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  1. I live in Philly, and often times, to get additional ceiling height, you can dig out part of your basement to go deeper. That's what I'm hoping to be able to do. Either that, or find one of these old homes with 5-6 bedrooms (we have four now) and the 10' ceilings already in there.
  2. I run into the same issue. 6’4 here... When looking for a new house in the next couple years though, I am making SURE that I can retrofit at least a corner of the basement with at WORST a recess allowing me to get a full driver swing in easily.
  3. Really wish I had the coin for one of these. Would trade either my stability shafted spider with the masked menace HC + cash or my Evnroll ER11v + cash one of them! But alas, no trades. GLWS!!
  4. Back at it with another weekly report of the C721. I'll keep singing the praises of this thing b/c unless I put a s*** swing on it, it's strokes gained are amazing... I played on Saturday at a much tighter, old school course designed by MacKenzie and Maxwell. It's under new ownership (a couple of local judges I was told by the pro) and they're making some improvements to it - so I have high hopes for the rest of the summer. They just need to change the damn pins more than once a month and it'll be much better. This is a course where honestly you could probably hit 3 wood on ev
  5. Thanks a lot! It was a combo of diet (keto) and exercise (walking golf vs. riding) and that made all the difference. The last 3-4 weeks have been less disciplined, and while I want to be playing more golf, it's been slower going. If I can get down to 215 or so (another 15 pounds down) then I'll go into maintenance mode and feel great!
  6. Not sure where the OP is located, but I’ve done three fittings in my life (in order of how I liked them): 3. Club Champion - I’d rate this a 6.5/10. If I considered all the troubles I had with some of the clubs I ordered I’d give it a 4/10. The have a TON of shaft and head options, but I found that they were hesitant to get me into exactly what fit just right because it was less expensive - my old irons had DG S200 shafts, they didn’t want to fit me into anything that “cheap” until I forced them to find one so we could compare. 2. “Country Club” lie board fitting. This was 20+ years ag
  7. Second this. Best fitting crew I’ve ever worked with.
  8. I am getting ready to build one of these with a spare 7 iron head I’ve got!
  9. I wear them but I also wear regular glasses all the time too. Even when golfing. So my prescription sunglasses and my prescription everyday glasses are the same to me... I generally play early in the morning or later in the day, and at some point, I end up with having to switch between the sunglasses and my regular ones. Sunglasses are polarized and I've had no issues.
  10. I had a DF 2.1 and recently gave it up. I have switched over to an Evnroll Midlock. Two reasons - first, I have the shakes a bit when I putt and I need something that gives me more stability - I didn't want to go full armlock yet. Second reason is that my biggest struggle has been three putts. I have always been pretty solid on my 10' an in putts (although I am looking for a couple training aids to help with some alignment, etc.) - but my lag putting has always struggled a bit. With the Evnroll, I find that my speed is unreal even on off-center hits. This has reduced the distance of my second
  11. Would like to buy new or used. Thanks!
  12. I’m high teens to low twenties with this shaft.
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