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  1. I will offer a challenge. Put an alignment stick horizontally through the 2 front belt loops in your pants or hold the stick firmly against your pelvis/hip bones. Take your stance so the left side of the alignment stick is higher than the right, as it will be with a little spine tilt. Now, go into your back swing. Where does the alignment stick point? Please read my post. Thank you.
  2. Pinestreetgolf, your reasoning is incorrect. I hope this is more clear and feel free to PM me if you have more questions or a rebuttal. To address the pelvis rotating specifically during the backswing. The pelvis rotates around the axis created by the spine, not a perfectly horizontal axis. If a golfer bends forward at a typical 30 degree angle, the ball and socket joints of the hips allow the pelvis to tilt forward. Using your flashlight example, the flashlight coming out of the behind will not point straight down at the floor, it will instead point out and away from the feet, in line with
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