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  1. Let’s start a grass roots movement to make all shaft adapters uniform. Trying to buy after market shafts on EBay is annoying
  2. How much of a difference? Is it worth an upgrade?
  3. Years ago I saw a video demonstration of a shaft calibration (I think). Thoughts on the practice? Is it helpful? Any good articles or videos?
  4. My 2016 TM M2 cracked badly this weekend. Being cheap I went and bought a new discounted M2 (2017) from Golf Galaxy for $250 and plugged it into my current shaft. Figured to do a full fitting and buy the best and brightest would cost me $700+ in the mist of a pandemic and finances tight. QUESTION: How much (if any) distance do you think I am giving up? How big of a leap in tech from 2017 to the new TM SIM? I'm using a Matrix Ozik Black Tie 7M3 X flex shaft. Which was actually fit for my SLDR, so it is almost 10 years old. Appreciate the input. Thanks in advance.
  5. I’m gearing up for a new driver. I like to understand details so I can make an informed decision Haven’t upgraded since 2016 so I need some help. Play a TM M2, X flex, Matrix Ozik Black Tie, 9.5 degree, 108-114 Mph 1) SIM vs SIM Max. Pros & cons? 2) What are some good shafts to consider? Thanks in advance!
  6. Playing around on Google Maps I found an ocean front course with no name or tags. Can’t identify it. Almost looks dormant. Just northwest of the Hard Rock hotel in Punta Cana at a point labeled Punta Macao. Any ideas?
  7. KingKwas9

    NW Florida??

    Does the Rivieria of NW Florida warrant a golf trip? If so, then what are 3-4 best courses in the area? Sandestin: The Links? Baytown? Raven? Burnt Pine? Is Kiva Dunes too far away? Is Camp Creek Private? What about Shark's Tooth? Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the insight. You've confirmed what I thought. Much appreciated!
  9. I have a Mizuno ImpermaLite Flex rain top. Style and fit are great. I am concerned about the waterproof ability. I recently bought a GG waterproof on sale and only have 14 days to return. So the question is.... Anyone have an in depth opinion on the ability of the Mizuno ImpermaLite Flex waterproofness? Most reviews are topical. I've found two reviews online that say it eventually gets soggy in hardcore rain days. Thanks in advance!
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