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  1. For some reason I thought krank only made long drive/low loft drivers. Color me surprised!! GLWS!
  2. My buddy picked up one of these Titleist PT drivers at 2nd swing and it BOMBS still to this day. Measured it against my current driver and it’s only 1/2” shorter.
  3. You might be completely right. But hardware is generally more expensive than software and I know a good number of app only developers that make a killing. There’s always advertising in app for a revenue stream too! Free version = with ads. Paid version = no ads. Lots of models for making money. My wonder is if it’s even possible with what’s in the Apple Watch and in the iPhone or not. And again, not trying to compete with these other very hardware heavy models, but finding something for the golfer who wants to improve their game in this way...
  4. NOOOOO sorry I’m not being clear. Ha!! I don’t want to affix the phone to the club. I don’t want ANYTHING attached to the club. What I am suggesting is using the camera in conjunction with the Apple Watch. The camera for video to help see if you are open/closed, possibly measure tempo, etc. And the Apple Watch to add in more metrics as well. Again, I am out of my league here, but if my Apple watch can measure the details of tremors and dyskinetic symptoms for Parkinson’s disease as part of the tech in it, then I would assume it can measure enough moveme
  5. 100% and I’ve used blast before, but TBH if I’ve got a phone and/or watch, AND I don’t have to mess with that wonky thing on the butt of my club, all the better!
  6. Hey all! I have a tendency to strike putts that jump more than I would like and I also prefer a less arcing stroke. Both of these things I’m working hard on training, but as I was thinking of some things related to different apps, taking videos of my stroke, etc. it made me wonder: Why isn’t there an Apple Watch and/or iPhone app that can give you feedback on various putting (or maybe even full swing?) data points? I know there is NO WAY that it could do as much as a Quintic or a SAM Puttlab, but I was thinking that with the accelerometer and gyroscope in the Apple Watch,
  7. I have the black 7x that I’m putting in my C721 driver this week!!
  8. Have have TWO of these (one uncut) and they are GREAT shafts. HIGHLY underrated IMO. GLWS!
  9. Can’t believe these are still here!! Wish I were in the market. Lots of good items. GLWS!
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