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  1. Directed Force armlock in nickel with Bryson's shaft. I'll post pictures when it comes in.
  2. I can do that if it is an exaggerated drill. I hit close to 100 left arm parallel 7i swings per day. Punch out shots from the trees is the best part of my game. But turning a 180y club into a 172y shot is a problem. But generally I can just choke down and make it work. However, that is not a solution for the chips, putts, and shorter tee shots.
  3. That has worked for me some off the tee, but it does not help when I'm hitting a softer iron into a green or when I'm chipping. I don't chip to a landing spot, I do it based on feel. I know that when I give an aggressive stroke the spin will keep the ball from rolling too far but I can't get my subconscious to trust it.
  4. This is a major mental block for me. When I'm playing aggressively... I'm focused, I know what to do, and my results are good. But as soon as I try to take a bit off an iron, tee off with my DI, or have a tricky putt or chip I turn into a 20 handicapper. I start trying to steer my swings and decelerate hard on my putts/chips. What's the path forward?
  5. Yes, I generally swing faster when there's a ball. Once my shoulder gets 100% I'm going to spend a few months using superspeed sticks. I have them already and I can tell that my CNS is the limiting factor at this point because I don't swing the light stick any faster than my driver and the heavier stick is barely slower. I spoke with some people at superspeed and there's definitely a good bit of room to improve based on that.
  6. No added strength training, but I had lifted for several years by that point. Sustained? Yes, but I haven't tried hitting my max in a while because of a shoulder injury.
  7. Was at 105. Improved my mechanics, bought a swing speed radar, and spent a summer swinging driver as fast as I could every day. Maxed out at 131.
  8. But it literally isn't anchored to your forearm. They are fundamentally very different.
  9. I haven't found his technical stuff all that helpful, but his mental approach and intents have helped me.
  10. I'd like to try a PX 6.5. Couldnt find a parallel tip though.
  11. Inconsistent distance control as a result of strike being inconsistent.
  12. Because they are professional athletes and they probably walk 7+ miles per day.
  13. Alright so I'm very satisfied by my equipment right now. The only thing that is nagging me that I'd like some input on is my driving iron. It is mostly used off the tee on shorter/tight par 3s. For that purpose it does exactly what I want it to do. However, I occasionally use it for the second shot on par 5s and it can't hit it off the ground very well. My 4i carries ~215 and my 3w carries ~260. I need this to be an option in that gap. I've noticed that a lot of the tour players using DIs have switched to steel shafts. I'm thinking that I would definitely like to shorten the shaft (not sure wh
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