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  1. I can't fathom staying at True Blue (likely multiple times or at least in the area every year), seeing the course and never playing or having played True Blue and Caledonia. Please splurge one year and play both. They knock a little bit off the rate so it is $320 for the two of them during your time frame.
  2. Prestwick near the airport although that is about $80-90 at your time. You're going when rates jump up. Anything good is going to be more than $60 unless you get a tee time deal.
  3. You can turn off the notices or just ignore them.
  4. Valley CC has an excellent short game practice area to the left of the 10th fairway with multiple greens and bunkers. Really nice. If I remember right you could hit up to 150 yard shots.
  5. I would be amazed if any course in the state of Florida is punching greens in February. That's their high season.
  6. Here's the article from 2019 that mentions it will be debt free. https://omaha.com/sports/plus/another-golf-course-masterpiece-is-about-to-rise-out-of/article_9cf1960b-a9c2-5d26-a6c0-16bd046b13c3.html?fbclid=IwAR3T3VE0eEHrtb-sRM1xWA4h08sW_RmEMclPfsVyklqvT9-dBN-ujij14w0
  7. That land has been in various stages of planning and subsequent failure to get off the ground for a very long time by different interests before hints started coming out last summer that it was finally happening. Tom Doak said he toured the property 18 years ago for a client and mentioned that it was spectacular land for golf. He also walked the property late last year looking at what had been done, but didn't share any photos since the actual public launch had not been announced yet. I don't think 180 members is that strange considering the location. With already having 60 regiona
  8. I played with a member I know three weeks ago. He said it's fully private now, but the website still says call for guest tee times, so who knows. They have a very large membership (I thought he said 750) and it sounded like they're pretty packed with a lot of people staying at their Naples property this winter since restaurants aren't shut in FL. The last time I had played it was long ago when nothing was built out there, they only had the remnants of the aborted club house build and were running out of a trailer. Wow has it changed with everything fully built up now. They redid all their
  9. Thanks. I'm going to have to play there next time in town. Saw on the web site it was a complete redo in 2019.
  10. I know this was meant as a joke, but if you have the contacts this is a no brainer especially if you were considering Tiburon. It's one of the best in the state and even with the caddie fee/tip you'll only pay slightly more than Tiburon's morning rack rate and have a much more enjoyable experience on a course that is not a typical Florida layout and plays like you are in the North Carolina sand hills.
  11. I hesitate to mention it as I would like to keep it unknown and he doesn't want to drive that far anyway, but for anyone else if you are going all the way to Punta Gorda, go a little further north and play Riverwood in Port Charlotte. It's one of the best publicly accessible courses up and down the west side of FL (it's semi private but they readily accept public tee times).
  12. If you want to drive up north, Old Corkscrew as someone else mentioned is good and often has deals online. Some others in Ft Myers that you can get on that are good include River Hall and the two Verandah courses. River Hall has online tee times. Verandah sometimes gives tee times out to the public.
  13. Yes golf in Naples in witner is expensive. Nothing publicly available is amazing. You can get on the public courses if you're flexible and book when the tee times open. The Lely resort courses aren't bad. Tiburon is way overpriced, but should have very good conditions. If you have any private course contacts that would be your best bet for something interesting. Check teeoff and other discount sites.
  14. That might be an out of season/need to boost membership special to waive the initiation fee. Colorado Avid Golfer had it listed as $9k for 2020 and it appears monthly is up $20 vs 2020 as they had it listed as $519. Not a bad deal if they are waiving the initiation. Although I think you can get Pradera/Pinery for just a little more monthly with heavily discounted initiation and I think those are much better courses. The deal they were running last winter was you were basically buying a set of fitted clubs as they threw that in as part of the discounted initiation.
  15. Actually no. National membership dues are extremely cheap. Most of those that have a second club membership are doing well, but are not millionaires. Ballyneal actually went bankrupt because the original owner thought there were enough people willing to pay outrageous sums for a remote club they would only use 2-3 times a year, but didn't even get to 100 members which wasn't enough to support the club. The new owner dropped the rates and quickly filled the membership in a few years to where they now have a 2-3 year waiting list. There is tremendous competition among golf clubs for nationa
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