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  1. I played it and I liked it. It’s pretty darn forgiving. Elongated head shape, not super draw biased IMO but it is heel weighted. Sound and feel is miles better than the Pings. If you look at the head, the B21 is essentially a lower-spinning Fusion with the newer Flash Face. It is a more stretched back look than some prefer, but the tradeoff is it is easy to launch and stable. Playing the Epic Max LS now and can get it out there a little more due to less spin, but not a major difference vs my best drives with the B21. It’s a quality driver and for those who lose a lot of shots right, it can reduce that and keep you in play. But it’s not like you can’t fade it and I had no issues with hooks. Went straight and fell left.
  2. Yeah, all I would add is don’t fear the X Firm. It is not X Stiff. The rubber material they are using gives the shafts a solid but pleasant feeling. I would have a hard time deciding between Firm and X Firm. For a quicker putting stroke, the X Firm works very well. These are very nice putter shafts, not like others I have sampled. I have gone with a double bend shaft, otherwise I would get one of these. The Stability Shaft has an option that is adapted to attach to a sawed-off double bend, but that seems pointless to me. I would rather just get a KBS double bend putter shaft.
  3. It is a noticeable difference. The one on the right looks better to me. My preferred shape. More of a squat head vs a long blade.
  4. I find I can go up in 5g increments from driver and be fine. I do like lower torque in my 7 wood shaft than I care about in my driver shaft. I’ve been sticking with old reliable because it works — a 75g Aldila RIP Phenom that has sub 3.0 torque. It feels stiffer and tighter than a lot of 7 wood shafts. The 7 wood takes the place of a hybrid for me and I want to feel like the shaft is helping me hit a very controlled shot.
  5. Which Diamana, if any, would the EF Black be most similar to?
  6. Personally I much prefer Evenflow Black over Hzrdus Black or RDX Black. The Evenflows feels great and are an excellent value.
  7. Those Nike VPCs are great irons. Your description is spot on. Very playable. Just the right blade size, offset and overall look. The newer iron I have found similar to them is the ‘21 Callaway X Forged CB. Similar look with maybe a slightly more narrow sole. But that seems to be the category of irons that I play best with.
  8. I still like them even if they’re all fake wraps. The Golf Pride CP2 Wraps and Tour Wraps, Winn, Pure, Lamkin. A lot of good ones.
  9. I have played both multiple times and I honestly cannot tell the difference. Ultimately I think way too much is made of it and the term “descending weight” applies to one part — the shaft — not the entire club. Every parallel set I’ve had, the finished clubs continue to ascend in weight, only the total weight increase from club to club is less. Is it better to have constant weight shafts and larger weight gaps between clubs? Doesn’t seem to matter to me, might to others. Some say parallel tips offer versatility in dialing in sub-flexes, not that many people do that. I guess I would notice it the most in short irons, but last season I played New Level 902s which are .370 hosels and I loved the short irons the most.
  10. I cut them to the length I want without a grip on and do not account for the grip cap adding a little length. It is insignificant.
  11. I hit some strong drives with the 1K in a round today. Got the ball in the air nicely with a more penetrating flight and it was giving me some excellent distance. Ventus Red was more of an all-carry performer for me. The 1K has some giddy-up after it lands. 1K feels stiff to me, not too stiff, but it feels stiffer than a 70S Diamana TB I am testing in a fairway (another great shaft.) Could be the difference of whiteboard vs blueboard I am feeling, as I am not as used to the white. I say that because it feels good, just a more solid feel vs the whip I feel with the TB. I’ve got the 1K 70 S in my driver now, but it feels like I could probably go lighter and not lose that pleasantly stable feel it has.
  12. Exactly how it is for me. Tighter than DI, less kick, gets up and carries. I am more consistent with it. One of the very best fairway options for sure. I like them to feel solid regardless of softer mid profile. I feel I get that with the IZ and the K’aili.
  13. I am a fan of the Pro White 1K. Tested a 1K 80 stiff (82g uncut) in an Epic Max Ls driver and liked it so much I immediately picked up a 1K 70 stiff (also on the low end of 70s at 71g, which is where fitters always have me.) Have been comparing it to a Ventus Red 7S and I am getting a little less spin with the 1k. It feels fantastic to me. Tight but feels fast, not like a pole. If you don’t like stiff handles you most likely will not care for Ventus Black (or Red.) Both will feel notably stiffer in the handle. I am getting more distance with the 1K. Just a comfortable shaft profile for me. Definitely recommend trying the 1K. I am now wondering if I could tip the 1K 80 and use it in a 7 wood! Don’t really hear about it in fairways but it seems like the low launch would help with a 5 or 7 wood. The AD XC (which is the updated AD BB) also seem similar and the XC would be the next one I’d try. Also, the 1K installed is truly a strikingly beautiful shaft.
  14. Lots of other golfers have. They may want the info for comparison. Tremendous irons.
  15. Just for reference the PF2 7 iron sole measures the same as a Miura 1008CB 7 iron.
  16. Still early. The DI has more kick, really feels like it throws the ball out there. It feels so nice when you nail one. The IZ is more one-piece, feels a little stiffer at the same weight and flex. Powerful. Really interesting how different they feel to me. I took them both on the course on Tuesday. Hit them both well. That Srixon 3 wood is one of the best easier I have found off turf. It just looks like it will take the ball right off and it does. The IZ is in a Titleist TS2 16.5 4 wood. I mean, that’s a point and shoot weapon.
  17. Those are two great fairway shafts. I am trying both right now. I am having fun hitting them. The IZ is straight as a rope for me.
  18. No idea. But I’ve seen a number of them for sale with AD DI shafts. There was a 5 wood ZX with an AD DI 7x on the BST yesterday. And I have a ZX 3 wood with an AD DI 7S that I picked up barely used for a good price, mainly to try that shaft in a fairway. And it performs great, though I think I am sticking with a 4 wood. Could be that the $175 Srixon upcharge is still half the retail price of that shaft. Srixon generally has a nice shaft selection and good deals on premium choices.
  19. +1. The OG Epic SZ fairway and Epic Flash SZ fairway remain contenders. They are very forgiving with the heavier weight back and they go and go. I still like the look of the original Epic. Straddles that line of being sleek but just the right face height. I don’t like tall faces off turf. Epic Flash is an evolution with more tech — jailbreak and Flash Face. The Epic Flash SZ 5 wood is unreal. Of the other newer stuff, there are so many good ones. My favorites in combining easy to hit with great accuracy are the Titleist TS2 or TSi2, Ping g425 may be their best fairway in years, Srixon ZX heads with their Graphite Design upgrades commonly seen are excellent. And IMO, just take your pick of the Callaway heads based on preferred size and shape. I am currently trying out Titleist TS2 and 917 heads against a Callaway Rogue and my trusty OG Epic SZ. All 4 woods.
  20. dmeeksDC

    Sub 70 Clubs

    i have done this several times. Two degrees is well within range of reasonable adjustability. Only thing it affects is spin and distance, does not hurt playability.
  21. Anyone know if the KBS shafts listed by PXG with a $39 per club upcharge are the .370 diameter shafts or the .355 tapers with a shim?
  22. The Battle Ready Mustang is in the bag. Nice, lively face and the speed maintained on off-center hits is impressive. Sets up really well.
  23. Anyone have a feel report on The L?
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