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  1. I've had a decent amount of changes. First, I swapped out my Cleveland CG Black CB irons for a Srixon 765/965 combo set. Love the blades. Playing the best golf of my life. Down from 13 in March of 2017 to a 4.6 now. Started the year playing with a 2-iron UDI and two wedges (50, 58) as I have always had troubles getting off the tee-box. I really improved in that aspect over the course of the year and just wasn't using the 2-iron anymore, except for when I really needed a punch shot (love punching with the UDI). So I took it out and put in my 54 deg. Those struggles off the tee were mainly caused by my inability to hit driver. I had a 46" Matrix White Tie 6x3 in X flex and decided to swap it out for a 45" Fujikura Speeder 665 Evo II in stiff. I swing around 110-115 so all the shafties out there will say I need an X but the combination of this shaft and some mechanical swing changes, I am keeping the ball in play more often than ever. I tried everything from the UDI to a Bertha Mini 1.5 to try and solve my driving woes. Now I think I've solved them. Lastly, I was using a Scotty Futura X5 Counterbalanced but just 2 weeks ago I switched back to the first putter I was gifted as a 4th or 5th grader. An Odyssey White Hot #4. I don't know if it's because it's super short, or just the different feel, but I just seem to be lining up and pacing better the last couple rounds with it.
  2. RTX 4.0 Raw 60 degree (Mid) Standard shaft, lie, loft, and flex. GP Tour Velvet (standard) grip.
  3. Sounds good. Sorry to hijack your thread, dbleag! Haha
  4. Did that spray paint stay on? I'm looking to refinish mine, actually. It's hard to find a good coating I like that sticks to aluminum.
  5. Just curious, as this post is pretty old. Are you still using your Doc 15? I'm still using my 17 because I love it. Basically, I use it like a pendulum on a huge grandfather clock, up to a certain length (~20 ft).
  6. Black would look good to me with the accents on the bag being black. Plus, black ones are easier to find. Downside, black might be too boring for you.
  7. Just ordered a set of 2015 Cleveland CG Black CB's. I think they're pretty darn sexy. (Not my photo, from Google Images & ThreeGuysGolf Blog)
  8. Can you please change mine from "evansgw57" to "BatuimusBoiler"? Thank you.
  9. I said "F*** it" and pulled the trigger on a 52/56/60 set. They're on the way and I'll let you know how they are, if you still care. I know this was 17 months ago haha. I'm not the greatest golfer (10ish HC), and I've never had anything other than Play-it-again Sports wedges, so I'm sure they'll be just fine for me.
  10. Most places I've looked have choices for shafts. I've never been fitted for clubs before, as far as what shaft would work best for me. I've always played stiff steel shafts.
  11. I guess my question should've been "How would I be hurting myself?". What would I be losing by using clubs like this?
  12. I am looking for a new set of irons. I currently have Cleveland CG4's that I purchased about 7 years ago. When I bought them, I was about 17 years old and just looking for an affordable set that weren't an off brand (I did not do a whole lot of research). As I have grown older, I have improved my golf game, probably because I stopped playing baseball, and switching from baseball swing to golf swing in the same day was difficult sometimes. I really like my Cleveland irons and have been looking at the Cleveland CG Black's, but noticed they are designed for golfers with slow swing speeds (90 mph or less). The last time I had my swing clocked, it was around 110-115 with the driver. Would I be hurting myself using clubs designed for a slow swing? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I guess I'm asking, "How would I be hurting myself?". As in, what happens when someone with a faster swing uses a club designed for a lower swing speed?
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