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  1. Just curious how everybody handled the release. Did you wait for links to be tweeted/sent out or were you already on the websites of Carls, GG, Trendy and just refreshing waiting for it to go live? I missed out everywhere and hoping not to strike out next release. I was shuffling back and forth from different sites trying to see who was going live and by the time I did they were already sold out. I know Nike drops them at 7 am PST on the dot and then your just waiting at that point to see if you can check out but the other sites didn't seem to drop them on the dot and I was scrambling refr
  2. There hasn't been a restock in any of the past Jordan retro golf shoes. If any pop up, it is one or two here and there for canceled orders. heartbreaking.. we'll see if the prices come down on stockx
  3. Guess ill have to wait on a restock. Still don't how people are getting multiple pairs I had every browser open for the stores getting them and was trying to add to cart and instantly sold out. Probably should have just focused on 2-3 different sites rather than all of them smh
  4. are the irons still for sale? I have a AD DI 7x with a titlest tip as well in great shape that has only been used a couple times over the last year.. thanks
  5. 1/2 size big just like the all white and the white and red. 1/2 size down will fit whatever your normal sizing is
  6. Was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on a good instructor that they liked. I live in the Bay Area ( east bay) but would drive pretty much anywhere within an hour or so if someone had a recommendation. I'm about a 10 handicap and have been stuck in that range for awhile. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  7. How do you get the right to reserve them ? Is it based on how much money you've spent? I have the Nike+ app and feel like I've spent a pretty decent amount of money to at least get the reservation option email but never did
  8. Well kind of funny now that all the new nike lines feature no collar (aeroreact)
  9. Grand cypress new course great course big fairways love it
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