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  1. I want the gunmetal-lime green Speed Cart GT, please! Thanks for the great giveaway!
  2. I just moved from a 25-yo set of Ping Eye 2 BeCu (original groove design) and 7-iron was my 150. Now a smooth 8-iron or hard 9 will get me there with my new Ping Gs (which were fit to me with 1* strong lofts), and have a ton more bite on the greens. My old 100 yard club was a PW -- now it is the UW (gap wedge). I love technology!!
  3. I just picked up an M2 (2016) 3W on eBay with the Oban Kiyoshi Purple 04 (stiff) shaft. Based on what I have read (particularly on this site), it should be great for helping me get the ball a bit higher into the air off the deck. http://www.obanshaft...kiyoshi-purple/ Since you are ok with paying up for a shaft (judging by your AD), I would check that one out. Mine gets here on Friday -- so I can report back after the weekend.
  4. I just picked up the Ping Glide 2.0 after playing with Eye 2s for the last 25 years. Let me just say I am a dummy for not switching earlier .... I am sure there are many others that are great -- but at my fitting a month ago (my first ever), the Glide 2 just felt right. Yesterday on my first round with my new wedges, I was 3 for 4 in putting pitches from within 25 yards to within 3 feet (and the miss was my first -- and it was 6 feet). And that is something I never did before (as a high-handicapper). I hope it was not just a fluke.
  5. I have owned my set of 3-LW BeCu Ping Eye 2s since 1995. in 1996, I had G. Loomis Tour graphite shafts installed in the 3-PW -- and have gamed them since. I am no great golfer -- and essentially took 10 years off -- playing only the occasional round (1 or 2 every couple of years). Last year a joined a club - and committed to getting my game back. Three weeks ago I got a fitting, and tried numerous clubs before settling on Ping Gs and the Glide 2 wedges. I love my Eye 2s, but they are no match for the tech of today. I will be ebay'ing my clubs when the new ones arrive. They were great
  6. Hey guys -- checking in on this thread ... are these pretty much sold out again? Any word on replenishment? I called around to the Chantilly and Fairfax Costcos (Northern Virginia) and found none.
  7. Has there been any further update on his injury? Will he play before US Open?
  8. I called Sterling VA Costco -- no go. Said that online would have them first (which is obviously not true). If anyone hears of them in the Northern VA/DC area -- let me know. Does anyone have the official item number? I read him the item number off the picture a couple of pages back and he said the number was invalid.
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