter if you have proper shaft lean at impact and are hitting ball first. The 785 does spin a little less so if you have too much spin (I typically do), that could help trim it and give you a little more distance. If you don’
  3. X Forged CB sre hardly a lot bigger than TCB. Big and clunky? That’s a joke right? And strong lofted? 33 degree 7 iron. Branden Grace seemed to do just fine winning a Tour event with them.
  4. Any of the hollow heads will launch a little higher and preserve distance a little better on hits across the face. If you want compact/small too, you may not like clubs like the p790 or the T200, which are not compact! A lot of the clubs being suggested are not at all compact. You are looking for something specific, but it is the compactness that is harder to find, not the distance. You can’t make a long-bladed club more compact unless you plan to grind them shorter, so best bet is to get a compact hollow club and make it fly longer. The p770 or ‘21 Apex Pro (and the Ben Hogan PTX Pro
  5. Project X Catalyst 100 6.0 or 6.5. Low torque, tight shaft. I did two demos with the MMT 95 vs the Catalyst and I went with the Catalyst 6.0. It’s a Project X shaft in a bit friendlier graphite profile. Good looking silver ion plating too. Somewhat underrated and overlooked because 100 grams is the heaviest weight it comes in, so no action on Tour. I am a little surprised some Champions Tour players are not gaming it.
  6. Make that three. I think their fairways are as good as any out there. Great, great clubs. Played the F9 3 wood and F8 7 wood and I might be going Cobra again with the Rad Speed replacing both. (Down to Cobra vs Epic Speed.) I don’t play their drivers, but it’s because I’ve been happy with Callaway, Ping and Titleist as favorite driver designs. I just find the Cobra fairway woods so easy off any lie with the rails — you can hit down on them without any fear — and I like that I can set the 3 wood at 16 degrees (so, 4 wood) and the 7 wood at 21 and I’m good. They also sound excellent.
  7. I would say try them and make no assumptions. I have always liked Project X Rifle 5.5 but for whatever reason, whenever I am fitted the Modus 120 also tests very well. I get great numbers with it. I think it holds up to all sorts of swings. For early and mid-releasers, it is great. The Modus 130 is supposed to be like Project X Rifles and I can’t stand the 130. Might be my least liked shaft. But I am told it favors a very late release. It is the fit of the 120 that is key. I have found stiff hard-stepped once works for me, or x flex soft-stepped, which is heavier. I do not find it
  8. They can’t do a partial ship of some clubs as they wait to resolve the backordered parts?
  9. Man, that is a bummer. I called in an order of Apex Pro long irons and X Forged CB short irons (all as individual irons, as that combo is not offered) with Project X Catalyst 100 6.0 and they arrived six days later. (And those shafts are winners, fyi, for anyone looking for low-torque graphites that are stable and yet also offer excellent feel.)
  10. Well, you’re right that is how they have been viewed but it’s changing. I am going by how the irons are constructed. IMO the new 770 is now also a distance iron. OEMs are just trying to make them look like players irons. The 21 Apex Pro is not like the 2014 or ‘16 Pros — those were forged irons. Not much different now internally from the standard Apex 21, except for a smaller profile and the main playing difference is the Pro lofts are a little weaker. But it is a hollow head filled with microspheres with cupfaces. Strengthen the lofts to be closer to Apex (I put my Apex Pro 7 iron a
  11. Feel on Apex Pro 21 beats 770 IMO. Callaway’s hollow/filled heads feel better on off-center hits. I’d also look at standard Apex 21, which will be the longest of those three.
  12. Received my Apex Pro/X Forged CB combo with the Catalyst 100 and Winn Dri-Tac grips. One session at the range and it went very well. These shafts are solid but not jarring, don’t feel loose at all. Excellent flight. Was able to hit them high or low. Best of all is the comfort. A 90 minute session. No soreness after or today. Looking forward to playing them. IMO they feel much better than the PX IOs they replaced.
  13. I would expect they won’t do much to change them. Very subtle differences from CBX to CBX2. And why would they? For my money these are the best thing going of the forgiving wedges.
  14. In testing ( 7 iron only) they were great. Got basically the same results with the MMT 95 and Catalyst 100 6.0. Then again, I’m typically trying to bring launch down, which is partly shaft but mostly me adding loft at impact due to hanging back (body stall) as a swing flaw. They are Project X shafts and give that penetrating flight, which I like. I do think they are a graphite aimed at stronger players with above average speed. They hold up. I was at 88 mph average with the 7 iron and the 100 6.0 worked well. Easier to handle than the Rifles, but not flimsy at all. I wouldn’t need
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