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  1. KBong

    CJ Cup 2021

    I'm rooting for Fowler....but I think someone other than Rickie or Rory will win with a 64.
  2. KBong

    CJ Cup 2021

    The Bibigo wontons at Costco are really good...the big bag will last for a long time. Some chicken broth, noodles, veggies and some wontons make for a nice breakfast and/or lunch.
  3. Huh...you paid full pop to play in the RAIN...WTH??? I'll wait until Tues...when the Atmospheric River gets rerouted.
  4. I believe ......that Jan Stephenson is involved in the management of the LPGA. This lack of exposure wouldn't be happening if the half wits of the LPGA BoD did the right thing and hired BJ as commish....he must be so bored now that Michelle has stopped becoming his ATM. I don't see BJ changing baby diapers. The Invisible Women will ask Amy Rogers to copy the above article onto the LPGA website for tomorrow. While she's at it...Amy should contact the KLPGA's commish to find out the 30 KLPGA pros and post them on the entries list on the LPGA website.
  5. DUH Not only am I getting older, I'm getting exponentially dumber by the minute...nuff said. Only until I read Magic's above post did I realize it's only a 3 rd event...I thought it was 4 rds...DUH. Glad Blades won. Huh...one can make more money in the team event vs individual play...WTH. Just play individual stroke play. My GC replay won't start until 1130pm...ugh.....it's get's so dark nowadays....630pm....it's 718pm now...gonna take a nap on the couch. Ok...maybe I'll watch a bit of the KLPGA stream.
  6. WTH???...I mention GIMMEE's name and she GAGS to a 78...man my reverse Karma s*cks. Ok....Nelly or Danielle for the win...see what I did there. Talk about POSING...a smooth 81 by Angel.....yup...Yani territory. I've only watched about 15 minutes of this event....boring. Oh well...the CJ Cup isn't too bad. The Bibigo wontons for about $13 a bag at Costco are a good deal....ya can make it last for a LONG time. Mental Midget Rory along with Fowler in the hunt....Cry Baby Spieth doing jack sh*t. Beautiful weather and course in Vegas and I'm stuck here with 4-6" of rain and the storm is called the Atmospheric River...WTF. Summit GC only $200000 initiation and $39000 in annual dues...WTH....who do they think they are?...Parsons. Kaboom Baby!
  7. LOL....that's a lot of transactions. I've never sold clubs on eBay....I've only sold stuff via Craigslist....I might use FB in the future.
  8. When I think of Triad....I think of this...hey I'm Chinese.
  9. I beat there are 100's of WRX members that are similar to you or worse. I'm exempt cause I DON'T meet both of the TWO requisites to be real WRX member: 1) A club ho 2) Driving the golf ball 340+ yards...7 iron at least 210+ yards Oh ya...$6800 does not take long if one has expensive clubs lying around...again many WRX have oodles of expensive clubs....Uncle Cardy has shown some pictures of his stash on WRX.
  10. Nope...Muni's nicknames are The Chinese Instagram POSER or The Great Lady from Chengdu. Muni does actually have a nickname...it's Lily. The original SMOKESHOW is Belen and deservedly so. But she's retired now. Belen, Aza and Beatriz are also called the Killer B's. I will say....Beatriz is not that friendly...unlike Belen and Aza. There is a WRX member Teseque??? who doesn't post here anymore...a HUGE LPGA fanboy from New Mexico...he LUV'd the Killer's B's. He often went to the Founders Cup in Phoenix....one time he brought his wife and 20 something daughter...they caught him STALKING the Killer B's at breakfast and the hotel pool???...his wife and daughter were so embarrassed......he never brought them on a another trip. Actually now that I think of it...I think it was So Yeon Ryu he was fanboying at breakfast. Jodi Hyphen went to the U. of New Mexico...I think he fanboyed Jodi when he saw her in New Mexico in a restaurant??? @bravedave met up with Teseque at the Founders Cup to fanboy. I met up with bravedave at the Portland event in 2013. He was from Cali and now long retired and hanging out in Asia (Philippines) to try to find a mail order bride.
  11. Man.... I'm getting old and making so many errors....I didn't proof read my post....I always knew Alison has been using an old Nike putter for a very long time...heck she might have 3 back up Nike putter at home. I made a mistake typing Ping. Likely had the Entitled Canadian Princess on my mind when I made my post....Brooke changes her Ping putters so often....lol.
  12. Looks like @cardoustie 's garage EXCEPT Uncle Cardy only uses $400+ exotic aftermarket shafts.
  13. Man...is Danielle a LOOK AT ME attention seeking Drama Queen or what? On the 9th hole in the 2nd rd...she sinks a birdie putt and looking for ATTENTION from his Excellency and The Shark and others around her. I bet Danielle and Man Bun tell each other to FO at least 6 times a round. @fanofseri on another forum is questioning if Danielle dumped Maverick or was it the other way. Maybe something on social media??? Too bad fanofseri doesn't much here...his cryptic posts are legendary.
  14. @Argonne69 As the custodian of the now defunct Nickname glossary thread. Is it appropriate if GIMMEE's new nickname is SMOKESHOW?...or is that against standard protocol/etiquette? Just askin for a friend?
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