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  1. > @Jay28 said: > You're going through the same thing as me. My hands were WAY too active and releasing the club early and there seemed like nothing I could do to stop it....lots of fat shots. I finally 'fixed it' (do we ever really fix anything in golf!) by putting the focus on the body turn and NOT on the hands. In the downswing I do not unhinge my wrists at all (obviously they do unhinge but it is in no way a conscious decision). I just make sure I am moving forward and turning the body through impact. My problems all seemed to stem from my misconception that I needed to be squar
  2. Just a little update of how things are going. I got the first lesson from my new instructor recently. Really happy to work with him and definitely gonna put full trust into his instructing. Will be seeing him every few weeks or so for probably the next half year and likely until I no longer feel the need or can't. I played a round the day after the first lesson and had the best driving day in a very long time. Was hitting the ball well in general, just a little shorter than usual but I know that will return with time.Played Navy Destroyer golf course from the whites and shot an 80 with 4 lippe
  3. > I’m just going to respond to this which seems to be the core question. I’m 67, played since I was a boy but was a long-time mid-capper with deeply ingrained poor fundamentals- suck it inside, come OTT, early extend. Now I am a 7. Took 3-5 years. > > I think your question is more about temperament/attitude. I like to practice and do drills. Improving my mechanics is fun. But that’s just me. I need to return to the same drills regularly because those old habits were well-grooved and always creep back in. > > Some guys seem to just be able to play and sustain a high level
  4. > @juststeve said: > To paraphrase the great teacher John Jacobs the purpose of the golf swing is to return the club to the ball squarely and with adequate speed. It makes little difference how that is accomplished. Since I think he was right I'm a bit confused by the notion of a sound swing. Please explain. > > Steve I agree. I think the whole point is to get a good result. But the scores we aim for, the number associated with par, and all these things are just made up constructs. So I would say in this case, a "sound swing" would be a construct operationally defined as
  5. > @Obee said: > Interesting questions. > **Are you really solid mechanically?** No, but from hip-to-hip, I'm pretty decent. > **Or have you just really grooved what you got despite it having big flaws?** See above > **Would you erase your muscle memory and start fresh knowing what you know now?** Yes > **What would you have change about how you approached your swing if you could go back in time?** I would have learned some things about the driver swing much, much earlier. Too steep of an attack robbed me of distance. > **How many lessons have you had?** Somewhere bet
  6. Just curious for those who are good and great players, if it has a good deal to do with your swing and how much you think about that vs actually playing golf. I’ve been improving a lot recently and I believe am going to hit single digits soon with very little short game work but I’m wondering if I’ll really ever stop constantly working on it or I can get to a point where I can just maintain it once or twice a week and worry more about other stuff. Are you really solid mechanically? Or have you just really grooved what you got despite it having big flaws? Would you erase your muscle memor
  7. > @"b.helts" said: > I think there is a lot of advice in this thread and it’s getting a bit stuck in the weeds. Your backswing is fine. In fact you have the beginnings of a great swing. If I were still teaching and you came to me. The only thing we’d work on for a while would be transition sequencing. > > That’s where I think you need to focus at this point. After that, the rest (forearm roll, hands inside, etc) would be minor tweaks and the early release/flip would take care of itself with the transition improvement. Thank you, I appreciate that. I think while my understa
  8. > @glk said: > Still have left forearm roll too early - at left arm parallel this gets shaft pointing outside ball instead of between ball and toes. Like where right arm is. Hands to inside right thigh with no forearm roll - do the rest the same and shaft will be more vertical and will bisect shoulder at arm parallel instead of being below it. Sets up being able to shallow on transition ( no that you get steep). You’re close. > > Agree transition is causing you to dump angles early. You gave no lateral in transition ( with little rotation) move but rather blend rotatio
  9. Would you say this video is basically covering what I should be doing from the top of the backswing (assuming my backswing is on the right track in the latest videos)? I played QB so I think the lower body movement creating power is already natural and that since I’ve been trying to use my lower body to start the downswing, I’m really over doing it and getting too much lower body action like Monte’s video says. I think I’m also a bit confused on where the weight/pressure should be at certain parts of the swing. Here’s what I think I feel where the weight would be if I tried. Top of backs
  10. Some progress videos here. How’s the backswing looking? I know the impact position is a bit flippy still but I was paying more attention to the backswing. These feel like 30-40% speed swings. 8 iron. It also doesn’t feel as long to me as it looks on video. Is that backswing putting me in a good spot to make a good downswing and get some forward shaft lean? I also feel like I don’t really know how the hips are supposed to move. I don’t think I can properly rotate them and really open them up in the downswing. Same with the shoulders. They are pretty closed as well. Currently for that backswi
  11. Thanks everyone. I finally get it. I couldn’t disassociate taking the hands inside during the takeaway with an inside takeaway. I finally realized hands inside can still mean clubface outside without the forearm roll or pushing the club away from my body. Just from practice backswings in the house, it’s 100x easier to take the club to the top with a flat right and no overswing or anything. I’ll upload next time I get to film myself working on it. I’m almost certain everything has clicked and I understand the arm swing illusion and all that. Hopefully the downswing falls into place as a result.
  12. So I have a couple video here DTL and Face on where I tried super hard to keep my wrist in the right position. Takes a ton of effort for me but I think they look pretty good in these two. Feels incredibly awkward at the moment too. Still flipping and stuff but the top of the backswing definitely looks better. I think my backswing pivot may still be too outside my feet too. Face of the club also seems open even though I feel like my grip is pretty strong. Maybe it’s not as strong as it feels to me? Im wondering, should just keep working on that wrist position until it feels natural and not w
  13. > @glk said: > Getting wrists set correctly and early can lead to a shorter swing too. Thanks a ton, I'll try all that when I get the chance tomorrow and report back. I think I have a clear idea of what I need to work on.
  14. > @glk said: > More likely you don’t understand how the wrists work than your pivot is causing it. > You lost angles due to poor sequencing - arms trailing pivot too much. > Have you considered online with Monte or if in LA in person? > Is the 29 minute mark of this video similar to what I should be focusing on as well? And yes actually, I'm from Irvine but live is SD for school right now. Currently seeing a guy at Torrey Pines. I saw Monte in person a long time ago but that's when my swing was even way worse than it was now. I played for about 2 years. Took a year break
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