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  1. Tiger won the '95 amateur with one of these, I played one in college, still have it.
  2. I got the exact same bag about a month ago. It's great looking but I'm back to my Jones because of the strap. The lack of width is uncomfortable and makes it carry "heavier". Also the position of the water bottle sleeve makes it hit you in the butt while walking.
  3. It will work depending on type of grass, bent from greens won't do well. Anything else should do fine, we use the plugs to fill spots on the course.
  4. Okemo's great, about 35 minutes away, never played Equinox.
  5. I respect your opinion of Triggs but unfortunately lots of recent reviews on golf advisor say otherwise.. https://www.golfadvisor.com/courses/12094-triggs-memorial-golf-course All a golf advisor review proves is that 98% of golfers wouldn't know a good layout if one fell on them and they rate mostly on "lushness".
  6. Hard to say without knowing your preferences but I think Fenwick is an absolute gem, true throwback course. Plus if it's not too busy you can play 18 in two hours.
  7. I think that it the greatest thing I have ever seen.
  8. 3 miles, previous club was only .9 miles, I miss that.
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