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  1. All price includes PayPal and USPS Priority Mail shipping to lower 48. No trades at this time. Thanks. 1. Tour issue 2019 Callaway Apex Pro DOT 4i-pw irons, Nippon modus 120s shafts, 0.25” long, Standard loft and lie. Tour issue serial number on hosel of 8i. Truly excellent conditions!! Hard to find. $890 2. Nippon modus 120x pulls 4i-pw; excellent condition. Played 0.25” - 0.5” long when installed. 4i raw 37.5”, 9i 34.625 raw length. $170 3. DG tour Issue x100 pulls 4i-pw; very good to excellent conditions. 4i 37.125 raw length, 9i 34.25” raw length. SOLD.
  2. New or excellent condition. Thanks!
  3. I play X-Forged irons in my 4i-pw but play regular Apex iron in my 3 iron. As a driving iron replacement, it does not travel as long and high as driving irons but is more accurate. It fits my game very well. However, I don't mind adding some distance and height in 3 iron. Currently I use the same Modus 120x shaft in 3 iron as well as all other irons. Is it a good idea to re-shaft the 3 iron with a lighter shaft or even a hybrid graphite shaft (I am thinking of AD DI 95x)? Has anyone tried this if you also play a GI long iron? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone has information on the typical manufacturing tolerance in club length of irons? Is 1/8 of inch out of spec too much or still within the generally accepted tolerance? Thanks.
  5. Ideally on Ping g410 425 tip. At least 44 inch long and plays 45.25”. Thanks.
  6. 2018 Callaway X-forged irons.... to a degree that I bought another set with the same shaft.
  7. Head only or with any shaft. If you have a set with 3 iron which you don’t need, let me know. Thanks.
  8. Standard length or longer. Excellent or better conditions. Thanks!
  9. Price includes PayPal and USPS Priority Mail shipping to lower 48 states only. Thanks. Ping g410 9 degree LST driver head with head cover. Only hit a few times, almost mint condition! $old
  10. Seriously I need at least standard length, or better 1/4 longer. But this is excellent price and it won’t last. Thanks.
  11. Wow the ZX7!! “clubs are 1/4" short, 1* flat lie and 1* strong loft” I would jump if it’s 1* upright and 1* weak. GLWS.
  12. price includes usps priority Mail shipping and PayPal. Ping i210 4i-pw irons with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue x100 shafts, white dot, +1/2 inch long, standard lofts, no grips. Clubs and shafts are all in good conditions. $OLD shipped to lower 48.
  13. Apex TCB irons look good. But as an owner of both 2013 and 2018 Callaway x-forged irons, I don’t appreciate the fact that Callaway now “downgraded” the x-forged line to make it a “bulky version of Apex TCB”. X-forged irons use to be the the synonym of “classic and pure irons”. Not any more.
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