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  1. I'm not talking about "wrong place" and the penalty for same. I'm talking about getting free relief from the general area for the embedded ball (wall of the bunker). But because free relief cannot be gotten, dropping in the bunker, often a worse place than in the general area, incurs a penalty. Or one must take unplayable penalty relief even though permitted to take free relief. I'm trying to understand the logic behind this.
  2. Coming back around to this because of the current thread about the ball embedded in the face/wall (dirt) of a bunker. You claimed earlier that a pitch mark had to be made by a ball landing after being airborne, hence the player in this thread who topped his ball into soft ground and embedded it was not entitled to free relief. I can't find a definition of "pitch mark". I can find the definition of embedded ball though "Embedded - When a player’s ball is in its own pitch-mark made as a result of the player’s previous stroke and where part of the ball is
  3. This is one of the things that drive some golfers nutz. A player is entitled to free relief for an embedded ball in the general area. But NOT in a bunker. Huh ? Why should that be ? 99+% of golfers would rather be in ANY part of the general area than a bunker but because there's no general area available and the only spot available is IN the bunker, he does so AND gets a penalty besides. So from free relief to a "worse" lie AND a 2 shot penalty. Maybe someone could explain the logic behind this ? TIA Doesn't seem to make a
  4. Maybe I'm not following you. I don't understand the relevance of the missing player and/or his handicap. You suggested "Give that player (the single) his or her full handicap and let that player play two balls on every shot, including putts." So he's effectively 2 10 handicap players, getting 10 strokes competing against a 10 and a 20 who are only getting 6.5 strokes. I don't see how the single player can lose doesn't have a rather large advantage.
  5. Welllllll,,,,,,,,, in the video it certainly looks like you've got another 6 inches in the frame in which to take a backswing. Can't see what was behind that though. Funny enough I had this exact same shot a few weeks ago. Can't ever remember hitting it lefthanded with a turned over club before. I had a bit more backswing though, maybe 2 or 3 feet. Came out pretty well actually and it was definitely a stroke - ball didn't "dwell" on the clubface at all as it appears it may have in your video.
  6. Well, I see the 10 as being 2 10s getting 50% EACH for a total of 10 shots. Much more than the USGA recommended 5 shots. So since the "2 10s" together are getting 5 more shots than the USGA recommended 5 shots, and 3.5 shots more than the 10 and 20 together it should equal a runaway for the (single) 10. Not so ?
  7. LOL The 35% plus 15% attempting to get to 50% only works if the 2 players have the same cap. That aside however, let's take a real example. A 10 is the single player and the other 2 are a 10 and a 20. All course handicaps of course. So 3.5 + 3 = 6.5 strokes for the 2 man team. The 10 capper gets his full 10. How do we see the match turning out ?
  8. If that stroke is illegal why is it that a player can place his putter a few inches behind the ball and, without any backstroke, rake/push/scoop/stroke/scrape it in ?
  9. For ME, in Firefox, I just see a black bar (as below). In Chrome I see a link (as below). Clicking on it downloads a .MOV file which, when double-clicked on, opens a window where I can play the file. In another thread (instruction I believe) a poster posted several videos. Some acted like this one and some showed the picture and clicking on the bar worked like most videos do around here. I asked him about it and he said he downloaded to WRX the exact same way. I expect the board software doesn't handle .mov properly but nobody seems to care.
  10. My friend, you originally asked about 2 vs. 2 scramble. So 4 players and 1 guy couldn't make it so then you had 2 vs. 1. Now you have "two 6 person teams" ? That's 12 players - and I'm pretty sure that's NOT what you're talking about. Do you realize how confusing you're making things ? I would suggest you stick with the one game and forget about how you get there. So is it a 2 vs. 1 scramble ? Or something else ?
  11. As others have suggested this is a very hot button topic. NOBODY thinks they're slow. The most I'll say to our group is "We're falling behind. We need to catch up" and hope the others will get the hint (they usually do). I'd rather tell my wife "Yes dear, that dress does make you look fat" than tell another golfer they're slow.
  12. Firstly, you don't mention the playing ability or handicap of any of the 3 (except yourself at 21) so how can anybody determine how to make a fair match ? Secondly, how is it fair if the 1 player "team" gets only a single putt while the 2 player team gets 1 EACH ? I doubt there is any reliable statistical base, or even posters here that have ever played that sort of a match so anything you do will simply be a "best guess". Forget the scramble.
  13. Is that a literal "frozen wrists" ? You wanna fight about a technique's name ? Personally I like the term "hinge and hold". When the shoulders arms and hands are done going back the club goes a tad further, the HINGE. One then (mostly) HOLDS the angle through impact. Those, imo, are 2 excellent ways of being very consistent,,,,,,,,,,, Leads to skulls ? OMG.
  14. There have been posts by people who I believe ought to know that above 40* a cavity offers little-to-no additional benefit. Always wondered about that myself. An equal misshit with a wedge (at least as much as I could determine) always seemed to get closer to the intended distance I expected than the same miss would've been had it been a mid or even sometimes a short CB iron. Possibly the reason why Titleist, Cobra, TM and Callaway either haven't offered CB wedges, or at least not pushed them very much. Even Cleveland markets their blade wedges more so that the CBs,,,,,
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