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  1. Not raw version. Need to be excellent to mint conditions, absolutely no browning. 4-pw or 3-pw. Heads only preferred. Thanks.
  2. Are you saying draws have more face angle issues (I.e., open) than fade (i.e., closed)? Why so. There should be equal amount of face angle control issues despite of shot shape, just opposite angle, right?
  3. I have read somewhere that fade shots are more popular than draw shots on PGA tour, especially for iron shots. Is it true? If it is, why pros would prefer fade shot shape? Is it because they cannot hit draw as consistently or there are other intrinsic benefits of fade shots? Thanks.
  4. I received the gift card. Thanks. Hey guys, these are excellent deals from a good seller. Don’t miss it if you have your eyes on any Callaway new releases....
  5. Excellent price! It is wise to grab some these gift cards for the upcoming new Callaway releases! Plus helping a long time member here! PM sent for one gift card.
  6. Even though I love the looks of blades I still need some forgiveness that blades typically do not provide.
  7. I have been playing X-Forged irons (in Nippon Modus 120 shafts) and really like the set. Now the set has been played for 2+ years and has shown wears and tears, I am looking for a upgrade. Apex Pro Dot irons are in my short list. Has anybody played both and can share the pro and cons of each? Thanks. Also, I looked at the non-dot Pro version too but the responses from many users seem to be that the 360 cup face technology compromises the distance control and the Dot-version will be a closer/better comparison to X-Forged irons.
  8. “One thing I did not get along with was the 410 LST 3w”.... try regular g410 3w. I did and it kicked sim Max 3w out of my bag.
  9. 120x irons, Ventus Black 6x in driver, Ad di 7x in 3w.
  10. Howard, Stuart, @Howard_Jones @Stuart_G given that spin axis # and carry distance #, can I calculate the curve value? If not, what other input is required? Thanks.
  11. From the formula of Howard I made the following chart. Hopefully it will help other people like me :) Thanks Howard and Stuart!
  12. Does someone know how to calculate spin axis from side spin RPM? Side spin RPM is used by SkyTrak. I see -150 to -250 RPM for my drivers. What are the equivalent Spin Axis numbers for these side RPM numbers? Thanks.
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