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  1. This is good write up. I think 2nd Swing has started to make high quality videos recently, in video quality as well as technical depth and insight. The tester Thomas Campbell is a very good player and seems to be honest and knowledgeable. I also like Mike Newton reviews a lot.
  2. It seems that many people on this board already received their G425 orders?! Wonder when they put in orders. I placed my order the first day it was available for preorder but still have not heard anything.
  3. agree. Actually I just grabbed a blue 6x shaft from a co-WRXer and cannot wait to give it a spin.
  4. Thanks. I have been using black and 9 degree loft driver but it has started to launch too low with my swing change. 10.5’ loft driver allows launch and spin back to optimal widow, but I keep wondering if a ventus blue shaft would allow me to use the 9 loft driver while keeping the optimal launch angle.
  5. How about the launch in ventus blue vs black? Which one is higher and by how much? Thanks.
  6. Other than the equipment side as you are probably asking, a more upward Attack Angle (AoA) will help achieve a high Launch and low spin.
  7. IMHO Equipment reviewers should be prohibited from signing equipment contracts to avoid conflict of interest. Other than Crossfield, who else has equipment contacts? How about TXG and Rick Shields? I hope they do not.
  8. His bag is close to Tour Free Agents favorites in each category. I may put in a PXG hybrid to replace Srixon.
  9. Price include PayPal and USPS priority mail shipped to lower 48 states only. 1. Rare Tour Issue Callaway Apex Pro Double DOT irons, 4i-pw, with DG Tour Issue x100 shafts, standard lie and loft, +.25 inch in length. Almost Perfect conditions, close to new. Only 9i and PW are hit a few times, and other clubs remain unhit. There is a minor dent in the sole of 9i - as shown on one picture. New WINN DriTac standard grip. $1400 -> $1280 OBO. 2. Ping G410 plus driver head only. 9 degree loft. New from Ping and Only had a couple of indoors range sessions. Pretty much perfec
  10. They MAY. Last time I talked with TM customer service they say they will try best to keep the swing weight match the spec SW for shortened/lengthened orders. I guess YMMV.
  11. Shipped to Minnesota. Prefer excellent or mint condition. Prefer head only. Thanks!
  12. So if I'm ordering an upcharge shaft, and I don't want it tipped (Fujikura doesn't recommend tipping on their drivers or 3 wood) I would select 1 inch softer, right? This is exactly what I did... thinking Taylormade is not adding 1 inch extension to make it “soft”...
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