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  1. I have always had irons that were either handed down to me or just bought off BST or something like that. Have never been fitted for irons or anything. Thinking for next season, I would like to get a set built this winter. Am thinking either a Callaway Apex Pro/MB combo (MBs being the 7-P) or TM 770/MB (seems like they come out with new names each year). Currently I play an older set of Apex pros and have pretty much always played Callaway irons, so I'm familiar with them. So first, I would like to hit them all to see which ones feel best, then need to get fitted for shafts and what not.
  2. Have a few items up for today, all prices are open to serious offers. Items will be shipped within a day of payment. Feel free to message me with any questions. TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver MCA Diamana F Limited, 11.5 Stiff. This club has been well taken care of and only hit a small number of times. Excellent used condition and a great price! Stiff 11.5 with standard golf pride grip. This driver is amazing for those who are looking to find more fairways! Very accurate and still able to hit it a long ways- feels wonderful off of the face! $270 Shipped SOLD Taylormade RSI2 Irons in
  3. Anyone have any insight on how I can fix this? My full swing is fine, but my dad took a video of me hitting shots inside 100 the other day and the result is pretty embarrassing. No idea why I am going down to get the ball like this, but hopefully someone has a drill or something I can do to fix this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZO7AoeYLgU
  4. Scotty Sold just have fairways now All of these have been gamed one season, pics show the shape they are in. Scotty is from custom shop, although there is a little paint rubbing off on sole. M4's are both in good shape, just regular wear. Stock Atmos Red 6S shafts. Will ship everything tomorrow. Have stock headcovers for woods, also have a Scotty headcover. Not looking for any trades right now. Asking $225 for Scotty ($285 w/ headcover) SOLD $180 each for M4's or both for $330. Open to offers
  5. ​Mandeville, LA 10.2 M4 10.5 degree Z785 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX member review thread for Srixon Z Series drivers and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Definitley!
  6. I'm confused on the grinds on these, is it just based off of bounce? I am used to vokeys, have Sm5s, 52 F grind and 56 M grind, what would be comparable?
  7. Thanks, they are basically teed at ground level, just enough to give me a perfect lie
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