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  1. Now on Amazon for $20/dzhttps://www.amazon.com/Srixon-Z-Star-White-Balls-Dozen/dp/B07KS1227X/
  2. Great deal -- except the XV does not seem to be an option. But I guess it's time for my yearly Srixon horde fest.
  3. I have the Z80 ... and I am salivating ....
  4. Srixon Z745 4-PW irons on Aerotech Steelfiber 110cw Stiff shafts. 2* flat (I was told). Lofts are standard. Heads are really in great condition for their age - some stone dents and wear in PW and 9i, pictured. They do show normal wear for irons of their age. Grips are GP tour velvet in decent condition but showing some fading. Will ship in headcovers. See pics for condition and 5i length. $365 OBO shipped. Will add a Z765 AW that’s on a Steelfiber i95 Stiff to the set $40 extra if you want. Tour Issue Taylormade TM M3 9.5* driver head (248 CT). No imperfections on top or crown. Specs a
  5. Ping G410 LST 9* driver head and OEM head cover. I used it for a few months. It’s a very fast, and very low spin driver. Pictures tell it all. Face and crown are clean. Minor wear on sole. A small paint chip (pictured) in the toe that I painted with a sharpie and is totally unnoticeable at address. But noting for transparency. $245 OBO shipped CONUS SOLD
  6. City, Sate? Vienna VAHandicap? 15Current gamer irons? Taylormade P790 or Srixon Z745Why do you want to test the Sub70 639 forged irons? I love the feel of high quality forged irons. I have seen Sub70 earn awards and high marks and I am very interested in the brand.What set do you want to test (MB, CB, or Combo)? CBDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes of course
  7. What's your current golf shoe? Adidas Tour 360 (2 pairs) -- I was an evaluator for those shoes when they came out.What is your handicap? 15Where are you located (City, State)? Vienna VA - and play at my local club (which is open)What's your favorite Sqairz color combination? The Grey and Blue - or maybe the white.What feature of Sqairz golf shoes is the most exciting to you? Lace locks and square toe.If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide an in-depth review of the shoes. Absolutely
  8. Anyone had success mixing a protocol of Blue Stick and the new C stick? I am doing that now -- along with working with Robin Rosado (he has a 1 month virtual speed clinic he is running now). I was doing the I was doing the traditional superspeed training with little impact on my actual course swing speed. But now I am seeing an increase from 97 to 103-105 on real swings (measured with GCQ and Swing Speed Radar) after only one week. My goal is to get my real speed to 110+ consistently. Robin has some good drills that have help a lot.
  9. Tour Issue Taylormade TM M3 9.5* driver head (only). I never put it in play. Looks almost new on the face. No imperfections on top or crown. Specs are on sticker. Excellent CT and specs. Comes with headcover. $215 shippedLeupold GX-4i2 Works great, awesome range finder. Comes with everything and includes original box. $200 shipped SOLD Srixon F85 3W+ 13.5* head only. I used this for a while and it was great. Some sand wear on face, and wear on sole. I hot melted it to add a bit of swingweight. No issues on top line. Comes with headcover. It’s shown with an Xtorsion Copper 70TX s
  10. What’s is your current shaft/driver combination? G410 LST 9* + Tensei Pro Orange v2 60TXWhat is your current handicap? 15Where are you located (City, State)? Vienna VAWhat Honma TR20 model do you want to test? the 460 model If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the driver? Yes, Yes!Please briefly explain how you would approach testing this driver? I would conduct both on course testing (with Across Data) and use it on my indoor setup (which includes a GC Quad). I would use it in my
  11. Thank you - I appreciate the insight. The cog certainly fits and it seems to snug up. So it looks like I am in business (I just wish I hard a ferrule for that adapter). Thank you!
  12. The GAPR is on the left. They look pretty different. The adapter on the the right may be a Gen 1.
  13. I am interested in trying this rangefinder. My course has no flag sticks -- so having something with GPS would be awesome. Anyone selling these at a big discount yet? I don't want to pay $500.
  14. F8 adatpers fit in F9 (just the markings are different), so swap the shaft and see what happens. I had an F9 with tour length weights (18g and 6g) and the head was nice and heavy (about 201g without adapter). My current Ping G410 LST very similar but launches a good bit lower.
  15. I test fit a hybrid shaft with a TM hybrid adapter on it in my GAPR mid, and it seemed to work OK. But I noticed that the two adapters are listed as different adapter types. Any thoughts?
  16. Looks like 0311P is back in stock -- but Aerotech and Accra graphite are now +25/stick. Kind of kills the deal.
  17. All ... this is the GOAT net. I have one, it's absolutely amazing if you have the space.
  18. $150 a stick for a clubs with Accra or Steelfiber shafts is pretty sick! I wish I was a Hero ... to someone other than my kids.
  19. You said 1* strong in the ad -- but the sheet says 1* weak. They look great BTW!
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