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  1. Yes, my point is that whenever I hear people (like the average golfer) say "clear the hips", they are just meaning rotation. For the pivot to actually be "clearing" it seems like it has to be in proper sequence and with depth.
  2. Right, it moves away, then when it is rotated it gets closer again (bottom right). The key is that the hands are already well past that point by the bottom right pic. So there's space as a result of the pelvis pointing in the general area of the hands. I'm not trying to make a point against rotating the hips. I was more getting at my disbelief that mere rotation is "clearing" anything. Combined with depth and proper sequencing, I obviously agree that you can create more room.
  3. Trail hip staying back so that the arms can get past, then the lead hip getting depth as the arms continue through. This seems like the proper sequence for creating space, right?
  4. The hips are wider than they are deep, right? So when they are rotated, they take up more horizontal space (from a DTL view). Thrusting is an extraneous variable.
  5. Thanks, this is kinda where my intuition was leading me. So you would say "clearing" the hips is more about hip depth than rotation?
  6. But how could there be more space when the hips take up more space when they are rotated vs when they arent?
  7. I appreciate the responses about rotation mechanics, but I'm just asking why it is called "clearing". To me, that implies that hip rotation creates more space for the arms. Am I just wrong in thinking that there's less space when the hips are rotated? Maybe "clearing" refers more to allowing the rest of the body its range of motion.
  8. I agree that the hips rotate when I make a good swing. I just don't know why it is called "clearing the hips". If anything, it seems like it should be described as creating space for the hips to rotate.
  9. For me, if anything, it is the opposite. When I shallow and come from the inside, the hips clear without any intent. When I am steep they stall.
  10. That would mean your hands are impact would be covered by your trail hip at impact, which is clearly not the case
  11. For peak control I'd take Tiger or Phil. For consistency I'd take JDay or Stricker.
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