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  1. Anyone watching this live now? My stream is showing 3 young attractive Korean in knee highs playing hit & giggle golf....hopefully it switches to the BMW soon. Oh well...GC will show the Toto in 5 minutes....so all is not lost.
  2. WTH???...this looks like our RAINcouver forecast..ugh.
  3. Lorena is PURE CLASS....no other way to describe her. I know rules are rules...but IMO....a bit of injustice that she's not in the LPGA HOF because she doesn't meet the 10 year minimum time frame requirement.
  4. It was a lovely 13*C and raining here...WTF.....6" of rain last Fri-Sun....WTF. Is South Padre Island nice? I don't think they have the nice white beaches like Gulf Shores, AL or the FLA panhandle.
  5. It does seem odd that a "major"...LMAO....announcement would occur on a SUNDAY....Oct 31. BUT I'd would be Nov 1 in S. Korea though...my Hanwha guesstimate???
  6. I am old...old as DIRT. I remember fanboying Judy Rankin down in Portland...I said to her.....the last time I saw her was in 1980 at St' Georges in Toronto. She said..."let's keep it quiet as it's AGING us" I'm a big Judy fanboy...she's still kinda HAWT....one of my best LPGA pics is with Judy back in 2013....I got her to sign the pic. I'm gonna cry the day Judy retires and I have to listen to Giggles Paige and Motor Mouth Stupples more often and my mute button has been acting up lately...just sayin.
  7. WTH....there's a LPGA event this week and not one article from Beth on the BMW???....Hello McFly Beth...and yes...STOP your laughing. Ya it's lonely...but it's called a JOB and that loneliness comes with the territory when ya travel a lot for your career. I'm sure there are many here like myself who travelled quite a bit for work...spending the day in the branch/office, meeting with customers and staff in another city...many times eating alone at night and then catching up on work until 11pm-1am back in the hotel only to rinse and repeat or fly out to another city for the week. Things worth doing are never easy....it's the big leagues.....the LPGA....no more time for giggles. Many gals wish for the loneliness if it meant playing in the big league...the LPGA.
  8. Ya I kinda like Jaclyn too...but I'm not sure of any long term LPGA success. I've never been a fanboy of any LPGA Canuck gal....I don't like Lorie Kane. Rebecca Lee Bentham is cute and wears knee highs...but she's kinda a POSER. I knows it's not golf...but if I'm gonna fanboy a Canuck gal...it's Leylah Fernandez at this time...she's a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN that's why I like her.....but I'm not convinced she'll be a premier tennis star. I don't like Bianca A. Oh wait...I like Eugene Bouchard...but she's now a F/T POSER. I also like Carling Bassett. My all time fav tennis gal is Tracy Austin...she's still kinda a SMOKESHOW.
  9. Ya...Li was on GC coverage a while ago. BUT Li will be most famous for this. We all know the Chinese can be...well.... let's just say FRUGAL....but this is ridiculous. All this for a broken shaft and putter grip. Hatton and Pieters are so funny laughing. We know Li's mom is not Korean...no short skort, pantyhose or knee highs. LUV the Chinese...they are SO FUNNY.
  10. Su Oh for the WIN! Kaboom Baby! Su has a more upbeat personality than Minjee. But my all time fav Ozzie gal is Jan...though she can be a bit of a b*tch and racist too...I bet she doesn't like kimchi. I heard Jan walked out on a pro-am...DRAMA baby!....don't know if the participants got a refund.
  11. I assume this is the same Yin???.....seems like she was in Lake Mary, FLA...a suburb north of Orlando. Seems like the link is from 2019...so ya...not surprised she went back to China during the pandemic and hasn't left. Ya gotta LAUGH at the Chinese and all their lies....basically no Covid infections or deaths for a very very long time with 1.5B people. FWIW...the Olympic torch is on it's way to Beijing. I was in China for a Beijing/Shanghai area vacation in 2011....our tour group stopped by the Bird's Nest and Ice Cube. With no maintenance the Bird's Nest was rusting and falling apart back then..... only 3 years after the Olympics...I don't know if it's still falling apart. Lots of people selling souvenirs by the Bird's Nest...I bought an Olympic Gold medal for only $1.50 The area was unkept and dirty...the many porta potties were disgusting...shameful considering it's a tourist area, I assume the area is being cleaned up because of the 2022 Winter Olympics. I did enjoy Beijing....a lot of history and sightseeing. Oh ya..the air wasn't polluted the 3 days we were there...sunny & 75*F each day...we lucked out. https://www.amateurgolf.com/players/xiaowenyin
  12. Abie's...DRIER???...you mean alcoholic options or the smoked meat?....I always like a kinda fatty sandwich...the fat has good flavour. Locals always know the best places. I am always amazed at how many Montreal homes have swimming pools as I'm flying into Montreal. There are few pools here as land is so expensive and it doesn't get too stupid hot or humid here in the summer. Outside of the uber expensive homes here....few homes have central A/C...we also have few bugs...so windows can be often open.
