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  1. If you meant is was -1.5 in length (I first thought you meant - in loft) then yes I'm pretty sure TM doesn't swing weight them. You'll need to get your own heavier weight or lead tape it like I did. Yes, it's -1.5 length. Anyone have any recommendations as to how much lead tape or what size weight to make it standard swing weight?
  2. I have an M2 that is -1.5 with an untipped Diamana S+ (which is the same shaft as my current driver which I bomb - 913D2). I took a couple swings at the range, and it felt very harsh (low cuts). It was a custom order, but I'm assuming that TMAG did not swing weight it. Could this be this issue? If so, will lead tape solve it?
  3. I have the same issue in my left scap/shoulder. My chiropractor said that it's directly related to the muscles decelerating the club to a stop in the finish (overuse of underused muscles). I get regular muscle work on the area, stretch and use a tennis/golf ball to work out the knot.
  4. [quote name='bstring' timestamp='1406946253' post='9837777'] I've used all three of these shafts. I've been very successful with the Dynalite XP in the AP1 712, but found I needed a lighter weight shaft. The Mizuno Optimizer gave me similar numbers as you but with a higher release and kick. I had hit the XP105 on the EZ irons. Liked the shaft a lot but not so much the head. When I went for my AP1 714 fitting they didn't have the XP105 on the carts yet, only the XP95. That was the stock shaft he fit me with. That shaft weight and flex just didn't work well for me so I went back to refit. Th
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'm going to focus my attention of the XP 95/105 and dynalite gold XP.
  6. Is there any advantage to getting the XP105 which would seem to be right in the middle of the Mizuno shaft analyzer recommendation and the XP95 fitting? I may call true temper to see if they can give me a recommendation based on the profiles of the shafts in question.
  7. I was fit for the AP1s today with the XP95S. (My old set is TM tour burner DGS300). The numbers were pretty good, and I liked the feel of the lighter shaft (not as much work as the DGS300). Backspin may have been a little high (6300 with an 8i), but I was hitting 6 yard draws so I will take it. I took 3 swings on the mizuno shaft optimizer (speed=81; tempo=5; toe=4; kick=4; release =5) and was given the following 3 shafts: -Dynalite Gold XP S-300 -NS Pro 1150 S -KBS Stiff (soft step) Is my tempo too fast for the XP95S? Is there really any difference between the XP95S and the XP S300,
  8. No, that's not my setup.....it's a golf store owned by a friend of mine (golf by design). Thanks for the responses. I'll try to get the back hip a little deeper. I've noticed that my weight is on my toes at the top so that should help get it more into the right heel.
  9. Guys, Any thoughts on my move, and what I should work on to gear up for this year? I'm working on fixing my takeaway to not be sucked inside, which lead to an OTT last year. I feel like I'm still a little too steep into the ball. More hip bump in transition? First video is 8. Second is PW. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Zl63GATXR_M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jpQGcAbSKEY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Anybody have an opinion on whether it's worthwhile to upgrade from an R9 460 with a Blue board to a 913 D2 with D+?
  11. would 6-PW being forged and 4,5 being cast really cause that much of an issue? would think that they are similar emough since they're in the same product line
  12. Has anyone considered a set make up of JPX-825pro: 6-PW and JPX-825: 4,5? I'm a 9 handicap currently play TM Tour burners. I'm currently planning to look at the JPX 825 line. I think that I could benefit from the increased forgiveness on the long irons as practice time is hard to come by with kids.
  13. [quote name='C-Law' timestamp='1338992737' post='5040584'] Brian Quinn, BQ golf acadamy at Tee's Golf Center in Conshy [/quote] +1. great instructor.
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