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  1. Oh wow what an amazingly helpful comment! I feel like this should be stickied to avoid similar posts to mine, but mainly because it details a lot about iron shafts. I am definitely saving this as it explains a lot I clearly had no idea about. I just wrongly assumed it'd play a bit stiffer inconsequential to anything else. I swing hard but I don't think I could handle or want a lower flight than 7.0; I'm not Rory after all! I also was unaware you could tip trim steel shafts (only graphite), but perhaps that's what you mean by not supposed to "officially" do it. Now I'm leaning 6.5 o
  2. Not too sure to be honest, just assumed it wouldn't be a bad idea since I have no problems with the stout C-Taper 130x and other suggestions of going 7.0. Since I'm not sure I can easily get 7.0 straight from Srixon I figured it was a decent compromise, although I'm aware it only makes 1/3 flex difference generally. Perhaps a mental thing more than anything :)
  3. I see, besides dg those were my initial thoughts too. Wish 125x wasn't at an upcharge!
  4. Noted, thank you! Leaning project x 6.5 hard stepped now but will keep 130x in mind before I decide.
  5. Yea i remember reading about those years ago and how hard they are to find! I don't see them as an "exotic" option on Srixon's site. Given their options, I'm leaning towards Project X 6.5 hard-stepped. Just realized their new irons should be out any day now so maybe thatll give me more time to plan a trip somewhere I can actually hit these shafts. Thanks again!
  6. That's interesting. I was leaning towards Project X as from what I've read people tend to absolutely love or hate the Modus (at least the 120). With that said Ill need to look into those two as I'm not too familiar, but if imagine they're both low spin variants of their flagships. Thanks!
  7. Apologies as I know there are lots of threads like this, but struggling to find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking to get new irons (Z785) and not sure on what to get (testing isn't really an option for me currently and I know that isn't wise). Currently play C Taper 130X and they're OK, I have no problem launching it but feel I can get better dispersion and feel elsewhere. I have an aggressive tempo, transition, and swing overall with fairly deep divots so I'm unclear on what to try. I'm thinking Nippon Modus3 120TX, 130X (maybe 125 but they're an "exotic" upcharge these d
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