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  1. Happy new year, sirs! Just wondering if anyone else has had my experience and if so, how I can go about fixing it. So I left my V5 shift on the side of the cart (magnetic) and went home. I realized after a month that I didn’t have my rangefinder and called the course I last played. They had it! So today I go pick it up, tip the guy who found it and when i get home, i see there water in the top lens, like not moisture, water, lol. Now, i called bushnell and they told me my warranty is voided, it can’t be fixed because these rangefinders weren’t meant to be
  2. lol, you guys must be rich rich. it took me all of 4 mins to get $40 back (got 2 from nike). Now why wouldn’t i want $40 back in my pocket? It just takes a phone call.
  3. man i wish those all white AM1 came in the model they posted on insta, with the digital swoosh
  4. if you’re looking to buy, right now would be the time. these will creep up in price just like the 3’s. and everyone who ordered from nike should def call and file a complaint
  5. yup find a store and try them on, you might need an 8.5,9,9.5, who the hell knows
  6. should actually make a poll with the top 10, but i'm sure jeans jeans jeans jeans will be no 1. Not sure WHY you'd be wearing them on a golf course, smh
  7. you couldn't tell the diff in a mens 9 and womens 9? a womens 9 would equate to a mens 7.5 lollll
  8. lol i've seen people say they've used a stretcher and had great results, i'm not talking a whole lot, just a couple mm, but that is a funny story, how much did you charge for that service? lmao
  9. hi guys, as the title states, can anyone recommend one that they've used and can say works well? I have a couple pairs of nike golf shoes that I would absolutely love if they had a little bit more toe room, thanks in advance!!
  10. i have two, and yes they do, because of the wide surface area, but hey, they look good
  11. anyone with experience, with the lunar command 2, know if they will stretch with wear? These are longer than other nike golf shoes, and a bit narrow, thanks in advance
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