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  1. Had my first foundations session today after the baseline. I also played 36 today (not well, but that isn’t the fault of the training - I played like trash yesterday too). I will say that the warmup exercises were GREAT today. I really enjoyed that.
  2. Baseline is complete! I have a tournament today, but it’s also the day I’m supposed to start my training so we will see how today goes!!!
  3. $275 (add $5 for shipping west of the Mississippi) REALLY wanted to get this in my bag but it won’t knock my spider SR out! 33” Arccos sensor in the grip SIK face High MOI and most forgiving putter ever tested by the TXG guys.
  4. Ordered my stack system and it should be here this week. I am 43, swing the driver around 106-110, and I am SUPER excited to get started with the system. I’ll be reporting back pretty regularly (if I can remember to do so!).
  5. Added additional pictures of the Mavrik Irons from another users request. Also dropped prices.
  6. Background: I'm a 5.0 index player, but if I putted literally everything out and never gave myself relief from certain situations (i.e. rocks or things that could damage my clubs) during my non-competitive rounds I'm probably closer to a 7. I've been playing golf for a long time, I have a good swing but inconsistent ball striking. As I've gotten older, I've lost a good amount of speed and currently w/ driver on Trackman I am around 104MPH, 1.46 smash factor roughly. So my question is: Lessons to improve my ball striking, or do I work on speed first to increase that and THEN work on the ball striking? I will end up doing BOTH, just trying to think through which way to go about it over the next 6 weeks or so.
  7. They have pricing on there once you get into their scheduler. But relatively speaking? Dirt cheap, and the best value in all of golf fitting IMO.
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