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  1. Has anyone heard specifics of the next drop? I've heard maybe this Saturday, but no confirmation or exact time. Edit: I'm referring to the Bushnell Launch Pro.
  2. For fsx 2020 or gs pro? Also what?! I looked at foresight recommended specs (think it was for quad) and ended up getting 8-core i7 and 3060 thinking it was overkill given their recommendations. Until now will have to try over clocking probably then
  3. I seem to be the only one told they'll do another drop in a couple weeks. Did anyone else get this information or know more? The gentleman I spoke to didn't seem too confident to be honest.
  4. I was told they'll drop more in a couple weeks, no point in even considering scalped units yet (or ever) no matter how impatient we are
  5. Shocker. Already being posted on eBay, starting bid $4000.
  6. Not gonna lie, I feel for anyone just now coming to this thread. 41 pages, which 20 of those pages are people complaining they arent getting something as accurate with 90%+ features/datapoints as a 20k GCQuad for like 2k all in.. Or comparing it to something cheaper like mevo/skytrak. I get wishful thinking but geez, no point in not being realistic.
  7. No difference for this application at least. The most important thing is getting a "gaming" laptop with an Intel CPU since their site says they don't support AMD for whatever reason. You're right a laptop would be more expensive, but portable with less performance than a similarly priced desktop mainly due to cooling. To be honest to run these golf sim software applications it wont matter so long as you get a decent one in ~1k+ range. I opted for Lenovo Legion 5 Pro with Intel i7 and RTX 3060 graphics card for this purpose. I wanted a laptop as my sim will be in my garage and I dont want to keep a PC in that environment 24/7, plus I can play other games in my house. That is likely overkill for this, but any "gaming" laptop with like an i5 or i7 (preferred) and modern dedicated graphics card will likely work. If you find something and want to run it by me feel free to post here or DM me and I will take a look if you'd like. @brentflog since he asked a similar question.
  8. Interesting, thanks. I could live storage cap, although I wonder if you could export them if you ever wanted to keep that much historic data. The 20 vs 10 courses is a bummer though.
  9. "puts the device almost on even footing with the Foresight GC3" I don't understand this. I thought BLP+Gold is identical to GC3. What features does GC3 offer that you cannot get with BLP+Gold?
  10. I think it's a similar concept to consoles, sell cheap or near-cost and make the real money on games or monthly online multi-player capabilities. Otherwise if silver allowed 3rd party then they'd likely charge 6kish for BLP unit, which is basically exactly what theyre doing with GC3.
  11. Demand for consoles are exponentially higher yes, but they also make significantly more units so I'd say it's somewhat similar if demand is higher than what's available.
  12. Advice from someone who battled to get a console that sold out in seconds every week competing with scalpers: make a Bushnell account, add all your address and payment info so it's ready to pre-order in a couple clicks. I'm sure exact time 10/4 will be released, so log in prior to that and be ready to hit pre-order asap... Assuming they'll go fast and there's limited stock.
  13. Seems the consensus is late 80s/early nineties. In the sun it's definitely purple, what an interesting color combination!
  14. The plot thickens! Thanks for the info, I've never heard of ironfinders until now. I thought it was resolved with the Flex Twist ('98) as the headvover seemed to be a solid match. I'll have to dig deeper on the site you suggested. Thanks again!
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