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  1. iBlades sold. Had buyer for S60 but he backed out so still available.
  2. All prices include shipping in CONUS. PP only. Message for any question. 1. Ping iblades 4-PW with Glide 3.0 50, 54, 60 wedges. Green dot. All irons have LZ 6.5 shafts in standard length. Standard lofts. iblades have GP white tour wrap grips, wedges have GP tour velvet grips, all standard size. Very good condition. Selling as a set but will entertain offers to sell irons separate from wedges. $old 2. Garmin S60 watch. This thing is awesome but I have a Garmin bravo tactix that is my daily watch that I usually use instead (not as nice for golf purposes). Bought last season and
  3. 12 HC and playing a PXG Gen 2 15*. It’s the most confident I’ve ever been with a wood off the deck.
  4. Price includes shipping in CONUS. Would prefer to sell as a set but will entertain offers to separate. $old 1. Srixon ZXU 4i, standard length and loft, 1 degree up. 2. ZX7 5-PW, 1/4” short, standard lofts, 1 degree up. 3. RTX Zipcore 50 mid, 54 mid, 60 low, standard length and loft, 1 degree up. All clubs have upgraded DG TI X100’s and standard GP grips. Excellent condition with minor bag chatter. Would like to sell as a set, but may be willing to separate, message me.
  5. Looks cheap...... J/K it’s gorgeous!
  6. Wow, I can't believe he's holding your funds after he broke the initial agreement. Thanks for sharing! ETA: after reading more replies to this thread it does appear he's been hacked.
  7. Slightly bigger then the oversized. I just like the non-tapering of the Winn, plus I don’t need a glove. Unfortunately the Winn’s don’t last long.
  8. I can probably top you as worst putter. I’m the king of 3 putting inside 10 feet. Ive played many putters over the past 5 years. Last year I put the Spider S in my bag and it’s been a game changer. I have better distance control and accuracy with this thing for some reason. I can confirm this on my Big Moss putting green when I would switch out putters on the same hole. It just works for me. YMMV.
  9. No trades. Prices include shipping. PP only. I am leaving Friday morning for a trip across the state.......so if purchased after 10pm tomorrow I won't be able to ship until Monday. Thanks. 1. ZX7 4-PW heads only. Picked these up recently and never games. Original buyer said standard L/L. Excellent/like new condition. $old 2. Modus 4-PW 120x shafts that were in the ZX7’s. Played -1/4” in the ZX7’s (Srixon usually run 1/4” longer). $old 3. TM Spider S chalk - 35". Brand new in wrapper. I game the exact putter, bought this one as a backup lol. $old 4
  10. Never really had the desire to buy back clubs......I guess there was a reason I sold them in the first place. My buddy has done this a couple of times with drivers and putters when selling on FB marketplace. Usually he pays a premium to get them back lol.
  11. I wished it was me, I wanted the shafts and was gonna separate and sell heads. Didn’t get them in time. Ugh!
  12. Back in 2004 I wanted to get into golf. I knew little about equipment so I got on eBay and bought a new full bag of Wilson irons, woods, and putter. Irons had light weight graphite shafts lol. I paid about $125 for them. I probably only played 4 rounds with them after buying and then I didn’t play golf again until 2016. I still have them in my basement, don’t think I could give them away.
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