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  1. Interested in splitting heads to sell on their own?
  2. Excellent. Will have to check it out. Thanks.
  3. Would love a half microfiber, half cotton towel setup. Part for moisture, part for mud.
  4. Anyone have insight in to possible new TW shoes? It’s been several years since they updated that line.
  5. Can't PM you for some reason. Ran across an archived post of yours and saw you had a Linksoul jacket for sale. Is it still available?
  6. Hi all. Two items today. Reach out if you have questions. Thanks! 1. USED Titleist 915F 18* 5 Wood: Fujikura Motore Speeder 757X I bought this used; it plays 42.75" and I think it may have been tipped before purchase (maybe 0.25"). Weight is around 78g according to the Fujikura website. This is one you can go after and not worry about losing it to one side, but still get it to launch high enough to hold a green. Standard size Z-Grip Cord Golf Pride grip. I'll send a 917F head cover because I don't have the original. Serial number for club and shaft are pictured. **$125 obo**
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