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  1. Four Mile Ranch is in good shape and still not too busy. Got two rounds in 6 hours today. Greens are still slower than what we normally play around Denver, but not the ridiculously slow they were earlier this year. Tee boxes are also being kept long so bring a longer tee if you head down.
  2. MC is going to start charging people $10 all day practice fees if you keep mentioning the positives. Most people never even notice the bunker on the far side of the range.
  3. Murphy Creek is probably best for public. Others with pretty good include Todd Creek, Green Valley Ranch, Walnut Creek.
  4. It's fully private now so you need a connection although maybe in summer they might be opening up some times. If you have a World or World Elite mastercard, they can get you on through their private club access program.
  5. TPC Treviso Bay is excellent if you can get on it. They re-did a bunch of their greens last year and it is much improved but they were still very firm when I played earlier this year.
  6. I had no idea Murphy was that empty on a weeknight that you could do something like that or were you letting people play through? Pretty tight dispersion on the taylormade shaft. That one looks like a keeper.
  7. Ballyneal and it's accompanying Mulligan par 3 is the most fun golf experience in the US.
  8. Jamie White at Denver Golf Performance https://www.denvergolfperformance.com/
  9. Bluejack is an awesome experience if you are staying the night on site and playing multiple days. Did you get to play the lighted par 3 all night long? Strictly as a golf course many of the holes sort of run together and are not memorable, but the wall to wall fairway with no rough is something most people will never experience anywhere else and the smoked brisket and sausages at the snack shed in the middle of the round are amazing. Fantastic experience with a good course that is lots of fun to play.
  10. Rahm said the guy was shitfaced: “Let me put it this way: You could smell the reason why he did what he did,” said the World No. 1. “He was clearly not sober. I’m going to say it was vodka. I’m no expert, but he had a long night for sure. He probably thought it was a fun idea. And, to be fair, it was quite funny. At one point I thought he was going to Happy Gilmore the headcover. I don’t think it put Rory off. He hit maybe his best drive of the tournament off that tee. He started playing beautifully. If anything it put a smile on our faces. It’s a pretty good story to tell in the future.”
  11. So civilized over there. Sorry chap, would you mind handing back the club and vacating the tee? Thank you so much.
  12. Interesting and ominous. I doubt the CGA would want to get out of running the course and they can't sell it without the new owner paying a rather hefty fee to Tom Doak. The men's club there is humongous though and takes up a lot of tee times so maybe enough people complained to the CGA and they're trying to reduce that.
  13. You don't know what budget the super is given and what constraints they work under, so I would hesitate to jump to blaming a super but other courses in the Denver area are fine. Walnut Creek is basically saying what heat wave. It was still lush when I played yesterday. The rough is very thick and the native is chest high. If anything the fairway was a little too moist for a summer afternoon and would benefit from a little drying out.
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