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  1. These is straight up bro-wear. Absolutely good stuff. The seersucker is especially cash. With a Smathers & Branson belt these are the way to go.
  2. Those blues are very nice. They've got some serious potential for the school season. I hated the new Adidas stuff when it got released, but now I gotta say its a very good looking lineup.
  3. Definitely diggin the Felix, both are awesome though. Sweet stuff.
  4. [quote name='generaljhc' date='02 April 2010 - 02:41 PM' timestamp='1270237263' post='2357074'] Does it hurt if the tournaments are too close together? [/quote] Not really, unless you're talking like an entire week straight of playing then you could definitely get a little worn down. It kind of depends on how much you can handle. It sucks if you're slumping and you've got like 4 tourneys back to back but at the same time if you get hot it works the other way.
  5. Oh yeah my friend was telling me about that FootJoy thing, that is sick. Really cool of FootJoy to step up like that. The AJGA is unbelievable at getting great sponsors who give the kids stuff that they actually want. I remember I played in a non-AJGA event and the giveaway at sign in was like a bunch of folders and pens. Not that I expect them to give me sweet stuff, but why even waste the money? Keep up the good work AJGA.
  6. The AJGA gives out some nice stuff, the polos are cash. Pretty weird that you guys are trying to buy AJGA towels though, it's not like they're any different than a normal towel.
  7. [quote name='tdk8180' date='22 March 2010 - 10:56 PM' timestamp='1269320196' post='2334912'] there is no such thing as a golf team, just a collection of individually shot scores with no such things as assists, playmakers, timeouts, or gameplans. You play for yourself, no matter how much you like the guys or hate. [/quote] I respectfully disagree. I can see that being the case when you're in a situation like the original poster and you don't get along with the other guys, but the team game definitely adds an element to golf if you like you're team. Standing over shots when you know that yo
  8. This bag is sick. Love that Sun Mountain, awesome colors. How do you like those irons? They look great, never got to swing 'em though. Awesome bag.
  9. Maybe I missed it, but I'm surprised I haven't seen Methodist up here. They've got one of the best D3 programs around, I think they're ranked #1 right now. Same with Huntingdon and Oglethorpe. Illinois Wesleyan is always really strong too. As far as schools that are great academically that aren't D1. Schools like Williams,Amherst,Middlebury,Tufts, etc. aren't the best, but this has more to do with weather than with the academic standards. There are a few acadmically prestigious schools that are solid though. I know Emory usually has a decent program as does Skidmore. Washington and Lee isn'
  10. I'm under 20 and I think those are hideous, just my taste I guess.
  11. [quote name='Sean2' date='23 February 2010 - 08:20 PM' timestamp='1266978004' post='2272989'] This is a funny thread. The last time I checked you win golf tournaments by having the lowest score, not on what equipment your playing. [/quote] Seriously? Another one of these posts. This entire forum is for equipment junkies, obviously this thread is gonna be about equipment. This thread isn't about how you win golf tournaments, he was simply asking a question. Glad you got a good laugh out of it though.
  12. The best thing to do, as a Sophomore especially, unless you've got the game to put up some solid finishes, is just to play a bunch of qualifiers and try to gain as much PBE recognition as you can.
  13. My prayers are with Ken and his family, this is extremely saddening. It seems that there was quite a bit of squabbling among the family from what Ken has blogged about it. http://www.kengreenscomeback.com/category/kens-blog
  14. Gym, tan, laundry. Such a money show. My favorite part had to be when Ronnie chases the guy down and then you just see the guy knocked out and the street and hear Ronnie yelling, "One shot kid! One Shot!" The show is phenomenal and the finale last night was classic. Situation and Snookie almost "smooshed" in the hot tub.
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