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  1. Nice! glad you got rescheduled. We skipped our annual trip in Feb 2020 but went in Feb this year and had fantastic weather. I think our Feb 2022 trip will overlap with a few of the days you are there.
  2. Looks and sounds like a blast. Great write up and thanks for the pics! I was there the weekend prior to opening and itching to go play it. I'll have to make another trip over to get some shots in on Quicksands. Very fun to watch Gamble Sands grow. Hope they add another 18 soon as well!
  3. Big fan of True Linkswear. Took a bit to get used to the OGs but now I wear them pretty much every round. Wore them during my whole Bandon trip this year. I have worn the Nike Lunar Storm boots previously and still wear them when conditions require. I found them very comfortable. But agree they can be difficult to get on/off. I'll have to check out the Adidas Climaproof boots when I need to get new golf boots. Changing socks between rounds on 36+ hole days is a must regardless of what shoes you are wearing!
  4. September should be pretty comfortable temp wise, but yeah it can definitely get warm during the summer. I generally walk about 85% of my rounds (Seattle based) and I have walked Gamble a few times but the last 2 trips or so have been with guys who generally cart when they play. Didn't feel like being the only guy walking. I would definitely try going in the summer if I was you to experience the course in peak conditions
  5. As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I was at Gamble Sands this weekend and played 4 rounds. This was the earliest in the season that I have been to Gamble as past trips have taken place in July/Aug/Sept. I've been in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 previously. I have to agree with @TFavorthat the course conditions were not up to snuff... Being that it is April and they recently opened for the season, the entire course has had aerification/punches along with top dressing/sanding. We were not getting the normal amount roll out on fairways that I am used to later in the year. The
  6. Coming from Seattle, we used to drive or fly to Eugene the night before to meet our buddies coming from CA, spend the night and finish the drive in the AM.... This year we stayed at the Red Lion in Coos Bay then finished the 30 min drive to Bandon in the morning. It was significantly better than doing the drive from Eugene area the morning of our first day at Bandon. Not sure where you are coming from but banging out as much of the travel as you can before you get there is very much worth it. No views on the drive from Eugene to Bandon will beat the views once you are on property
  7. Yikes, that's not what I want to hear as I am headed there on Friday for 4 rounds with a group of 16. That said, I have been probably 4 times over the last few years and always had fantastic turf/green conditions BUT it has generally been in July, August or September. This will be the earliest in the year that I am visiting. I'll report back after this weekend... They are being strict on their hard opening of May 1 for the new short course which I was hoping to get on as it looks fun. I hope they build a another 18 hole course there in the future.
  8. Just played Chambers on Saturday 4/10/21. I am in Seattle and do play Chambers 5-10 times a year. We had a gorgeous spring day with blue skies but the wind was blowing strong off the water, which I love because of the thought that goes into each shot depending where the wind is for the hole you are playing. Course was in fantastic shape and was playing like it does in summer months. No wet spots or soft spots. Greens were rolling well but a few of them were kind of gritty from sand or a top dressing (7 green comes to mind on this). If you are traveling to the greater Seattle/Tacoma
  9. Trails is incredibly good and has been my fav since my first trip to Bandon. And it solidifies it's position each trip I have made!
  10. Played the old Peter Hay a few years back as an 8some on a bachelor party trip and while at the time the course was underwhelming, it was an absolute blast. We all picked 1 club and a putter and ended up going around twice. We were the only group out there for the majority of the time too. I am excited about them giving it a major update. $65 seems a little pricey for a 9 hole short course, but then again it is Pebble Beach so why would it be cheap?? Kids play for free which is cool. The new logo they rolled out for it is cool as well. I am sure they will capitalize on that with so
  11. I was there at end of Feb and did the Pac 1-11, 5-7 to squeeze 14 extra holes in ~2hrs on Day 1. We had a little less daylight than you do now in March (thanks to daylight saving time) and it worked perfectly. I think if you were to tee off at 3:20 you should have enough to get 18 in if you play in ~4hrs
  12. LOL @ the caddyshack scene - that is exactly what it was for 4 holes!! Forgot to mention the lunch vouchers they included which was definitely a nice touch for a few "free" meals Agree that Sheep does need to mature a bit. And also, it has received a TON of play and did look a little beat up in places. Starter told us that more people have played 36 holes there than any other course since it opened.
  13. It was front left pin. I wasn't in the 4some but I guess he 2 hopped it into the cup. And he was last to hit in their group too.
  14. 2.5hrs seems very long but it would depend on how many people are on the course.
  15. Was there last Thursday thru Sunday, and the only time it really felt busy was at the practice facility on day of arrival and at the punchbowl. It was the busiest I have ever seen the punchbowl. Having takeout only was fine but definitely missed being able to have group dinners and whatnot. We had INCREDIBLE weather over our whole trip. - Thursday mid morning had some rain before we teed off then was beautiful on Pacific. To those who saw my earlier post about getting extra holes in... We finished around 330ish and waited for the rest of our group of 16 to finish. Me and 1 other guy de
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