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  1. Hard to believe as I'm betting the eBay "recent sales" are MUCH higher than the Value Guide. All the stores use the value guide for trade-ins. They know they can get a much higher price at retail. eBay's numbers are closer to, but still lower than, a retail sale. It's like a car dealer. Customer comes in with "KBB says I should get this for my trade in" and the salesman laughs gently as if talking to a small child and says "But we don't use KBB".
  2. Well then, forgive me for my ignorance as I've never played a shamble but given the format description aren't all players playing their own ball on a par 3 ? After all, on a par 5 the players wouldn't all be playing their first TWO shots from the best ball, would they ? So it seems to me, once the players have a (reasonable ?) shot to the green they're on their own. Not so ?
  3. Good grief Auggie. This ? From you ? I am agog. I am aghast. Has Marius fallen in love at last ? From the WHS (USGA version) "Acceptable Scores" 2.1a Played in an Authorized Format of Play Authorized formats of play are: Format of Play Type of Round Number of Holes Individual stroke play Organized competition 9 18
  4. Sorry gents but you're mistaken. Player A did NOT get "3 looks" at the SAME putt as he is putting from wherever HIS ball ended up on the green, NOT the same place as the others (as in a scramble). But of course one does NOT post a shamble round.
  5. Yeah, that was my thinking. Putting can sink the mightiest ship at either the Masters or the US Open and the weather and the crazy bounces, not all that much of a factor this past weekend, can beat the toughest of golfers on the other side of the Atlantic. And while the strength of field may be strong at the PGA there are 20 club pros that have virtually no chance.
  6. Thank you Captain Obvious. Of course they are intertwined. But they ARE different things. Your insinuation is that "distance is overrated". All other things being the same, as they are for the vast majority of tee shots, distance is king. Sans course management considerations, distance is NOT overrated and that is the main point here. If there's a creek crossing the fairway from 210-240 off the tee and I can only carry a driver 230 MAX, course management suggests I hit less than driver. If that same creek crosses 180-210 I have a decision to make
  7. I tried telling him that pages ago. Crickets. A LOT of ams, especially high handicappers, PREFER the rough.
  8. Define "you can putt". Or "you can't putt". But yes, I would certainly be really surprised if that scratch player wasn't a better putter than the "average" golfer (who's what ? A 15 ?). But I view putting similarly to other skills in the game. And the most obvious ways of "judging" one's skills is one's handicap. I have been very frustrated over my putting the last 6 months. I constantly chide myself with "Jeez, what is wrong with you ?". But of course, objectively, I CAN putt, probably at least as well as most 7 handicaps. If I was scratch I'd b
  9. Correct but you know as well as anyone else here that the discussion has turned into a discussion of YOUR conclusion that "distance is overrated" and THAT is what your most recent misleading post was about - positing that distance was bad instead of course management being faulty. But you already know that.
  10. You don't have to be a Vegas bookmaker to realize that someone still playing with 3 Majors, as opposed to fewer than 3, would have the shortest odds to win the career Slam. But no, Rory and YJS are not equal. Phil needs the US Open and with his wildness and declining skills, especially(?) putting, that would be the longest of long shots, his amazing PGA victory notwithstanding. Rory, despite some bright spots/victories in the last 5 years or so, is in a funk of epic proportions for a player of his caliber. Perhaps having a family and never again having to wo
  11. Much better odds, especially since he's got (most of) his mojo back. Now if he can just make those pesky 2 footers,,,,,,,,,,
  12. I've never met THAT guy. I have met the other one though. And like most things in life putting is NOT black and white ("You can putt or you can't"). There are MANY shades of grey.
  13. What is this "backup putter" you refer to ? I use the same putter all the time,,,,,,,, until I don't. And then I buy another one.
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