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  1. Scott Hogan has a new Mevo + vs Trackman video up that is worth a watch. Not a lot of data and potentially not the best way to test radar (simultaneously) but a good showing for the M+ overall. At high ball speeds with 10 feet of flight it still had some trouble reading the spin correctly (even w/RCT ball). The guy who owns the Trackman carries a 5 iron about 240 yards so really high ball speeds. Anything with lower ball speeds though was very close carry and spin wise compared to TM4. Once the M+ officially recognizes the RCT ball maybe spin will be further improved. I don't think fusion tracking will help with spin but could help refine ball speed numbers (among other things obviously). He tested these along with Full Swing Kit. It was an indoor test and FSK has said they are not ready for indoor use so not sure why he included it. Not surprisingly wasn't a good showing for it.
  2. Am I seeing correctly that you have a range ball selected? If so M+ is trying to convert the raw data generated from the range ball and add 15% (or so) to "convert" the data to a standard ball. Try it with a standard ball selected and see if the numbers make more sense.
  3. Clearly there is some upgraded hardware. The question is what does that upgraded hardware get you? If the hardware allows actual measurement of spin axis then that is a big deal but that seems a very difficult thing to do. FSK would be the first radar to do it! It is concerning that to date it has struggled with just getting accurate spin - outside with full flight. Whatever other advantages FSK has over M+ (accuracy currently not one of them), IMO the only thing that will differentiate it from or justify the increase cost compared to other radar units is its ability to measure spin axis directly. Short of that I personally would not part ways with my M+ for an on board display, full flight tracking and self leveling for $1k more.
  4. Good observation. Looking at PGA tour averages from Trackman for an 8 iron the avg vertical launch is 18 with a height of 100 feet. Your V launch is 23 with a 135 feet of height.
  5. Metallic stickers (or RCT ball) needed for indoor use. Nothing needed outdoors. Assuming FSK gets the initial issues ironed out the M+ w pro package should be a direct competitor at $1k less. Has it ever been confirmed that FSK is tracking the entire ball flight outdoors? Rumor is that M+ tracks about 80 yards of flight.
  6. It doesn't impact radar's ability to read impact but TM4 uses a camera to help determine impact location and the camera requires appropriate lighting levels. For Mevo Plus lighting shouldn't make any difference until the fusion tracking is added. Fusion will use the camera to support the radar (but not to determine impact location - M+ will not do that).
  7. Looks like the pro package discount for existing users is . . . . $100. Obviously wish it was more. That said I will wait for some of the reviews to come in before deciding to spend another $900. . .
  8. Club path only = GC3, Bushnell Launch Pro (Gold Subscription) Club path and face angle = Mevo + with Pro Package (Available Feb 1), Full Swing Kit, Garmin R10 Only Garmin is well reviewed at this point and the club data from what I've seen isn't that good. Reviews on FSK are few and far between but initial reviews indicate the need to wait for firmware updates. Mevo + claims one degree accuracy for path and face but have to wait until Feb for reviews.
  9. Congrats! Minimum 8’ of flight for short indoor mode. Minimum of 13’ for simply indoor mode. With radar more is always better so if you can get it 20’ should be a very good setup. Do also think through / avoid potential sources of interference with your set up. Metal, fans, incandescent lights. It can make a huge difference.
  10. I don’t have the height in my garage to swing a driver. I have swung it inside along side a GC2 but forgot an RCT ball / metallic dot so the spin numbers were higher than they should be and carry was short. Ball speeds were as expected 150+. As a training tool the pro package is awesome. I looking forward to reviews in the next couple of weeks!
  11. M+ is pretty darn good - not to LP / GC3 levels of accuracy but with the recent firmware update and if Flightscope has M+ recognize the RCT ball officially, the spin numbers (and carry numbers) should be very close to camera systems even in short indoor mode. The only shortcoming is correctly reading spin axis on off center hits. M+ can be sensitive to set up but planning for/managing that, for the money, it is an awesome piece of kit. I work on my wedge and iron game indoors with 17' of space and with a metallic dot or an RCT ball the data is very good. My carry distances on shots match my on course distances. I don't have space to hit driver indoors so I just take M+ to the range.
  12. Irons never miss but nada w driver? Hmm. Send to flightscope for their input. Very strange.
  13. Your luck with M+ so far has been lousy. That stinks. How far in front of the unit is the metal gate? Not sure of the initial signal angle/width but if the gate is in front of the unit, even if off to the side, you could be getting some interference as the signal bounces off of it. . .
  14. FSK would eliminate any issues with tilt and roll. I think (pls confirm) you still have to measure out the 10’ recommended and input any elevation difference btw unit and ball. If the unit does that for you it is truly awesome. If the issue is in fact fluorescent light then FSK would likely be having the same issues.
  15. Without context it could be confusing. During the day so the overhead lights would be off.
  16. Fluorescent light will interfere with radar’s signal which is what I think is going on here. One of the well documented things to avoid.
  17. I always set the tilt to 18 degrees in FS Golf as recommended by Flightscope. Its not even in the manual other than being on the red angle tool that comes with the unit. 18 for FS Golf and 12 degrees for simulation play.
  18. Although I do think FSK will get it worked out the recent review by MGS on it was not very good so it may have some issues initially. It does seem like FSK checks all your boxes. Could also go with the Launch Pro/GC3 as well - easy set up, accurate, good build quality. Loosing some data (face angle) vs FSK though.
  19. This made me think about the MGS ball test review which demonstrates that even though the ball speed and spin can be nearly the same the carry distances can vary noticeably. So for all these PLMs using algorithms to calculate carry distance which "ball" is baked into their algorithm? Its not that the Foresight or Flightscope Optimizer is "wrong" because they don't match it is just the assumed ball flight characteristics are different.
  20. There is a picture in the review of testing it indoors. Certainly hope it was an outdoor test. FSK said it is not ready for indoor use.
  21. Assuming Full Swing Kit gets indoor / limited flight sorted out (coming in Jan so they say) then it has its advantages, easier set up (self leveling) being one of them. Of course depending on the pro package discount, Mevo + is approaching $1500 cheaper so I'm willing to deal with some additional set up time.
  22. My money is on the lights. Bet it is florescent. Very strange with the no reads. Other then a bad pull hook I can't recall my unit missing any reads at the range.
  23. Fusion tracking is a free upgrade that will allow the on board camera to track club and ball to refine the radar's measurements.
  24. In my experience its not bad at all to set up but it is certainly not drop it and go. I typically spend a couple of minutes turning it on, measuring out the distance, getting the pitch and roll correct and inputting any elevation difference between unit to ball. Typical mats are not an issue you just put the height of the mat into the app. Although you don't have to realign for driver vs irons it can be done in the app - so you don't have to physically move the unit. I think its worth it to get the best horizontal launch and come Pro Package likely club path and face to path data.
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