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  1. Thank you both for the tips. I also reached out to Jake Ledbetter directly on instagram.
  2. I have been with Alex for some time (since my original post). I feel like he has helped me get better a lot better. But … now I am thinking of at least trying someone else (not necessarily moving away from Alex — just getting another set of eyes). I would love to field a “George Gankas disciple” on Skillest — I love his ideas. Anyone know of one? I wish Jake Ledbetter was on Skillest or something.
  3. I actually like both Z-stars. I am not really good enough to tell much of a difference. But I use the non-XV when the courses are soft or wet, and when the wind is up since the non-XV spins less. But I mentally -- like the extra ball speed gained by XV (higher compression) if it is dry and firm on the fairway (I live in AZ -- so that is most of the time).
  4. Well -- I just got them. And they are not covered in mold, seem round, fly straight and long when I hit them, and will still fit in the hole. So I think they are perfectly fine for someone not playing the game for a living. Also -- I received boxes of Z-star XVs (which I prefer) so your YMMV on which actual Z-star you get.
  5. The Walmart Srixon Z-star deal was still live for me yesterday. $25/doz for Z-stars is pretty nice. Shipping was free - but I paid tax.
  6. Hey all -- I thought I would check in with everyone. I am officially an Arizona resident. We moved in about month ago. It's been hot, but nice so far. We like the house - and especially where it is located. I played golf for the first time out here a week ago at TPC Champions which was reasonably nice (for $80 including cart) - and we even had great weather (it was right after the recent storms). I toured two local clubs recently. Pinnacle Peak and DC Ranch. Pinnacle Peak's new clubhouse is really beautiful on the inside, and the folks seem super nice. We were invited to attend their family fun night - which our kids really enjoyed. And I really like meeting the couple of families that I spoke with. But on the downside it also seems like an older club (their avg member age is 10 years higher than DC Ranch). That said, they are trying to get younger. The course is closed now for a bunker renovation - but it looks nice (with lots of water as it sits on some natural wells). All that said -- generally in terms of facilities, family probably would not use the club very much (it would just be me golfing). DC Ranch is a spectacular facility! The clubhouse, pool and fitness facilities are absolutely pristine, and gorgeous. And they are renovating the Men's grill and locker room presently. That said, the initiation and fees are also substantially higher than Pinnacle Peak -- but it is appreciably nicer in terms of facilities. I did not play the course (yet), but it also looks to be in pristine condition. It's also a 5 min drive from home - versus 10+ min for Pinnacle. And if I wanted to -- I could drop my gym membership at Village and just use the gym at DC Ranch it is so nice. I am still pondering, but in the end, I think I may pursue membership at DC Ranch. That said ... both clubs have a 18-24 month wait list for membership. WTF? Five months ago when I started this thread the DC Ranch wait was like 3 months (I called out there). I know it's like that everywhere now. The club we left in VA has like a 30 month wait list now (and 500 golf memberships). BTW -- anyone want to get out for some rounds? I would love to play more of the local courses!
  7. 1. Sign up for the Bridgestone Email Newsletter HERE In a post below answer the following: 2. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? Yes 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? Tour B X 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? 280
  8. Have a couple of shafts to move. 1. VA Composites Nemesys 65 Four tipped 1” with a non-OE Taylormade adapter. Measured as shown - played 45” for me with a SIM head. Great feel and very counter balanced. Has a newish Larkin UTX standard grip with with couple extra rolls of tape on the bottom hand. $195 shipped with the tip. If you don’t want the TM tip, I will take it off and sell it unzipped for $185 shipped. OBRO. SOLD 2. Tensei Pro Orange 60TX fairways. This was an experiment, but just doesn’t work for me. It’s tipped about 1.5”. Played really stiff in my SIM 3W head. Just want it gone. $75 shipped OBRO. SOLD Will do both together for $250. Thanks!
