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  1. so ive gotten about 3/4 rounds since December when I finally got my irons. I really love the P7MC's but not too fond of the p770s. Wish I had originally ordered all my irons in the MC's. 770s are just to artificial feeling, really dislike the clicky sound.
  2. has anyone else ordered from TM directly? I just noticed today that they removed the "progress bar" from the order details. now i can't see if they start to build my p7mc....just sitting here with p770s in the 4,5,6
  3. Im not quite sure. When I ordered, the date was 12/12 for the entire set but I guess I'll get my 770s first,then the MCs later.
  4. Just got notification yesterday that they are building my p770s so that's good news
  5. I ordered my 770/p7mc combo on 10/16 through TM website. My estimate is 12/12. 1 degree strong on the p7mc and 0.5 stronger on the 770s to match my old p760s with the modus 120x tipped 0.5". Was playing the modus 130x in the 760s. I check my order every other day just praying it changes
  6. Winter is coming around so I'm selling some things to clean out my garage. Titleist TS3 8.5 Head Only - $225 $200 Comes with tool, additional 2g weight, original (brand new) and leather headcover (little dirty). 196g with the stock weight. No scuff marks or scratches (3rd pic is just lighting) Fujikura Atmos Black 7x TM Tip - $100 $70 Measure just under 44" from grip to tip. Has standard Iomic grip. Tipped 1" Jordan Trainer ST G Wolf Grey Sz 10 - $old
  7. Fix the search function on mobile. Clicking on the search bar collapses the module. Only going to advanced search works.
  8. These pictures makes us Washingtonians very very envious.
  9. I just spoke to several locals this past few days and they all said if you're out of town to avoid it. Not worth paying with the conditions it's in now.
  10. So I got lucky and The Farms got mixed up with our reciprocal. We ended up paying $125 and didn't need a caddy. This course was fantastic. A great mix of dog legs and carry off the tee. Highly recommend playing here in a heart beat.
  11. I got a confirmation to play The Farms next Wednesday. It's $225 plus $60 for caddie. Still waiting to hear back from the Bridges.
  12. i had a ton of fun taking one of the golf boards too last year. hopefully its not like 105 degrees when you play.
  13. Anyone have an idea if The Bridges or The Farms have reciprocal's? And if so how much did you guys pay?
  14. i have a 3 iron mp-18 fli-hi with the 100tx tensei pro white. favorite club out of my entire bag.
  15. I play the ts3 in the driver and the ts2 in the 3w. I'm the same way as you, when i drive it well it play well. Misses had been going left with the driver consistently and sometimes really bad left. Tried so many different shafts and found that my grip was very different from my irons. Very strong right hand with a weak left hand. Super shut at the top. Any chance you notice anything in your driver swing that's causing the misses left?
  16. consider joining tacoma if you're under 40.
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