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  1. Because some high cappers play the best balls they can afford and other high cappers are blind ?
  2. To be fair(?), although the app is a valid alternative, I think he was referring to a physical booklet in his bag to refer to at the time.
  3. OK, so Justin Thomas drives the ball far right on 18 today, right into a bush. 2 club lengths a bit back and to the side gives him a look at the green. Drops once, just inside the 2CL and it rolls out (ground was tilted away from the green so this was expected. Drops again and marks the spot as the ball rolls out again. Gets the official right there and before placing the ball asks if he can move some small stones away from the area before he places. "Sure, go ahead". So I poke around and find Rule 8 and see 8.1 Your Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting Your Stroke This Rule restricts what you may do to improve any of the “conditions affecting your stroke ” (see Definition for the list of things that are protected). a. Actions That Are Not Allowed Except in the limited ways allowed in Rules 8.1b, c and d, you must not take any of these actions if they improve the conditions affecting your stroke: Move, bend or break any growing or attached natural object, or immovable obstruction, integral object or boundary object, or tee-marker for the teeing area when playing a ball from that teeing area. Move a loose impediment or movable obstruction into position (such as to build a stance). Alter the surface of the ground. Remove or press down sand or loose soil. Remove dew, frost or water. I DO see further on b. Actions That Are Allowed In preparing for or making a stroke, a player may take any of these actions and there is no penalty even if doing so improves the conditions affecting the stroke: (1) Fairly search for his or her ball by taking reasonable actions to find and identify it (see Rule 7.1a). (2) Take reasonable actions to remove loose impediments (see Rule 15.1) and movable obstructions (see Rule 15.2). But I read the above as when the ball is already on the ground and one can't cause the ball to move moving the LIs. Not so ? As usual, I'm missing something, yes ?
  4. How are you my young friend ? How's Hawaii ? I know you've relied on Flightscope before. A wonderful calculation website that I assume is about as accurate as one can get. I would hope that the indoor LMs at Dick's, PGA, GG, etc. are accurate and set up properly. I'm sure they are quite expensive. Same goes for Trackman. I seem to recall TM costs about $20K ? Or am I misremembering ? While I realize that cost does not always make one something "better" than another something, in this case I'm guessing it does. Mevo+ ? $1,800, no ? Sooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,, As for your numbers it looks like they're simply not optimized. Too much spin for the most part. In the last 4 swings of the 1st grouping the ball speed's there as well as the launch angle but the spin rate is still a bit too high. In the 2nd grouping the ball speed's better and more consistent (probably more comfortable hitting inside) AND hitting the sweet spot more often but the LA has gone down quite a bit. Spin rate is better but still a little too high. But what happened to the LA ? If you fiddle around with Flightscope I believe you'll find (iirc) that getting the launch angle up is more effective at carrying the ball farther than worrying about a few hundred RPM spin rate differences. You know the formula. High launch and low spin. At around 100 mph, a window of 14-16 LA and 2200 spin would pretty much max you out for both carry and roll out. Bon chance
  5. Nope, didn't forget anything. But outside measurements have all sorts of environmental factors going for/against,,,,,,,,, And I don't believe I said "indoor swing syndrome" or whatever one might cal it, ISN'T real. In fact, I inferred (as above) to harpua that it is, or at least could be. I'm sure it IS a real thing. Sorry I wasn't more clear.
  6. So 3 devices and you pick the best of the 3. I probably would too.
  7. So you've had outdoor sessions with a launch monitor and the results are far different ? Fair enough. I guess hitting indoors inhibits you.
  8. Kinda the same question as above. You've got 2 technical and totally objective devices telling you the same thing; you're not as long as you think. But "on the course" you're hitting it much longer. Begs questions about carry and roll and about other environmental conditions such as wind and roll out. But what ev. A buddy of mine's about a 12 handicap and looking for a new driver shaft so I lent him a few of mine to try. In discussing things he told me his swing speed is "about 100". My swing speed is about 93. I fly it 10-20 PAST him and sometimes total of 30-40 - condition dependent of course. Much has been made of golfers *thinking* they hit it much further than they really do. Ask a salesman/fitter what percentage of people tell them they hit it "about 240" and can only hit it 215.
  9. Just like CBs vs. blades, it's wonderful that there are so many choices. And just like irons, ANY player can choose ANY ball for whatever reason(s) they want.
  10. I went from a negative AoA to a positive one. Had a bad swing flaw for many years. Fixed it about 7 years or so ago and I now drive it much better with the upward AoA. Lowered my spin from almost 4,000 to around 2,200. I confess I didn't put a whole lot of time in on the Mavriks - only the 1 session. And you can't get much spinnier than the ProV1x so since you seem happy with your swing that leaves tweaking the shaft. I'm not familiar with the VA shaft you're hitting but if it's a low launch low spinner you might want to try something mid-mid. PGATSS still has Mavrik heads so perhaps you could demo the Mavrik head with a few different shafts with them. My 2019 Epic Flash SZ is the bomb for me. 2200 rpm, 14-16* launch and very consistent with a Tour AD TP or Hzrdus Yellow. Haven't tried the current Epic Speed heads though. More so for the fact that I don't think I can get any better numbers than what I'm currently getting. Might be able to find a bit better dispersion but distance-wise ? Can't beat what I've got. Good luck.
  11. You quoted @jvincent mentioning "Play a spinnier ball" but you still haven't told us what ball you play. That aside I also have a positive AoA. I'm about 10-12 mph below you though. With the Mavrik SZ I had no trouble getting the ball up in the air to 15* or so but couldn't generate even 2,000 rpm with the Mavrik SZ. I tried the Mavrik Max as well - same thing. A guy I play with fairly often was playing a Ping G30 driver and it wasn't going anywhere. I expect it was spinning too much. He switched to the Mavrik and gained about 30 yards (total). The lower spin helped him; hurt me.
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