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  1. Looking for a HZRDUS 6.0 that’s plays around standard length for a 3 wood. Ideally looking for a Black or Smoke with a Callaway adaptor, but would consider other HZRDUS shafts in the same weight range and flex. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks!
  2. Clearing out some extras I have laying around so I have some extra cash in the pocket when I head to Bandon in two weeks. All prices include shipping, add $10 East of the Mississippi. Cash is preferred but I could be tempted by a 2/3 driving iron or face balanced putters. 1) Titleist 915 d3 8.5 w/ Fuji Speeder Evo TS 661 X. Plays a hair under 45 with a Lamkin crossline in decent shape. There is a good size scratch across the crown, but doesn’t affect playability. Otherwise plenty of life left in it. No matching hardcover but I can find a different one to ship it in. $110 OBO 2) Titleist
  3. I have a Pro 95i Tour Spec in a Wilson FG Tour V4 driving iron and really enjoy it. Actually about to swap it out into my Z u85 as I feel the dispersion is much better than the Recoil 95 in the Srixon’s. Picked the Wilson up used on BST so not sure how the shaft was built into it as I believe it’s a .355 head but someone correct me on that if I’m wrong.
  4. ejl_28

    Driving irons

    Another vote for the Srixon’s here. Love my U85 18 degree. Wilson FG Tour V4 utility is another underrated option, one of my favorites until the U85 knocked it out of the bag.
  5. If you can find one, the Wilson FG Tour V4 utility is a really underrated club that can be had for a decent price. I recently picked one up with a Fujikura Pro 95i X and it’s been a great combo so far. Probably the first utility iron I’ve really gotten along with.
  6. Hey everyone, Clearing out the failed experiments and extras collecting dust. All prices OBO and include shipping. Add $5 if west of the Mississippi. Cash is preferred, but always open to trades. Will make deals if interested in multiple items. Trade interests include: X Stiff shafts w/ Cobra adaptor, driving irons, and face balanced putters. On to the goods... 1) Scotty Studio Select Squareback #1 - Extended from 33" to 35" with a new Superstroke 2.0 XL. A few scratches and dings but nothing major. Shaft band removed, some residue left on the shaft. Can remove the grip and extension and i
  7. I've always been a center shaft fan as well and have either owned or tried just about all of them. My personal favorites are the Ping Piper C, Rife Barbados CS, Odyssey Versa 7CS, and of course my Scotty Golo S I always end up coming back to.
  8. I’d be happy with whichever two he doesn’t play this week! Great looking flatsticks.
  9. I've been looking at going to i200/i210 from s55's as well but can't justify it myself. The 55's are by far the best set of irons I've played. I'd save the money and reshaft them.
  10. Any of the + model Cobra's. The F6 Baffler is quickly becoming one of my favorites. One of the most versatile clubs I've ever hit
  11. I've always been a Lamkin fan from the iLines to the REL ACE's. I switched this year to the Crossline Plus and am pretty pleased so far. Good tackiness and a little thicker bottom hand like the MCC Plus 4's
  12. Hey supdawgie, I play s55's with X100's at about the same swing speed (around 95 mph 7 iron), but recently tried the 6.0 in the 7 iron and really liked the results. A little lighter but much better trajectory, being flatter and more penetrating. Didn't have a monitor at the time to see the numbers but it seemed like a picked up a few yards with it. I have a set of 6.0's in 3-W on the way that I plan on swapping the X100's out for. I can report back when I get the full set built up.
  13. Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm really liking my F8+ 3 wood so I have an F6 Baffler on the way. We'll see if it can kick the Anser 17* hybrid out of the bag.
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