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  1. Good question that I do not know the answer to. I'm not the original owner of these.
  2. All prices include shipping and PP fees. CONUS only. Only trade I'd consider is a Spider X chalk or navy 35" in new/like new condition. 1. PXG Proto X 9* head only. Excellent condition with minor wear on bottom. No sky marks. Comes with headcover and tool. $360 2. Mizuno HMB 5-PW w/ DG 120 x-stiff. Standard L/L/L and GP MCC +4 midsize grips. Excellent condition with minor bag chatter. $660 3. TM Spider X Navy 34.5". Comes with original headcover and SS pistol 1.0 grip. Standard L/L. Excellent condition. $240 4. Odyssey Stroke Lab Do
  3. Played the TP profile most of last year with great success. Switched to the VR in a stiffer shaft when I got my Proto driver, and I’m loving that too. I only play GD in my driver/3W......love the smooth feel of them.
  4. Yeah, I personally think you should have been fit into an X-stiff with a 110 mph driver SS. I’m around 105 and play an X-stiff (but I also have an aggressive transition). The TP is prob my favorite GD shaft, and I agree with Osprey it’s one of their best shafts.
  5. That's a great deal on the VR! That's what I play in my Proto
  6. It’s refreshing when I click on an ad with the term “minty/mint” and it’s actually in mint condition. Kudos! GLWS!
  7. Looking for a new/like new 35" navy Spider S w/ SS all black or black/dark blue grip. Thanks!
  8. I play X-stiff in my woods and stiff in my irons (PX LZ 6.0's). I could play the 6.5's but I like the lighter shaft of the 6.0's. I wouldn't get caught up in shaft flex, all that counts in how they perform.
  9. You're a 4.5 HC and not good enough for these? I'm around a 12 and could easily game these...….although iron play is the strongest part of my game.
  10. All prices include shipping and PP fees. CONUS only. Sorry, not interested in trades at this time. 1. PXG Proto + w/ choice of HZRDUS 6.5 or 6.0 standard length shaft. The 6.5 has Winn oversized grip and the 6.0 has Lamkin PXG standard grip (I can change out grips at no extra cost). Hit maybe 20 TP5 range balls so excellent condition with some minor tee marks on bottom. $old 2. Rare gen 2 PXG 16* 3W head only. Very good condition with some minor wear to sole. Comes with headcover. $old 3. Evnroll ER5B 34" 370g. Fair condition with normal wear on sol
  11. Hard to tell, but at the beginning of this season I couldn’t break 90 for the life of me (def regressed from last season). Switched to iblades mid season and the results speak for themselves. I’ve never been more comfortable with a set of irons. I used to be intimidated when hitting off a par 3, now it’s been a strong part of my game. I did not do anything different in that time frame other then get a Skytrak which I haven’t used much, and no new coaching/lessons, drastic change in technique, etc. The HMB’s I just purchased will be a for fun but don’t see them kicking out my iblades. The la
  12. I've been playing for 4 years now and have tried irons in all categories. I'm currently playing my best golf right now with a set of iblades. I've been shooting low 80's since making the change (had Honma TW-X irons earlier this season). I did just pick up a set of HMB's to play around with (I played these briefly last season with good results).
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