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  1. Raw av white , pro force tour and tour prototype kbs is still ready to go trades welcome
  2. 1-2021 new one time pull no tipping graphite design ad hd 6s played standard 45.25 Srixon SOLD Ishipped new winn os lite grip 2-2021 Mitsubishi Tensei raw AV 65 a white ,one time new pull I will remove the ferrule when purchased $115 shipped new winn os lite grip played 45.5 in titleist tsi2 3-brand new holy grail my gamer hard to find tour USt proforce V2 6s ,beautiful colores purple and gold but has sparkles in the paint $110 shipped 4-taylormade tip driver played 45.25 in sim like new as well evenflow riptide project x 60 6.0 s flex SOLD 5-Callaway pulled evenflow ripti
  3. Clean head just face marks awesome club but I hit it too high and that’s crazy being I hit most too low lol but the height is losing me distance I wanted a 240 clubs but the funny thing is it’s easy to hit like a 5 wood and the shaft is a mid to low spin , custom myasaki stiff flex weighs 59 grams I believe my loss is your gain comes with headcover sold if you have trouble getting it up this may be your ticket lol brand new oversize winn lite grip will trade for a speed or something cool sold
  4. Looks like nothing new today
  5. Are those all spider putter you have ?
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