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  1. I did notice the ball flight seemed higher. I didn't have my own 7i with me, but ow that you mention it, that wouldn't surprise me.
  2. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to pose this question but, so I apologize in advance. Yesterday evening on a whim, while at the PGA Store I decided to hit a Callaway Apex (not the pro version, or the DCB) 7i. They didn't have a demo club so I had to hit the one on the rack so it was an R shaft (I hit S) Ali g with extra plastic wrap around the face. I hit it 10 yards shorter than my Callaway Rogue 7i. I figured it was because the loft was stronger on my Rogue. Not the case, both are 30° (Apex is 30.5° to be exact). So the question I'm belaboring to get to, is, are Apex irons just not as hot faced as the rogue? Or is it possible there was a combo of shaft and plastic on the face hindering ball speed a pinch? I should mention that since there was plastic on the face, I could see where I was hitting the ball and I was hitting it pretty center, so I don't think mishits play into this.
  3. Some courses haven't had those types of holes since last fall. But once in awhile I find a few and it's very annoying. I also started taking the flag out this year. The look of horror I received the first time I did was amusing.
  4. So have any of your courses put the rakes and ball washers back out yet? Or they still acting like it's April 2020?
  5. Speaking of ACCC .. for those who've played, is it worth the hype?
  6. Am I the only 1 to notice the price BOOM for courses this year? My god.
  7. Have only played once so far. But I hear a lot of courses are still wet and cart path only. That snow from February took forever to melt and now it's been raining a lot. With that said when I've gotten curious and looked up tee times, it seems fairly busy and you better get on the tee sheet a few days in advance.
  8. I'm not offended. I was just curious. Rahm came to the U.S. and learned English.
  9. How does Matsuyama, playing on the PGA Tour for 10 years now, not know English???
  10. I think your ears are overly sensitive. I don't hear them at all and I'm watching/listening in 5.1 sound. Heck, I was hearing birds over my left shoulder and a fire truck over my right earlier. Didn't hear the drones though.
  11. Sorry to say, but it's time for good ole Vern to be put out to pasture.
  12. It's like speeding. When is it considered speeding? 1 MPH over? 5? 10? Letter of the law and spirit of the law. He broke the letter. But not sure the spirit.
  13. I've seen 20 handicaps shoot 120 faster than these dopes today.
  14. This is a rare one.. 1981 49ers vs Cowboys, Summer all and Madden, a direct feed, can hear them talking to their producer/director during commercial timeouts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx2H08Fhd-Y
  15. They are TWO holes behind. It's inexcusable.
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