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  1. What? You don't like watching: Juice Boy hitting 417 WRX bombs Koepka telling the RO's to FO...and then watching El Nino spit out his drink laughing. Spieth is too Pink Shirt to tell Hayes to FO....IMO....Greller should have stepped in and told Hayes to FO. The Yanks are demolishing the Euros...it will be over early today in singles.
  2. Gotta luv how Berger is still gaming 2011 TM TP MC irons.
  3. There's a reason why there's a LPGA binder...just sayin
  4. In other words. Playing on a pitch & putt goat track. I believe they've had some rain...but the course looks dry....they must be really watering the greens...the pitch marks are deep....if ya put enough spin on mid-long irons...the balls will stop...this is also aiding low scoring.
  5. The sunset is 7:07pm...so why are the leaders teeing off so early at 915am.....so why all the early tee times? The weather will be perfect today. Early times so people can go home/watch the RC or NFL football?
  6. That was 18majors drooling about Bianca lighting up the world last fall....LMAO.
  7. My recording cut short...how did Lydia double 18? Driver into the water?...then continued to gag? Lydia was lousy off the tee again in the TV coverage. One can only imagine how great Lydia could be if she was better off the tee with more strength & length to her game to hit 2-3 less clubs into the greens for better proximity to the hole to increase birdie conversions...her short game/sand play, etc is pretty immaculate.
  8. Dumbo won her 2015 USWO at Lancaster CC and In Gee does a lot of charity work with the locals in and around Lancaster, PA.
  9. Hmmm...so if Su trunk slams...we'll BLAME you...just sayin. I say Minjee comes back rusty.
  10. This AON thing is stupid....just fork out another $2.5M...purse & infrastructure build and finance a new event. BUT The stupidest "Bonus" is that PGA $40M Play Impact Fund...WTH....Garbage nonsense.
  11. LMAO Once again Young Lady...you DEMONSTRATE how you can source the BEST GIF's on this site. Kudos! You must be so fun the golf with....I bet all the guys are lined up to ask to get paired up with you.
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