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  1. Scooter -- I really appreciate that response, and perspective.  It's just so strange - and honestly frightening -- to have everything go to pot all at once.  And not be able to (thus far) get it back on track.



    27 minutes ago, scooterhd2 said:

    Brosef. Sounds like one bad day. Maybe a bad weekend. Rory misses cuts. Decompress. Take a breath. Give your kids a hug. Smile. And in a week, jump back on the train the single digits. You were making progress, you will continue to make progress. But that's measured over months not days. 


  2. 8 minutes ago, glk said:

    Two things.   Right arm stay straight too long.  Need to speed up backswing - rhythm is poor.  Too slow back and too fast down


    like this but arm should have begun folding already


    you bend arm behind you and then last second go external with shoulder to set club - looks like you go to far to the right off the ball as a result too


    Good example of right arm in backswing







    Thank you so much for the advice.  I agree looking at it my swing height seems off.  And I really value the input.


    Oddly -- I instituted the "Inbee Park/Sungjae Im" backswing tempo at the request of my Pro to stop moving my head down right at takeaway.  My striking actually has been much improved with the slower back, fact through tempo.  But I may be moving it to an extreme.

  3. Well -- can't find it anywhere -- the swing is gone.  It left on Sunday, the final day of my C-flight club championship -- and despite scrapping together an 89, I lost on the 18th hole.  But I had to wedge out of the woods on multiple holes.  I halved a par 5 with a 6 - after hitting my tee ball OB (made an amazing 3wd 4th shot to hit the green, and putted a 80fter to 2 ft).. 


    Prior to this weekend, I was hitting high draws with decent power 105-110 SS, 150-ish ball speed, and 260-280 driver distance and solid irons (7i 155 carry).  My normal flight is a draw.  My miss (normally) is an overdraw or pull hook -- with an occasional right push block, but usually a one way miss left.  On Saturday in my match I started hitting some flares right, and my big drives were straight or baby fades.  Then on Sunday it was nothing by right flares, and pull-slices when I did hit the fairway. 


    I am not sure what cog in my wheel has broken -- but my swing is totally crap now.  I have lost on confidence.   I cannot get the club face closed.  It feels super scoopy with no de-loft on the irons.


    I have the benefit of a GCQuad -- and usually my path is 2-6* in to out with the driver or irons -- with a closed to path face.  Now I am seeing a 0* path or even slight out to in path, but the face to target is still the same -- so the face to path is now like 4-8* open with the driver.  I am hitting high, spinny, weak banana balls that that start right and go hard right.  When I try to manipulate the club closed with my hands, I get mishits and pull-hooks. 


    I am so frustrated that this has happened.  Sadly -- I am also in self-isolation (my kids were exposed to COVID last week in a car pool), so I can't even see a pro.


    Physically I am feeling some rotator cuff pain in my left shoulder, and feel some clicking when I rotate my forearms as you would to turn the ball over.   But that condition preceded  my poor play, and didn't previously stop me from playing well.  But this may be part of it.  I planning to lay off practice for a week and let the shoulder heal up. 


    But it is so frustrating to move from a 12 hcp steadily improving, and trending toward single digits, to now having a shot shape of a 25 almost over night.


    Any help or kinds words are appreciated.


    I will post up some swing vids from last night (please don't laugh). 


    Thanks ... CT



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  4. I WILL LISTEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS - not really looking for trades now

    1. Taylormade 2019 P790 5-AW on KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff (110g) with stock Taylormade Lamkin grips.  Stock length, and 1* flat and 1* strong.  Normal wear and bag chatter from a season of gaming and practice.  Some scratches and minor dings - but nothing affecting play.  There is no browning or rust.  A good set all around - but I am giving one lengths a try.  Will ship in original box. $700 shipped.  SOLD


    2.  Cobra F8+ 4-5 wood.  This thing is the perfect choice if you want a really big hybrid head, or a small fairway head.  Feel is very solid.  I have gamed it for a couple

    of years.  Ready for a new owner.  $85 shipped.  

    3.  Ping Forged 58* and Vokey SM6 54* F-Grind combo set.  Used this set all year.  They pair great.  1* flat on both otherwise stock loft/length.  Ping is in a DG S300 and Vokey is an stock shaft.  Selling together to keep shipping costs reasonable.  $90 shipped for both.  SOLD


    4.  Betti Hive “Spring Classic” Headcover.  Just in time for the Masters.  This was released in 2018 (I think).  Not gamed by me, and  in amazing shape.  $100 shipped.





















  5. On 9/18/2020 at 2:36 PM, J13 said:



    Agree. Srixon has a major problem and it's been going on for too long.  


    I am currently using this ball -- and I see this with balls in my SIM that see tons of hits (and eventually the cover comes off), but never on the course.


    Have you contacted the manufacturer?  I would think Srixon would try to address the issue where there is such seam failure. 

