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  1. Slightly bigger then the oversized. I just like the non-tapering of the Winn, plus I don’t need a glove. Unfortunately the Winn’s don’t last long.
  2. I can probably top you as worst putter. I’m the king of 3 putting inside 10 feet. Ive played many putters over the past 5 years. Last year I put the Spider S in my bag and it’s been a game changer. I have better distance control and accuracy with this thing for some reason. I can confirm this on my Big Moss putting green when I would switch out putters on the same hole. It just works for me. YMMV.
  3. No trades. Prices include shipping. PP only. I am leaving Friday morning for a trip across the state.......so if purchased after 10pm tomorrow I won't be able to ship until Monday. Thanks. 1. ZX7 4-PW heads only. Picked these up recently and never games. Original buyer said standard L/L. Excellent/like new condition. $old 2. Modus 4-PW 120x shafts that were in the ZX7’s. Played -1/4” in the ZX7’s (Srixon usually run 1/4” longer). $old 3. TM Spider S chalk - 35". Brand new in wrapper. I game the exact putter, bought this one as a backup lol. $old 4
  4. Never really had the desire to buy back clubs......I guess there was a reason I sold them in the first place. My buddy has done this a couple of times with drivers and putters when selling on FB marketplace. Usually he pays a premium to get them back lol.
  5. I wished it was me, I wanted the shafts and was gonna separate and sell heads. Didn’t get them in time. Ugh!
  6. Back in 2004 I wanted to get into golf. I knew little about equipment so I got on eBay and bought a new full bag of Wilson irons, woods, and putter. Irons had light weight graphite shafts lol. I paid about $125 for them. I probably only played 4 rounds with them after buying and then I didn’t play golf again until 2016. I still have them in my basement, don’t think I could give them away.
  7. Same reason for me. I have an aggressive transition and the X just feels more stable.
  8. Well, I finally broke down and picked up some ZX7 heads off here (4-PW). I've been an avid iblade player the past 2 seasons but the previous club HO in me is starting to resurface. Will most likely be putting some Modus 125x shafts in them that I have laying around or the Modus 120x I picked up with them.
  9. About 44 3/4”. Seems to give best control while still maintaining speed.
  10. I concur with both of these, especially if you were fitted at your club.
  11. I’m seeing the same issues with driver/woods but I’ve come to accept it. Before purchasing I’ve read that is the main complaint with most (not all) that have purchased this. I had the same issue with my skytrak. I don’t have any issue with my irons, even my long irons. FWIW I average about 105 SS with my driver.
  12. Ping iblades for me. I’ve played everything from SGI to pure blades the past few years and I keep coming back to iblades. Just bought another set yesterday.
  13. I went back and forth twice (purchased, sold, purchased sold the X+). I finally settled on the X. Agree both are good but the X produced more distance and I didn't see any difference in forgiveness.
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