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  1. So much better. The interface is cleaner and navigation seems easier. Might just be a familiarity.
  2. I made the transition from CB to AP2 thinking I would be getting forgiveness and distance. I wish I never gave up on the CB. Looking back I think that the two irons are extremely similar. The CB were better through the turf and the AP2 just looked bigger at address. I thought that the added forgiveness of the AP2 would be noticeable but it was not. Like others have said I was slightly longer with the AP2 but I attribute that to loft. The CB is a very underrated iron and would blend aesthetically with the MB if that suits you.
  3. Charlotte NC. Tour Velvet midsize. This grip is intriguing because it reduces the taping need to achieve a grip that plays as good as it feels.
  4. Took the cap off and positioned the head in a way that the cartridge opening was down. No dice this morning. Let’s see what happens when I return home.
  5. Have others had issues with this? I have a 917f2 that has the Surefit CG weight stuck and will not budge. I have seen some suggest that removing the cap and letting the head sit for a few minutes should solve the problem. This however is not working for me. Should I place the head in the fridge/freezer or hot water? I doubt damage could occur given the full metal construction of the head. Any other tips?
  6. Please have midsize. Please have midsize. :crossed fingers: I like Z-Grips now after coming off of TV. I really like the aggressive nature of the cord texture. I can’t wait.
  7. Following on instagram and Facebook. Would love to be able to practice efficiently anytime due to work constraints.
  8. About two weeks ago I was browsing the site and stumbled upon a post regarding two Graphite Design shafts here. I was interested in them and while reading the thread, I saw a post by ShaftShack.com. He put an offer out to the OP for a free trial of the two shafts in question. As a wild shot in the dark, I sent a PM to him and stated that I would take up the offer if the OP didn't. A few days later, Phil reached out to me and with the same offer and I gladly accepted. A bit about me. I am about a 10-12 handicap that plays about 3-4 per month but practices 2 times per week. Usual ball flig
  9. This statement is extremely true. I used GPTV prior to switching to the z cord. The humidity in the south is the reason why I have changed and the results so far have been great.
  10. Am I still on a post-Masters lull? As much as I am trying to get excited, this stretch of golf has been terrible.
  11. Three woods. Driver, 4, and 7. Finally ditched my hybrid which I could never hit straight.
  12. I've had a fitting done in the eastern part of the state by a well known fitter. I paid a lot and came away with a great idea of what I needed. To confirm before I purchased, I went to the club and went through a fitting. I was fit to a different head, shaft, flex, shaft weight, swing weight, and grip size. Results were within two yards on Trackman of each other. I guess there are different ways to skin a cat. However! One fitter did not take into account my comments. I never liked the feeling of a shaft but was still told that it was the correct shaft. As others have stated, it's not a
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