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  1. City Park in Denver is now a pretty good one too since it finally opened after the complete renovation as the greens are large and interesting, but it's still not as good as the others I listed (the photos in sabram's post are before the renovation) and they aren't allowing carts this year if that matters to you.
  2. They're semi private i.e. = public. If you book the tee time it doesn't matter. If you're expecting to just show up without a tee time and play every night, then you would likely have a problem since they're basically public courses.
  3. I just let 2 spots Saturday at 8:24 at Walnut Creek free if anyone wants to join me in playing there.
  4. I would play the North over the South unless you want to get beat up. Much more enjoyable round with better views. Barona Creek is well worth the drive and the back 9 on the Coronado muni is good too. If you have any connections, San Diego Country Club is excellent and cheaper than either Torrey if you are playing with a member. The bunkers there remind me of the sand belt courses in Melbourne.
  5. I got a sleeve of the Elixir and Vero X1 (new, slightly firmer 4 piece version of the 3 piece Elixir with a little more spin on wedges) in an event I was playing in earlier this year and I love the Vero X1. I haven't tried the Elixir yet so great to hear that one is good too.
  6. Checked tee times for tomorrow and noticed 3pm was available at the new City Park course and booked myself. There are still 2 other spots available if anyone wants to join me.
  7. It's that time of year again and greenskeeper is a good site to keep track of which courses have aerated and when. https://www.greenskeeper.org/colorado/golf_courses/
  8. If you regularly play in 20+ mph winds, you need to try out either the OnCore Elixir or Vero X1. I figured it was marketing bs, but I've seen it now multiple times where their balls just don't move as much as others in strong winds. Was playing again today at TPC Colorado and it cost me a couple strokes due to aiming too far into the wind before I realized I didn't need to worry about the wind as much as my playing partners on the cross wind shots.
  9. I wonder if they have a serious irrigation issue on 1 fairway that would require them to dig it up, because it's been bad for over a year now. Seems like they should have been able to grow seed and fix that by now unless there was some other underlying issue.
  10. Does anyone remember the url addition for this old site to go to the latest post on a topic?
  11. A few long transitions between holes, but you shouldn't have any issues with it. They didn't come out of winter in the best shape and if I'm remembering correctly on July 4th weekend I think it was CN that had both a drunk driver driving on one hole and getting their car stuck on a rock and a homeowner caused a fire with some fireworks. Yes it was CN: Due to a homeowner shooting off fireworks, we had a brush fire near #9 green that had to be extinguished by the Fire Department. Also, a drunk driver drove his vehicle on the course, causing damage and ultimately ending up with his car high cente
  12. They're running a package right now including the room and unlimited golf for ~$700 for two people per night after taxes and resort fee. Still expensive, but that's the cheapest I've seen it in a long time for summer dates.
  13. I only played it once during the week and had the first tee time but it still took 4:30 because the grounds crew wouldn't let us go through and held us up on 3 holes. Also this just happened last night:Last evening we had 2 incidents that caused damage to the course and property:Due to a homeowner shooting off fireworks, we had a brush fire near #9 green that had to be extinguished by the Fire Department. Also, a drunk driver drove his vehicle on the course, causing damage and ultimately ending up with his car high centered on the tee marker rock on Hole #6.
  14. Not a member. Haven't played it since April, so no idea on current conditions. Nice layout but it's always been a 5 or more hour round when I played there, so I tend to avoid it. The April round was the only one I've had finish in 4.5 hours. That was because they had increased the tee time gaps due to the virus, but it looks like they are back to 9 minute gaps now.
  15. The same company that owns GolfNow purchased Teeoff, thus teeoff is slowly getting worse. Courses that were on it because they didn't like golfnow are dropping and the discounts aren't as good as they were for the deal times. What's really funny is they offer the same deal times on both sites but you pay a booking fee on the golfnow one unless you buy the golfnow pass. Probably only a matter of time before teeoff is folded
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