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  1. GV bumped their rates up really high about 3-4 years ago. I think they sell enough memberships now that they don't need the general public any more.
  2. Sad when all the good regular public courses have upped their prices so much that I'm actually considering buying the ridge at castle pine's 5 for $375 card this year.
  3. Too many requests is not an issue. Anyone can make themselves invisible and not see any requests very easily in the settings. The token and levels prevents too many people from hammering highly desired courses too.
  4. Looks like Denver golf might not even offer their come play passes this year.
  5. I could play Four Mile Ranch every day if they had the greens running at least 9 and not slower like they do sometimes in spring and sometimes into summer to save money, but yes most of Engh's courses would not be fun to play every day.
  6. I played Snowmass as part of that trip out west with Lakota in June too. Although better than Lakota, their fairways weren't the greatest either. Frankly I don't know why anyone would pay to be a member there. Very average layout.
  7. I played Lakota Links in June. Greens were fine but fairways still needed some work. They're trying. Assuming they don't get hit bad with winter kill I'd guess it'll be recovered next year.
  8. I've walked it every time I played, but I always play with a member. They might make the public take a cart.
  9. The hills aren't bad but the length of the course and having to walk past the back tees and the long transitions make it a little tough. I'd say it's the equivalent of walking 2 extra holes on a regular course.
  10. We were discussing TPC Colorado, not Eisenhower
  11. That's likely the public rate with cart. In season this year when I played with a member it was $120 to walk, think maybe $140 or 145 with cart. The person I play with who is a member said he thought it was $80 to walk now when it is out of season.
  12. They are selling a $599 10 round with cart pass good anytime right now.
  13. Given the rumors around them losing money and kicking the pro out earlier this year I think that will never happen. Still can't figure out how they hell they could be losing money at Common Ground. Gross mismanagement if true.
  14. They will never allow carts on the original course at Ballyneal since it has fescue fairways. You'll see footprints in the fairway in the middle of summer just from the walkers, but the roots go down 3 feet and it all wakes up again in the fall when it cools down. Carts would require replanting with bent or bluegrass and then you no longer have a true links course.
  15. Nice. This should ensure dormancy. Greens are going to be playable again all winter.
  16. Interesting. Tom Doak said another golf building boom is coming in a post on GCA based on the number of calls he is getting. Nothing like what we had 20 years ago, but double or triple what is being built now. https://www.golfclubatlas.com/forum/index.php/topic,70271.msg1690687.html#msg1690687
  17. I like Red Sky Norman better than Fazio and didn't think it was too tough assuming you play the correct tee for your handicap. Both could be dramatically better if they didn't water the hell out of them to make it green and lush, but that's what their members want according to the assistant pro I played with. Agree on you moving Cherry Hills down the list. I think you'll be underwhelmed. Without the history as your friend said, it's just a very well conditioned old style course.
  18. I asked about that after they redid the site and never got an answer. Doesn't appear to be any way to do it through URL like you used to
  19. 350 tops. Ideally 250-300. Over 350 and you have issues with tee times on weekends. It depends on the average age of the members too. If you have more older players, they tend to play during the week and don't take the weekend times as much. If you have mostly younger members and you can't play during the week you're going to want a lower member cap.
  20. Nice. GCQuad much better than Trackman when hitting into a screen
  21. Most of the good ones likely have waiting lists and you'll probably need a current member to sponsor you. Calusa Pines is best after Seminole. 6 fig initiation and low 5 fig annual dues. Mountain Lake, Old Memorial. Hole in the Wall and Hideout might be easier to get into
  22. Take your pick. Every course in Florida except for a few are basically the same architecture with different levels of conditioning and facilities being the only differentiation. We'd need more info to offer actual courses - how much you are willing to pay?
  23. SV does not share books with Bandon. They are separate entities run as separate businesses. The father is a minority owner in SV. His sons own and run it and they do not have the resources of their father. Anyone complaining about the lido not being fully public is an idiot.
  24. I would hope everyone realizes the lido would not have been built without it being a mostly private course. It was only built because there were people putting up lots of money as founders to join it along with people willing to buy cabin sites near it. They did not have the cash to build it without that. The fact you will have a chance to play it should be celebrated as they would have had enough support to go fully private.
  25. He's coming from the NYC area. Anything here including most of the private courses is affordable to him and access considerations are amazing compared to what he's dealing with. But go to Texas. Colorado is full.
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