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  1. Ummmmm,,,,,,,, Smoke does NOT cause fire; fire causes smoke. Oh my,,,,,,, the USGA/R&A are doing research and including the manufacturers into the discussion.
  2. I haven't read about those "other" changes so I have no idea why you (appear to) think current clubs will become non-conforming. Have a link ? To be fair(?), puttingmatt made reference to "expensive" after referring to "other" proposals in the hands of the manufacturers (whatever that means) vis-a-vis to equipment (presumably clubs and balls) that may make current equipment non-conforming. Hopefully he will explain.
  3. Some get mad whenever the USGA/R&A make ANY rule they don't like. Now the USGA/R&A give you a(nother) MODEL LOCAL RULE that your tournament committee may or may not invoke and you don't like that either. And you go and "accuse" the committee of discrimination (or not) against players who use drivers longer than 46". And your basis for this is what ? The committee's always against you ? Or they don't know what they're doing either ? Can I sell you a(nother) tin foil hat ?
  4. If you hover your mouse over "My Activity Streams" (up top) you will see 4 different choices appear below, all of which are related to YOUR activity on the board, each of which are clickable. If you hover your mouse over "Activity" you will see more choices on how to read the board.
  5. My friend, there have been at least 2 board software overhauls since this topic was started. And I imagine you've found your issue by now, but Clicking on the bolded "star" or "button" to the left of a title brings you to the FIRST UNREAD post in that thread. Clicking on the TITLE of the thread brings you to the FIRST POST in the thread. If you want to click on the TITLE and get the FIRST UNREAD post, it's explained here -----> https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1767666-clicking-on-title-settings/
  6. Thanks (I guess). But you're cherry picking and taking my words out of context. And "fair" has multiple meanings/applications - as I've already explained. But talk about "reading comprehension" and "eyes that work". What part of "I GET that the Rules "cover" it and in that respect the Rules make it "fair" since it's the same for everyone - but that doesn't make the outcome "fair" for the player" is unclear to you ? How could I have explained/phrased it better ? And yes, a modicum of common sense would tell one that a ball resting on a leaf directly over a hole would have been IN the hole had the leaf not been there - but you already know that. Good grief.
  7. I've read all that before. While it does "cover" everything, it doesn't do so fairly (IMO). So we'll agree to (sort of) disagree. That embedded ball, pictured earlier, to ME, should be considered holed. From the visible evidence it is obvious, to me anyway, that ONLY the hole liner kept it from going in. Had there been NO liner it would've been in. IMO, CLEARLY the most likely outcome would have been the edge of the hole slowing the ball and it's in. Now, how about newby's example ? Previously considered holed, not now. I GET that the Rules "cover" it and in that respect the Rules make it "fair" since it's the same for everyone - but that doesn't make the outcome "fair" for the player. Ask 100 random people who know NOTHING about the ROG and see how many agree with the outcome (of either instance). Heck, ask 100 players and see what THEY say - both about whether it's holed and about whether they consider it a just outcome.
  8. The tomahawk pic was of my opponent coming after me when I told him the ruling. Thanks antip but the "leaving us hanging" wasn't specifically for this event as I, not knowing the ruling, would've a) simply let the player and others "decide" OR, if it was a "serious" comp, especially with strangers, b) would've gone the "play 2 balls", tell us which one you want to have count ( ) route and let the committee decide after the round. As for "protecting the field" I can't find that anywhere in the Rules although I expect it's hidden(?) somewhere. Match play ? I'd have done/said nothing. HE thinks it's in, I think it's in, everybody else thinks it's in. It's IN. As for leaving us hanging Part 2, I get that, just as my teachers did when I was in 4th grade, some of youse guys want us to research and find the answers for ourselves rather than just spoon feed us the answer. That's a great method for having people, youngsters especially, learn. I expect it's much more effective than just telling someone the answer. But here, hardened golfers (mostly) just want the answers. As well as watching intently when the rulies discuss the minutia/history (which is also interesting at times). As for the Rules not covering every single little thing,,,,,, The single most important "place" in golf is the hole. That IS, after all, the ultimate goal 18 times a round. How could ANY event regarding holing of the ball, regardless of how rare, NOT be covered ? So the Rules have devolved a bit here and there, eh ? Newby's ruling/result is incredibly obvious to anybody with a modicum of common sense. But prior to '19, the old Rules, considered the ball holed. Now ? Sorry. Better luck next time.
  9. As good a job as "they" did with the 2019 revisions of the ROG, clearing up, simplifying and not punishing golfers for accidents, it still boggles the mind that the above 2 examples couldn't have been "handled". The 2 examples above are 2 perfect examples of rules that boggle the mind of pretty much anybody. I'm sure there is a reason for it. I'm just as sure that *I* can't think of it - nor do I care to. I GET that given the definition of "holed" that those 2 are NOT holed. I wouldn't care to explain that to any opponent during a casual game and certainly not during a serious comp. Given those 2 examples of NOT being holed, why do you guys "leave us hanging" as to the proper procedure from that point on ? I can just see golf in the northern climes here in the States this time of year (& Springtime as well for that matter). Leaves are ALWAYS in and around the holes. I can just see myself telling an opponent whose ball is lying on a leaf in the bottom of the hole or the guy whose ball is kept from the bottom of the hole by a twig, "Sorry, but that's not holed".
  10. Still broken ? Phone ? iPAD ? Desktop ? Laptop ?
  11. 3) I answered his question and b) I'd like to see any part of the ball be below the hole and not leaning against the stick (or be on the bottom of the hole of course).
  12. @Haroputt Since Jan 1, 2019, no need for the ball to be on the bottom. Ball is considered holed if ANY part of it is below the top edge(s) of the cup.
  13. And I you,,,,,,,,,, somehow. 82 posts on a single thread. You must be very passionate about the i59s. Relax my friend. No big deal. You simply wrote something that wasn't evident in the post you quoted and I picked up on it. So what. Forget it already. You get the last word,,,,,,, here,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. So I SHOULD have re-read the entire thread then ? You know, as opposed to him referring to something he criticized that wasn't IN the POST he quoted ? Gotcha. Thanks.
  15. It's a long thread. Maybe you do but I don't go back and (re-)read the entire thread whenever I get to the latest posts. I saw NO listing. I only saw your post and the post you quoted. Maybe you could've referred to said post/listing ? Hmmmmm
  16. Do you seriously think I went through his posts to find his BST listing ?
  17. Where'd he say he played ONE round with them ? God I love WRX.
  18. That's correct. Custom streams actually ARE searches but cannot search for specific words (only tags) and cannot push notifications afaik.
  19. You almost seem to be inferring that previously there was a way of getting what you seem to be looking for. True ? AFAIK there's never been a function for what you're asking. Searches need to be triggered by you. You can't expect the board software to run your search "continuously" and notify you when you get new results. Streams work the same way. They are just another search only you set the parameters - but you still have to trigger them.
  20. At every scramble I've played in "Closest" is a separate event/comp - nothing to do with the scramble team score.
  21. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1838041-am-i-the-only-one-seeing-this/
  22. That link gives me a BLANK page. Here's a thread for another bad ad. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1838041-am-i-the-only-one-seeing-this/
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