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  1. Sounds like you feel very strongly both ways !!! First you say the statement that all-time greats tend to be long hitters is misleading because they must have a sensational short game. Then you say there are no Tour players with less than a sensational short game. Forgetting for the moment that if they ALL have a sensational short game then none of them have. Make up my mind, will ya ?
  2. If you recall the Gwrxmod who patrolled the "Feedback" section during the previous disaster often requested a screen shot along with device information. Or at least a complete explanation of exactly what you were clicking one and what results you didn't like. It is very difficult and time consuming to try to figure out what you're referring to. "Activity Pages" ? What are those ? There are multiple sub-tiers to the "Activity" MAIN tier. And what "items" are showing are "clogging up the pages" ?
  3. We all know what the issue is with setting it correctly. Turn the entire shaft 180* leaving the cogs exactly as they are. That WILL be a N/S setting. The question is actually, with the shaft as it is in the pics he just posted, what would the actual setting be ?
  4. I suggest it is you who read it as "mouthy" or "sarcastic". Now you can have the last word and then LOCK the thread.
  5. My friend, now you're moving the goalposts. You were complaining about the great distances the ball is being hit (and the announcers talking about it) and its negative effects on the growing of the game. Now you want to restrict who gets on the course and what they must do before they get to play ? How is THAT "growing the game" ? No matter. "Chunking" wasn't my point. "Good or bad players" wasn't my point. And I mentioned dispersion earlier when I posted about increased distance. Possibly there are few exceptions but, as there are exceptions to
  6. Fixed that for ya. Actually I almost kinda sorta agree with the OP. I've often said that I'd like to see football, even with its crazy bounces ALWAYS played under a dome as the wind can be such a factor it sometimes (often ?) doesn't tell us who is better/more skillful but who is luckier. Same goes for rain, snow and -15* temps. But for better or worse "playing luck" is part of most sports. And we still keep doing it (or watching) it. I guess one has to hope for the lucky (and unlucky) breaks to even out and the more skillful player/team wins (anyway)......
  7. I think everybody knows what he's asking. The problem is we're not sure what the answer is.
  8. With the possible exception of a spastic putting stroke, I have never seen any golfer, at ANY level, who, on balance, didn't score better from CLOSER to the hole,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i.e. proximity to the hole. And that includes the 20+ handicappers who are renowned for chunking 40 yards pitches. On average even THEY will score better from 40 yards than they will from 60, better from 60 than 80, etc., etc., etc.................
  9. But if a righty uses a lefty adapter and the settings are reversed then a righty using a righty adapter doesn't have the settings reversed, no ? I googled it and found a couple of videos where I confess I'm not sure of the correct answer. One of them though, with a UK guy, said the "golden rule" was to line up the hash marks,,,,,,,,,, but never explained why. (Disclaimer - I fast forwarded through much of the video looking for the explanation so I guess I could have missed it while he was explaining other things )
  10. I thought there were separate adaptors for left and right hand golfers. Or are the cogs just labeled differently for left and right handers thereby having to line up those lines for the cogs to give you the adjustments they show ?
  11. Shouldn't the settings on the cogs (on the underside of course) be the correct settings regardless of the orientation of the shaft graphics/grip ? I doubt Cally "pures" each shaft so they most likely do all their shafts the same; either graphics up or graphics down, no ? If that's the case the vertical line on the adaptor really doesn't mean anything other than "this will line the shaft up the same way every time", no ?
  12. Personally if I was hitting it noticeably better I'd probably re-orient the shaft so that both lines were lined up at N/S. No biggie. Or just leave it alone. Can't believe the orientation of the shaft would make much, if any, difference in how it performs. That said, there are those who swear by that same thing (pure-ing the shaft). Surprised that you didn't notice the shaft's graphics being different when you set it up opposite of what you'd had before. Mine is "graphics down" but I got the shaft separately, not stock. I think, but am not sure, that Cally does the grap
  13. I'm not a big Tiger fan but there's is NO doubt that once Tiger showed up all players started taking notice of what great shape he was in and realized they'd have to increase their fitness levels (& therefore speed) to compete. Bryson is taking it a step further. Whether or not others will try to follow depends on how Bryson actually does going forward, including whether his body can hold up long term - but that will take some time to determine.
  14. Boom ! Even the highest handicappers realize the closer to the hole they are the more likely they are to score better. Now whether the increased distance is worth the inevitably(?) wider dispersion pattern, that's another story.
  15. Back when Jack played there was no such thing as a launch monitor. There is NO WAY anybody hits full shots at (a real) 75% effort.
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