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  1. Was there a catalog release for 2021? TW Spot on Instagram posted Tiger's shoes were in some catalog and will be sold for $150
  2. I just don't get it. Like those special shoes would sell like gangbusters. I missed the Koepka shoe release. Just don't understand the limits. Would sell much more than the other lame a$$ shoes they got sitting in stock for a year
  3. Any updates on when they will drop? Saw some mockup on Instagram, but it looks like they has been definitely wearing a different version than Zoom TW71's from last year.
  4. > @Scottpar3 said: > What length is this putter? > 34 inches... Maybe 34.5.... I am sorry I left that out. Will definitely measure tonight and update post.
  5. > @newportbeach said: > Nice putter - so what is kicking it out of the bag? The fact that I have another one lmao..... I have had an 006 at 35.5 inches for past 18 months and can't seem to part with it. This one is just sitting around.
  6. Mint 006 Prototype Putter with Method Grip and Origins Headcover. $415 is price including shipping.
  7. So because I want to trade and not sell, that is not how it works? If I was selling it, should I ship it to the buyer before they pay me? "Trade" is no different than sell, the difference is I am willing to accept another shaft vs $. It is easy to trust someone else's $, but trusting someone is going to ship me a shaft in the condition I expect in exchange for my shaft is not something that is very easy. I have sold Masters tickets on this website for the prices everyone gives everyone a hard time for, I would have a hard time believing that individual who paid me thousands of dollars pri
  8. What �� said. That is craziness �� ... What if the other party has better feedback ... Do you ship them your shaft first and they judge if yours is up to standard ... Gonna have to side with these guys on this one �� It would make me feel better if the other party has good feedback. Not sure why this is a big deal. I am simply saying I am not willing to take much of a risk and based on my feedback, I am a trusted party. Me asking for the shaft before I ship mine is no different than me asking for payment before I ship mine. Would you ship something to a buyer on here before they pay
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