  13. Yup...the LPGA pros can demolish 6500+ courses at 71.5/130 ratings. I want to see the gals at 6600+ with tough course set ups....I hate these low scoring women and men events. For the guys...IMO...they should play courses at 8000+...but few courses are 8000+ yards...and not many courses want to host pro events.
  14. LMAO Is Chamblee trolling for attention or his latest crack pipe purchase really that good? Yup.....golfers will spend $600 peak season (TPC Sawgrass rate) for a 6200 yd course designed for women....LMAO. Unless there is a real estate play...many stand alone golf courses struggle to B/E. This pandemic golf demand will eventually subside. I know this won't be a favorable comment...but the golf industry is really fueled by avid male golfers...80/20 rule. Ya...a big failure IMO. The demographics on this forum is an indication of the interest in golf...there are 1000's of WRX members...I know of 4 female WRX members who post here....but I don't consider them frequent posting participants. Yes, there are other female WRX members...but they really post infrequently.
  15. They said the same when Keiser built Bandon Dunes at such an isolated location.....now look at Bandon...... 5 championship courses sold out for 2022 and getting ready to open reservations soon for 2023.
  16. You must drink A LOT of coffee...here you are again responding to my WRX post...never mind others ......during 'working' hours. BTW....I'm dying for a nice Montreal Smoked meat sandwich....we basically have minimal and/or good deli's here in LaLa Land. Kaplan's was good old skool deli here...but it closed many many years ago. IMO...Schwartz's is a tourist trap...but you know that...I know there are much better deli's...so which deli is your fav? Haven't been to Schwartz's since a late night in 2009...seemed to me they treated the Francophone customers better than the Anglophone patrons.
  17. The Chinese gov't is trying to curb golf in China. The courses there cater to the uber rich or rich golfing vacationers. Only the rich can afford to get their children 'trained'/instructed for golf, etc....and to fund their kids to venture to the US for golf academies...those academies are very expensive. I believe Shanshan's dad is a director??? or something within a golf association or federation in China. Let's face it....looks matter....if Jenny Money had a better 'appearance" there would be more exposure and money behind her. Look at Muni...her dad sent her to Canada and the US to get her out of China. Lily use to play locally here in 2012 at Swaneset...I never heard of her...in a way....TonyJ kinda 'discovered' Muni...he snapped a picture of her at the range in Lancaster at the 2015 USWO and posted it to his blog...he kinda a broke the internet for a couple of hours for all the DROOLER's. Even though there are close to 1.5 billion people in China....it won't be a force in golf...UNLESS the Chinese government wants to put the money into a golf program to produce high level golfers. The Asian country to challenge S. Korea...but will still remain a distance 2nd in women's golf .....is Thailand...but we already know that. I think Yin is in a golf academy in FLA???...so she needs to take a short drive to Orlando to that retired Swedish pro's house for a specially formulated ENHANCEMENT program.....then YIn will be UNBEATABLE.
  18. Yin has already announced her intentions to turn pro for the 2022 season?
  19. Nice to see Gina was within the "featured" story earlier today on the GC website. I'm rooting for Gina along with others this week. I saw Gina, Yealimi and Dylan Kim in the last group in the last rd at the 2018 Cdn women's Am. Unfortunately, Dylan has kinda fell off the golf radar nowadays...she was an invite (maybe a couple of times) at the LPGA Walmart event....Dylan is a Razorback and grad. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/lpga-qschools-second-stage-loaded-college-and-soontobe-pro-talent
  20. So how are Yin's and Zhang's resumes similar? I don't think Zhang has won on a pro tour? I didn't know anything about Yin until posted about her...so has Yin played and performed well in top Am events that Zhang has participated in? One similarity I noticed when I just did a Google on Yin is that both Zhang and Yin wear a Cally hat. Nice to hear that Yin has potential and I might be able to cheer for a fellow country woman if she makes it to the LPGA one day.
  21. https://www.lpga.com/tournaments/bmw-lpga-international/pairings Hmmmm.....anyone else think that Minjee, So Yeon Ryu and Lucky 6 kinda got shafted and not in a featured group?
  22. Who ever cons him the best with some moola....and I think Tina might be the front runner. I believe Dean looped for Ji Ya Shin for quite a while...including being on her bag when she won her WBO's??? Dean was on Dumbo's bag at the 2015 USWO for the win. I believe Dean is an Ozzie?....I also think he doesn't loop much as much nowadays because he has a restaurant in S. Korea??? and married to a Korean lady???
  23. A KLPGA Korean or a LPGA Korean? I bet Popiscle Man will predict someone named Lee, Kim or Park wins...just sayin.
  24. For someone with a stressful job, you sure are able to spend A LOT of time and post on WRX during working hours.....just sayin.
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