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  1. Just a few things this evening. No trades at this time. Please add $10 for shipping. Brand new M2 t3 head. Ready to be shafted up. SOLD SOLD SOLD Sim Max Rocket head. Baby nick that was there when I bought it. Used a few rounds at Bandon. $200 OBO 2019 790s 4-pw. Picked up before playing Bandon. Shafted with modus black 105s. Standard L/L/L. Used only 2 rounds. $1000 with shafts or $825 heads only.
  2. Original Sim Max 3. Forgiving as all get out. Can be had brand new for around $150-160ish
  3. One thing this evening. I sold my AR set a few weeks ago. Now I am selling my 2nd set. Just got these back from refinish last week. Have decided to go in a different direction. Set makeup is 3-6 are EZ and 7-PW are AR. (3 iron is head only). Standard L/L/L. Will sell heads only for $650 Only trades are for Cobra MIM (Prefer the copper edition). I have more photos available for interested parties.
  4. I have done quite a bit of research on this and believe I know an answer but want to see if anyone else has had any experience. I am wanting to put a flow neck on my 2 ball and was curious if anyone else has done it. I am struggling to find any type of photo if they have. Is the stem epoxied in on these? Trying to see if anyone else has any experience.
  5. Just one thing this evening. Decided to stick with my Scratch set. Used for a few months. No dings or gouges. If full price is met you can take your pick of Ferrules in the photo. $750 OBO.
  6. Just a few things this evening. No trades at this time. I have more photos if you are interested. Sim2 Max 10.5 head. Used a few weeks. One small sand mark from Florida last week with no ball cleaners. SOLD SOLD SOLD Sim2 Hybrid. 2 hybrid. Standard length. Tensei Pro White 90stiff. Few weeks old. SOLD SOLD SOLD Scotty Del Mar. Blacked out. Has been gamed. 35”. SOLD SOLD SOLD PX LZ Black out. 4-PW. 5.5 and 1/2” over standard. SOLD SOLD SOLD KBS Tour 120 stiff. Standard length. SOLD SOLD SOLD If either set is sold for full price you can take your pick of BB&F ferrules in the last photo.
  7. This would be correct. Also stated it is the DS grind.
  8. Had an issue with my last post. Since then I have pulled the heads. Heads are .355 tip. Not looking for trades currently but I am negotiable on these as I have another set already. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  9. It’s a finish that is called black copper. Just had them refinished.
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