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  1. Gonna put them in the bag wednesday... I'll let you know.
  2. I stumbled across them... Hahaha. I was under the impression these were the "bronze" finish when I pulled the trigger. Lucky me --- I hope anyway.
  3. Please forgive if this is the wrong place... But does anyone have any knowledge of the "Black Matte" Taylormade milled grind wedges being from the Tour Dept only? Images attached are of my actual set of wedges. It is my impression that the initial plan was to "release" a black matte version but instead it was altered to the current more shiney Bronze finish. Tried to get an answer direct from TM but was a dead end. Thanks in advance.
  4. Follow Scotty Cameron on Twitter and allow notifications. He typically releases a headcover for all the majors (usually on a Tuesday at 10am central time). The same goes for holiday headcovers (usually a Tuesday or the actual day of the holiday). Forget getting a bag. Those are grabbed by the Cameron Collector "sheep" before the release (even though they say they are released the same time). MOST people join the Cameron Club to immediately "flip" anything they can get their hands, so anything newly released sells out in minutes and immediately appears on eBay. Welcome to the game...
  5. 35 dz. K-sigs 10 dz. TM tour preferred X 10 dz. Bridgestone B330-S 4 dz. Titleist ProV1x 4 dz. Srixon Z-star 2 dz. TM Project (a) 2 dz. Nike RZN (platinum) I most likely have a stray dozen or 2 that I can't think of at the moment.
  6. So I have to ask... Is this the last bulk load sale that we may see of the 4-pc K-sig? I know there was the disappointing hype of the lower rated 3-pc. Any thoughts?
  7. ^ Agreed. It was hit or miss on the extra order... but I also have multiple membership orders (wife, daughter).
  8. Really curious how long will those 38 dozen last you? Most likey forever... but I'll end up giving some away to friends and clients. Haha.
  9. 20 dozen on the way to compliment the 18 that I still have leftover from previous release.
  10. Hard to believe they still have some available. Which begs the question... Has the K-sig lost its luster or could this be a totally different 4 piece ball? Guess we will know soon enough.
  11. Costco seems to have a handle on that this time around. Duplicate orders are being cancelled.
  12. So what's the story here? Same as original... how is that possible?!?! Hahaha It's Christmas!
  13. I've cancelled items in the past, for various reasons, and never was charged a final value fee. I agree --- this dope keeps changing his story. I feel sorry for the poor person who gets stuck with this thing (didn't do their homework).
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