  9. Have a couple of Masters items that I picked up at the tournament this year - but have decided I don’t really want them: 1. Blue heathered T-Shirt in size L (I should have gotten M). It fits large. It’s washed but never worn (just tried on). It was $29. I will sell it for $36 shipped (just trying to minimize the loss). SOLD 2. Masters Smathers & Branson needlepoint driver cover. These are $200 on the internet stores. I just prefer my Bettinardi cover I picked up here on the classifieds. This is new (not gamed). $150 shipped 3. Betti Hive Divot tool (from Sony Open a few years back). Was gamed a bit. Has a ding that is pictured. This one is thick and weighty — very nice milling. $90 shipped I am interested trades for similarly cool T-shirts, driver covers and divot tools. Thanks
  10. Head is in great shape and produces a nice low spin ball flight. The pics tell the story - but the top is clean, face looks good, and the sole has normal wear. The weight shown (197g) is with the stock 12g weight installed. The weight kit was bought on facebook, and is not OEM, but the weights fit and they are accurately rated. 4g to 20g weights in two gram increments, with a wrench (note there is no torque release on this wrench). The weights allow you to dial in swingweight, and I also found it helped to lower spin by running two weights in the fade and draw position (more forward CG) versus one in the back. For example a 6g and 8g in the draw and fade slots versus running a 14g in the back. Just my opinion and experience, no scientific study on that. $250 shipped for the package. I don’t have the headcover - but will ship in an old taylormade cover to keep it safe. SOLD No trades.
  11. Hey all — this is the OP. Thought I would provide a quick update. We have a house under contract in the Windgate Ranch neighborhood in Scottsdale. We toured it virtually and offers came in the night of the coming soon preview, including from us. We ultimately got the contract, and my wife flew out to actually see the house and the area. She was happy — so I am happy. All is moving toward a close in May. Which works great for us. I don’t think it will be a forever house, but it seemed like a can’t miss as a 2-3 house for us. We are currently about to accept a contract on our house in Northern VA - where it is also white hot. So I overpaid in AZ — and am probably getting overpaid in VA. But DC Ranch is the local club - once I get out there, I will check it out. It does seem to be a bit speedy (high initiation and high dues - but does offer some equity, so there is that). Silver Leaf is actually closer — but I would want a family club. I may just play Gray Hawk and some of the local public/semi-privates for a while until I get settled. Anyone here a member at DC Ranch? Or play Gray Hawk? Off Topic: Anyone have any suggestions on a Scottsdale/PHX bathroom remodeler/designer and perhaps an AV installer (I want to convert a room to a dedicated media room)?
  12. I would think that is correct. Making the G410 PLUS and LST perhaps a better match. I picked up this weight kit cheap (used) on Facebook marketplace - and it really allows for all sorts of fine tuning with the 410.
  13. Good stuff I would like to get rid off: 1. Dumina KHT Autoflex 505X - I bought this new. It makes we swing faster for sure, but it’s not for me. No tipping. Pics show length. New UTX standard grip. $690 shipped OBO. TRADED 2. Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 60TX driver length. No tipping - this has never been gamed. UTX standard grip. $160 shipped OBO 3. Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 60TX in fairway length. 1.5” tipping. Great lightweight 3W shaft. GP MCC+4 grip. $65 shipped OBO Will do both shafts for $200. 4. Taylormade Ti 15* 3W head. Clean top, face and sole shows sand wear. Small nick in toe not visible from address. Headcover included. $210 shipped OBO. SOLD 5. Evenflow White fairway 75g 6.5 flex. Cobra tip. 5W length. $40 shipped OBO SOLD Cash is King — might consider a 8* SIM driver head, 9* G410 LST or G425 driver head and Armlock putters. Not looking for other trades.
  14. So - to be clear - you are doing the Blue Stick only route, correct? I am starting a to mix in some Red stick and some CB stick swings as well. But only RH - just adding to supplement the work.
  15. Perhaps it would be useful to have a Google Sheets or something similar with the fields filled in for tracking and posting purposes.
  16. thank you -- good advice, we are working with a realtor. And we do plan to get out there. The problem is the market seems to be white hot as CA residents (and others) migrate east due to remote work arrangements. It seems like if you find a good home -- you have to strike immediately or its gone.
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