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  1. Got to play 18 with my son yesterday, 57° and windy. He had a 40 on the front with a couple drives that went OB. Posted a 32 on the back with an eagle and 3 birdies plus a bogey. Eagle was a 60 yd pitch in, one of his birdies was a wedge from 120 yds out to tap in from a few inches. I shot 40-40 its ok, we had a great time and a nice walk.
  2. That just irritates the hell outta me...... Some places I eat at have a "tip cup\jar\glass" in front of the register. It usually just has loose change in it. If I spent $15 on my meal I'll still put $5-10 in the jar when I leave, worth it to see the staff's eyes light up. They work hard for the BS they have to put up with on a normal day.
  3. Sorry B, they put the numbers on a scorecard for a reason. And I try to shoot my best score every time I tee it up, always have, always will.
  4. I've had this fixation with a ball and a stick my whole life. Don't see it ending while I'm breathing.
  5. After losing a couple expensive Bridgestone balls in the fairway fall leaves I may have to drop my "cheap a** ball embargo " uh.... Nitro, TourMax, etc. you're off the "Never ever list." Until next spring.
  6. If it is, wouldn't it have got screen shot during the tournament ?
  7. Saaay.....I've seen that one somewhere before. Maybe in black, yellow and gray ? Had a swooshy looking thing on it ?
  8. Consider you mind blown then.... I play Tour Velvet on my irons and Z grips on my driver. I don't sweat like a pig or squeeze the h+all out of them either. I change them out couple times a year. 4 cap and play 125-150 rds a year.
  9. Mine too plus she makes me sleep closer to the bedroom door in case a axe murderer breaks in so he gets me first.
  10. Ya you got that backwards. Practice is boring but we do it to play golf and have fun.
  11. Bought a set new when they came out and stayed in the bag until last year. Went down the OL path but the Ping's aren't going anywhere. They are like your favorite pair of sneakers, really comfortable and money.
  12. Tell Christine ( we all know Christine, right ?) to tell the random lady in the group with the two aces, congrats from the rest of us. Pretty much impossible to pull that off.
  13. Cobra Forged Tec OL here, pw \ gw in the bag. Love them but use a traditional length Callaway MD wedge SW, its my !money club so it stays in the bag.
  14. Its a great old school driver. My son hit the 910 D2 from new until last year. A Ping G400 Max kicked it out of his bag. Your leaving 10-15 yds on the table compared to the Sim or the Ping. Maybe try a different shaft
  15. I think we are kindred spirits, got 3 and was more happy to mark the 1 on my card than anything, nirvana I guess. Now when I broke par the first few times, I got excited because I'm not a scratch player. Congrats on your Ace, yes, luck is involved but you still hit a great shot.
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