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  1. Wow. Record time to get into the "Cooler" ? One course I play, in Palm Beach County, is still doing 1 person to a cart. The other course I play, in Broward County, is now back to 2 per cart. You can do 1 per cart but you'll have to pay for the 2nd person anyway. When the pandemic is over most things will get back to normal but I think fist bumps might stick around and people won't shake hands quite as much as before.
  2. Hmmmmmm,,,,,,, something smells fishy here. You are generally so positive/assertive with your opinions and knowledge of pretty much all things golf. And here you are asking what sounds suspiciously like, if not beginner level questions, questions that would seem to belie your actual knowledge. So I'm not going to "bite" until I hear more from you. I will "nibble" a little though. 1. No 2. Experienced observation. If the balls climbs higher and higher it's probably spinning too much. If the ball falls to earth it ain't spin
  3. Yes, huge difference. I couldn't agree more. But then I didn't write the blurb below, the Ruling Bodies did. And I agree with the below as well.
  4. Personally I would think a convex face would resist deforming and springing forward more than a flat face would but Whether it does or not is irrelevant since there are limits on how fast the ball can come off the face - and everybody's reached it for quite a while now,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Oy. It is quite obvious you don't believe it. And I suspect there's nothing I can do to convince you so I won't even try. There is NOTHING inconsistent about what the WHS "says" should happen and what I've said about scoring better from being closer to the hole. In point of fact, when I would, theoretically of course, hit my index from the back tees I'd be shooting 84. From the middle tees, 76, from the front tees, 72. So yes, being closer to the green DOES help you SCORE lower. And as is quite obvious, scoring lower does NOT necessar
  6. I learn so much stuff here. So prior to 1/1/2019, if say a hole was damaged by a careless caddie or fellow competitor say pulling the pin out carelessly, and that damaged appeared to "block" my ball from its path to the hole I couldn't fix it ? Surely didn't know that. I'm sure I, and my fellow club members, occasionally fixed obvious damage around the hole, made by the ball or not. Thank you.
  7. I don't play from the tips because I don't enjoy hitting only 3-4 GIRs, hitting driver - hybrid to every par 4, hybrids to every par 3 and 3rd shots of 150 into par 5s. That doesn't mean however, that I couldn't play to my INDEX from the tips. Keep in mind that to play to an 8 INDEX from 7,000 yards, Par 72, CR 74, slope 133, I "only" need to shoot 84 to produce an 8 differential, not the 76 I'd need from up front, @CR ~67 slope 120.
  8. No problem. Even before the 2019 revised rules you could fix a damaged hole.
  9. I'm not starting a thread asking for those opinions. I don't care, in this instance, about anyone's opinion. I'm not banging my head against the wall anymore. I've explained it a number of ways and can't figure out a better way to explain it so you get it. This is how the system works. I won't let that fact get in the way of your opinion any more.
  10. Any idea why this isn't free relief ? Explaining the new rule, the USGA wrote "This is an appropriate exception to the principle of playing the ball as it lies because having to play a ball that is stuck in soft or wet ground (whether in the fairway or the rough) should not be considered part of the normal challenge of playing a course." Now I saw where it said the ball wasn't airborne (so not an embedded ball) but any idea why that would be ? Surely a guy isn't going to take a stroke to purposely embed his ball so he can then get free relief. Not hardly fre
  11. You're right. You didn't say you'd kick his butt. You said the bolded parts in the first 2 quoted posts above. *I* said you said you'd kick his butt. My bad. I don't grasp "scoring average" ? No need to get insulting dude. It's you who is not grasping how the handicap system works. "He will no longer be scratch" ??? Oy. Actually you're right about 1 thing, It IS math. You just don't quite understand the math. As a scratch player, move him back (or you forward) to whatever yardage and he (and you) will shoot (roughly of course) the course rating
  12. That earlier quote of yours absolutely is the same thing. If you're NOT scoring better (1st "thing") from moving up, how are you going to kick the other guy's butt from those same tees when he IS scoring well from there (2nd "thing") ? And of course nobody shoots the same scores all the time but that's not the point here, is it ? We're trying to make a fair match between 2 players with disparate lengths. That's what handicaps are for. You don't seem to want to grasp the concept that the 1500 yards (and BTW that sounds like an awful lot for "only" 5 shots) is
  13. That's very interesting. So if the referee arrived and the condition was no longer "temporary water", if it even was at the time, when you got back there and found it "dry" would you automatically rule that he wasn't in temporary water ? Or would you query the player as to the conditions that were present at the time and take his word for it ? I mean if a player wasn't sure his ball moved and called you for a ruling, wouldn't you ask him "Did your ball leave its spot and stop in another place or did it merely oscillate ?" and take his word about it ?
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