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  1. Group, I was in contact with Tom early today. The software is on track and he mentioned that Diamond will probably present it in the Fall of this year (2020). It will be Web-based, so I would suspect that would mean a yearly subscription. They have profiled the variety of shafts that Diamond stocks and will be reaching out to manufacturers to obtain shafts to profile. That may present some problems, but we'll have to wait and see. I myself am looking forward to it and hope to be one of the first in line as long as subscription cost is reasonable and I can recoup the cost in my small operation
  2. if you want to profile shafts, the auditor is the way to go...expensive, a few used ones on the market, try ebay. I made a couple of laser based frequency analyzers for less than $50.00 that I profiled shafts with in the past. They work fine, but eventually I bought the auditor. Randy
  3. I picked up a 17 gram weight on ebay for 9 bucks.
  4. From a very reliable source regarding Maxfli Tour and Tour X in response to my kudos regarding the recent MGS ball test: "Thanks for the comments. I will pass it on to the Product Development Group at Dick’s sporting Goods. They are the ones that developed the product. We did some testing here at The Golfworks for them and the results were excellent."
  5. Sorry, no info. Just an FYI... I'm in contact with Tom Wishon who is currently in the process of reviving his shaft profiling software. It may be a bit, but it should be reintroduced to the community, hopefully within the year. Most data I have available is older shafts, and the ones I've purchased for customers and myself for builds and installations. Tom is currently acquiring shafts, running them through the process (easy, but tedious) for inclusion in the database. Keep your eyes open, and you should see it available in the near future. It will be web based, password protected, and pos
  6. Hi Group, in additional correspondence with Tom, regarding emails - only use the above email address for input regarding the software. He mentioned also, that this would probably be a web-based platform (password protected) and probably develop an app for it for use with smartphones/tablets - I requested Android as well as IOS. He will begin acquiring shafts shortly, I'm sure it will take a bit of time for the software development, but web based is certainly alot easier as you would be building from a known platform. Regards, Randy
  7. Group, I have been in contact with Tom Wishon over the past week in regards to his software. He has spoken with Diamond, and as he has some time on his hands, he will resurrect it with the help of a new programmer. This won't be an over night task, but he does appear to be very committed to a revival of the program, probably with a new format. He as asked that if there is interest in adding or removing some features from the program to reach out to him at: Tom Wishon......."WHile I am at it, and since I take it you and your group are familiar with the old BP software, if you care to put toget
  8. Good news to come. Will post more later thus evening when I'm back home.
  9. the method MPF is measured has not changed over the years. Only difference I've seen is the utilization of 5 Irons prior to 2010/2011 and 6 Irons thereafter. Looking at the first 30 club ratings for 2018, Maltby only holds 3 spots. The remainder are pretty well spread out among other manufacturers. Looking back over the past 3 years, you could hardly say Roger Maltby is biased towards his own line. Even if he was, why wouldn't one build a club to a particular set of spec's that you believe in? I myself don't want my COG above the centerline of a golf ball!
  10. this answered by question, however after correspondence, I will let this rest until some time in the future. thanks, Randy
  11. How does one go about setting up a new forum/sub-forum? there is interest in extending Tom Wishon's shaft profiling database. Essentially users who have the equipment/knowledge could post the profiles of various shafts they have or have access to, thereby extending the depth of the existing database.
  12. Golf Pig - I agree, that those who would post, would need to follow outlined in the help file. That's the only way it would be useful and consistent. Definitely don't want to get into a situation where someone starts to gripe about 776 cpm at 11 inches vice 790 cpm. I did note in the original database, that there appeared to be several contributors. When I get a chance I'll try and reach out to those that run this, how to go about setting up a forum.
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