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  1. I’m interested in just the head if you decide to split.
  2. I’ve had a Whoop for nearly 2 years now. Good feedback from everyone else. A couple things I’ll add: 1. It’s perfect if you workout regularly towards a longer term goal. It will help you make “smarter” training decisions to help avoid injury (this is especially true if you’re a runner or other high impact training). It doesn’t stand out if looking at it from an individual workout basis. 2. I equate it with some of the trendy diets over the years—useful while strictly following them, but more useful for what they do to your mindset. I’m far more mindful when it comes to sleep and what impacts my sleep (room conditions/meals/alcohol) since wearing my Whoop. It will change the way you sleep because your outlook on rest will change.
  3. I’ll echo all the Feetures suggestions. Far and away the best out there right now. They offer some pairs with front and back tabs that are perfect for golf.
  4. Not that you solicited suggestions, but check out Feetures socks. Wore Bombas for a bit before finding and switching to Feetures. They have a front and back tab that’s perfect for golf shoes.
  5. The greatest outsole made! Wish they were my size. GLWS!
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