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  1. We've had this discussion around the 19th hole before. I play with a few former mini tour\ scratch players, if you're playing with " the boss" and he\ she is a "rec player" you can drum normally and they are ultra competitive but not jerks, just "miss" a few short putts to keep em in the game. So to speak....
  2. Why would I want to work for a company that is going to get rid of me for no other reason than I played a great round of golf ? I detest guys that tank their round to not pi** off their boss too.
  3. " straighter than train smoke " @the Zinger. SMH Put Roger and Dottie in the booth Instead.
  4. I'm more offended by the shaft graphics.. hallucinations anyone.
  5. Kenny Perry and Jay Haas.... Both guys show us a homemade swing works at a consistently high level for a long time, plus they're class people.
  6. The part about... the kid and his worthless Dad NOT replacing the flag stick after putting out. My thoughts " you're not making the next tee until you park that flag stick buddy"....f+*:ing clown.
  7. Does this count ? My wife gets the bug to play about 4-5 times a year, no range time, no warm up, makes me ride in the cart with her. Just plays 9 and breaks 50 every time out. If she could putt even a little she could shoot 40. Competitive swimmer all thru high school, college and Olympic trials, etc. 5'10, hits it about 175-180 off the tee and then hits quail-high 5-7 irons on or near the green. Has absolutely no interest in learning the game either. I think she does this just to mock me.... smh.
  8. He probably lost it realizing how stupid he looked in those skinny azz pants along with the lousy golf. We need to hear from Creedo, he's the resident WRX caddie go to.
  9. Long pitch shot = ful! Length Short pitch\ long-medium-short chips = choke down about an inch. Finesse shots need you a bit closer to the action.
  10. " organically take divots now " lol If 80's work for you, be the best 80's shooter around. I've been a 4-6 cap for years now. I don't care to practice putting so I'll never be scratch and that's all right with me. When I quit beating balls for hours and started playing ALOT is when the cap dropped.
  11. Hmmm... this can range from " two turns and a swish" @ John Jacobs to the 32 positions in a swing taught by some guy who says you need to be in "E6" at a certain position in the swing ? For the garage band... Glen Campbell couldn't read music (great guitar player) and I play golf with a guy who is a self a taught drummer and toured with some rock groups years ago. Reading music is over rated unless you're a music teacher I guess.
  12. I'm just glad they make utility irons. Got a Ping crossover in the bag, can't do more than one hybrid.
  13. Either he's moving the OL needle or they don't make many sets for retail. Used price are high dollar for a set, any set of OL.
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