  6. If he’s using aimpoint - he shouldn’t need a book.

    21 hours ago, 2bGood said:

    ? - I have suffered through a few rounds with guys who have just learnt it and like most things in golf they get worse before they get better, and they get slower before that get faster. So from  what I have seen guys who have just learnt AimPoint are way slow until they get the hang of it. I have also never heard of anyone practicing it enough to be proficient the first little while they use it. 


    My funniest AimPoint experience was playing in a pro-am with a pro that has just finished his AimPoint Instructor certification course (this was the OG AimPoint not express). He was SO SLOW and ALWAYS had the wrong read, despite us giving him the correct read he would disagree and go with his own line, even getting the direction of the break wrong. After about 7 holes of this we pointed out to the guy in no uncertain terms, that it was our home club and we had played collectively about 5000 round on these greens - we knew them so well we could give him his reads from the fairway after his approach shot landed. To his credit he did put his book away and listened to us after that and made loads of putts.  








  7. 14 minutes ago, 2bGood said:

    Remind me not to in the group behind you next week....

    Aimpoint express is efficient and accurate.  And has a quick process.  

    It’s the plumb bobbers, the “let we walk all around the green to ‘see’ the line from all angles cause I think I’m DJ types, and the no set process or routine  ... “feel” players that that I find slow the game down.  Partly due to their penchant for three jacks.

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  8. 28 minutes ago, xmanhockey7 said:

    LPGA woman is ABSOLUTELY better than mens +2 or 3. These are handicap index’s for LPGA players (all +) and based on tournament rounds. Not casual Sunday scores. I don’t think you understand just how good they are. 



    ** pointing at this post and applauding **

    By smoke I mean that your +1 Am wins 1 in 10 matches (maybe).


    And if your am shoots a 71 - 78, she will shoot 68-71

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  9. 34 minutes ago, pinhigh27 said:


    So the LPGA woman would be better than men's +2-+3? Unlikely. 


    I will take the +3 guy versus an average LPGA tour player every single day. If they're playing Danielle Kang, maybe not. 


    That's the key to this. The difference between the best PGA tour player and the 100th is smaller than it is for the LPGA. The talent drops off more. 


    The winner of that event got 1500, that's like a YMCA church game. People make more money at member guests. 


    A guy who is " much better " than a +1 is really good at golf. 


    Maybe you are unfamiliar with mini tour events -- but those guys mostly hungry high-level pros and very talented post-college golfers on that tour.  It doesn't pay much but that's not to say its not a tough competition.  Many of the players go on to Korn Ferry and PGA -- Ted Potter Jr. and Kisner were mini-tour legends before they got their cards. 


    My money is the average card-carrying LPGA player would smoke a +1 Am from the same tees. 


    And BTW -- Sunny Kim used to play on Korn Ferry - and I suspect he is trying to get back to it. 

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  10. I am a big fan of Bradley Hughes and his videos/teachings.  I really like working on Drill 1 - the 4:30 drill.  I never bought the drill, but found out about it on his public videos on Youtube and purchased his first book.  I agree with poster above (quoted below) that Bradley's own open face at P6 in the drill gives me the willies.  The forearm rotation idea seems harder to replicate versus the "impact ready" club face you see most tour players use.  And after working to hard to uncup my wrist - I don't want to reintroduce that wrist angle he likes to use in the drill.


    I did notice in one of the Secret Golf videos with Elk - Bradley mentions that its OK to have a stronger grip, and says that it just requires more body rotation.  I also recently found a variation of the 4:30 drill that Eric Cogorno put out that more closely works with my own "square to path" - downward face angle that I have developed.  Just adding to the knowledge bass - I am in no position to advocate that Hughes is in any way wrong.


    I am going to check out  his new book if that allows you access to this other drills. 


    Hughes and Elk:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p28INe0TKAs


    Eric's video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp9nbL3rhzs


    On 3/26/2020 at 9:48 AM, scopek said:

    It seemed like it took a fair amount of timing to go from that open 4:30 position into impact. I know he talks about minimizing the timing, but I had the opposite issues. Maybe I was missing something. I'm working on more of that "square to the arc" concept ala Martin Chuck type stuff. However, I can see how rolling the forearms from the 4:30 position into impact would create more torque and speed.


  11. Lexi Thompson (who does not seem to be playing all that well since the restart) came in second to Sunny Kim at a minor league golf tour event (he had to birdie the final hole to win).  Which means she beat the rest of the field - all of whom I believe would be seriously good pros (though not at Korn Ferry level).  I would imagine +2 minimum to compete on that level.


    Given that she is missing cuts on the LPGA - by the transitive property - I would say most LPGA regulars would smoke a male +1 (and probably males much better than that).

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  12. 5 minutes ago, OspreyCI said:

    There is a whole thread on it. It’s really good it sounds like. Going to get fit for one myself. 


    Can you link the thread?  I ran a search but mostly found WTB and archived BST threads.

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