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  1. Always though he had a great looking golf swing. Best wishes going forward Casey.
  2. 20 lbs ? Better redo the math, high school pics tell me he was 6'0 145-50 if that. Few years later 6'1 155-60 max. Now 190 lbs. ? TW with to much WT. imo
  3. Inquiring minds want to know..... Putter fitting at his studio or best buds ?
  4. C77 how did your man do ? Trunk or status ?
  5. I've always thought TW had to much weight on his frame, he is small to medium boned to begin with and other than golf not that athletic. So I can see the injuries piling up over the years. The golf swing at high speed is a violent.motion the human body isn't really made for it. Sam Snead excluded.
  6. JMO.... Clothes yes. Flat billed cap with PXG plastered on all four sides no.
  7. NO, this freezes out to many other great courses around the country. If its just about making as much money as possible then do it. Meanwhile screw over the flyover section of the country (Southern Hills, Bellerive, Vallaha, etc.) H&ll, they owe the Pacific NW another US Open, Chambers Bay was a disaster only because the USGA insisted on "natural" conditions, that's a great course and venue otherwise. The "rota" is stuffy old elitist British nonsense.
  8. .....and that's why I'm no longer a USGA member.
  9. I play a lot of golf with former collegiate and Mini Tour players, rarely see any of them hit the range. Maybe a small bucket before a local tournament is it. They are almost all scratch or better. My son has been scratch a long time, he never does range time anymore. He will be on the practice green putting while waiting for me or his buddies.to show up for a tee time.
  10. My wife has the SM C-130 cart bag (S1) white with rose\black trim. She gave up trying to keep it clean.
  11. Not a fan of Nike anything but I will give it up to them on their decision to make players wear only the Swoosh. I don't need the NASCAR look on the PGA Tour.
  12. I swear if someone just posted pics of those blades and asked if they were real, we would get some discussion. Not sure what to think of the latest offerings.
  13. Two more things Pepper... When you no longer are the alpha male golfer and the handi hits 10 are you moving up to the cheater tee's ? Lucky us, my wife is also highly educated and is a corporate head in the medical community. You can call her a trophy wife, she will smile and say " you must have been playing golf with my dumb a** husband."
  14. So for the majority of male golfers that would about 5400 yds. This of course excludes WRX guys who hit it 280-300 yds all day. Just think if Joe Muni played those tee's he wouldn't lose as many balls, waste time looking for them, play in under 5 hours and have more fun an not hold you and me up.
  15. Two things Pepper ..... C'mon hit them senior tee's, don't you want to be a -+ cap ? I know you know how old your trophy wife is.....
  16. Some guys just like to hit wedges all day I guess. When I can't hit a green with a 5-6 iron, i'm moving up, life is to short.
  17. I have never understood guys who can't break 100 (even in their dreams) playing from a set of tee's that are obviously to much for their ability. I guess if chunking it around and having some beers is your golf then..... ok. My home course its 7000-6500-5900 and 4900 yds. I shoot 72-78 from 6500 yds. no desire to shoot 85+ whatsoever.
  18. I've actually been to a few of those, its small buffet and drinks. The "skittles" are in the bathroom.
  19. I got paired up once with a couple and the guy didn't have a driver in his bag. Pulled the Big Bertha from his wife's bag 13* with the dark red ladies Gem shaft and hit the prettiest 200- 220 draw with it. Probably 5'9 160 lb guy with a smooth tempo swing. Whatever works.
  20. After the sun sets they have these things called " bowling leagues "
  21. As a previous poster said, an unknown kid some gym rat may be the best 3 pt. shooter of all time but you need to bring it on your sport's highest stage. Thats not happening in a NBA game. Same in golf.
  22. Same as ChipNRun, Recoil 95's are the way to go. Not cheap but worth the transition from iron to graphite.
  23. I gave my son a Rapture 5 wood years ago along with a Titleist 910 driver. He finally got a G400 Max in the bag last year but won't replace the Rap, hits it on a rope 220 yds easily. Amazing club.
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