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  1. Looking for a G400 Max (head only) any condition!!
  2. "https://www.youtube.com/embed/z8lazgfSHtI"
  3. I posted a video of my swing last July, and got some very helpful tips. The main one being, get more hip turn in the downswing ( bump left hip then turn). I practiced on this and Was hitting well for maybe a month, then I started hitting a lot of heel shots and pulls. I'm hoping for some drills to get a better turn in the downswing, but any advice will help. I'm playing pretty well right now and I don't know if I need to make a change. Thanks
  4. Thank you all for the advice today. I hit on the range and played 9 holes today and i hit it about as solid as i ever have. My one swing thought was getting that left hip around. Hit all 9 greens and made a couple birdies. Here is a swing on the range when i first started getting the hip around, it got better the more i played. face on https://online.swingcatalyst.com/watch?v=46886
  5. ill post a face on video later today
  6. No, not aggressively, just instead of turning the right hip in the way which causes a block, turn the left hip away from the ball. You are goat humping. Losing the tush line. Early extent. Great advice. That's one of the biggest things I'm working on this year too. I would fire my right hip towards the ball leaving me no room for my arms/hands. My one swing thought for the last month has been ...in transition, get my left butt cheek back to where it started at address. Night and day. cant wait to try this out later today, thanks
  7. so you're saying use the left hip more aggressively to start the downsing? By doing that it makes room for my arms to get more in front of me. Just want to get the right message
  8. i thought i was coming a little inside on the takeaway, so thanks for the confirmation. I feel like i am very close to getting to where i want to be. its just 1 or 2 shots a round that ruin it.
  9. Hey guys, First time poster but have been looking around for a couple of months. I just wanted to hear any input/ advice about my swing. Backstory: i played golf in highschool but kinda got burned out from all the practice. Quit for basically two years (besides maybe playing during the summer occasionally). Im just now getting back into it and would love to hear any tips or feedback from yall. I kept a handicap in high school but no longer have an active one. I think at my lowest i was a 2 or 3, and i would say thats probably about where i am right now. My miss is a block right but usually s
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