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  1. Just noticed your witb. I still play the same driver as you play, same shaft , same loft too. LOVE this club. I tried sim2, TSI3, G425 lst, and none can touch it!
  2. Face control. I struggle with face control of g425 lst occasionally; the left and right dispersion of tsi2 3w is noticeably and consistently tighter from the multiple sessions I tried both side by side.
  3. No. I like the Ventus Velocore blue profile and would be very hesitant to move away. I guess I will try 16.5 4w first. A good idea with ventus red though.
  4. Good to know. I will definitely try 16.5 degree wood. This 15 one now rolls to 280+ yards, and very close to my driver. I use 3w mostly for on the deck and don't need a bullet in it. I feel that tsi2 is low spin by design; bc it gets 500-600 RPM lowers in spin than G425 14.5 lst 3w which is same shaft, length and 0.5 degree lower/stronger loft.
  5. I hit indoors so it’s Titleist pro V1x rct golf ball.
  6. Yes, it is very frustrating. I really like the tsi2 3w and wanted to play it, but spin is too low. I still wonder if it is just me or other people who use TSI3 3w have the same issue too?
  7. Ordered on September 5 T100,4-pw, TT DG x100, stock grips Got delivered on January 11 ….. more than 4 months of wait!!
  8. Actually I was able to test it in a facility with TrackMan installed and got the following data. The spin is too low. As a result the trajectory is very low. I hope to get at least 90 feet max height for 3 w; the current height in Tsi2 would not carry over any trees or stop on the greens.
  9. I tried a Titleist Tsi2 3 wood, 15 degree loft, with ventus Velocore blue 7x shaft of standard length. I hit it well but the spin is very low, average at around 2600 from 10+ shots. For the same shaft model on Ping g425 lst 3 wood, I can get 3300 back spin. I searched and didn’t find documentation that Tsi2 fairway wood is supposed to be a low spin model. I really want to play it but the low spin gives me concern. anyone playing Tsi2 3 wood has this observation?
  10. No problem. It’s documented that TrackMan would display higher smash factor than foresight. The PGA tour data is from TrackMans they installed on each tee box.
  11. I am not surprised by the high smash factor because they use TrackMan and Thomas is a professional golfer and is very efficient in his swing. If you look at the smash factor numbers of pga tour pros ( in pgatour website under Stats), you will find many are at or above 1.5:
  12. I know. I tried someone but unsurprisingly was ignored (Taylormade Golf)
  13. I am in-line patiently/impatiently waiting but it’s frustrating to see people jumping the line by simply knowing someone….
  14. I placed my Taylormade stealth plus order a few days ago. Is there any way I can get it shipped early? I cannot wait. @TaylorMade Golf it seems that you have already helped many people here to get a driver to their hands. What can a regular Joe like me do in order to get on the list?
  15. Very good iron in TCB. But it’s no better than previous generations - Apex pro DOT I mean. ZX7 is more forgiving, spin less & go longer. I tried both; I would choose tcb, only those I have T100 in my bag and very happy about it.
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